ATLANTA : Martin Prado #14 of the Atlanta Braves runs away from Brian McCann #16 and Jason Heyward #22 of the Atlanta Braves after hitting a walk-off single against the Los Angeles Dodgers at Turner Field in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

Braves Latest To Unveil New Jerseys For 2012

Several teams are changing their look for the 2012 season, some of them drastically.

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Atlanta Braves To Drop Chief Nokahoma Patch

First, let's all take a moment to think about "Chief Nokahoma" and how it was created in an era where people didn't think twice about it, and how it's survived well into an era where people deplore it. It's been an ... impressive run for Chief.

But it's over, at least on the uniform. From the USA Today:

No longer will players shoulder the burden of carrying the screaming Indian logo, long considered insensitive by some. The left shoulder patch, based on team mascot Chief Nokahoma, has been replaced by a new logo featuring a pair of crossed tomahawks, the words "Atlanta Braves" and the year "1876" ( the team's first in the National League) on the new-look uniforms.

And if you're sensitive to people being sensitive, a reminder of what the patch looked like:

via John Amis, AP

I mean ...

The Braves had replaced the patch with various commemorative and memorial patches in previous seasons, but this is the first time that the Chief will be unemployed. Keep up the good fight, folks, and maybe the silly-to-execrable chanting can stop soon, too.


TALKING CHOP: Braves Introduce New Alternate Jersey

Last month in this StoryStream, we posted images of the new Atlanta Braves alternate jersey that had been leaked by

Monday, the Braves officially announced the jerseys, and photos are posted at our Braves site, Talking Chop, modeled by Chipper Jones, Brian McCann and Dan Uggla. Talking Chop has a few details:

They will apparently wear this on the weekends, shifting the red uni to Fridays.

The “red uni” referred to is the one modeled by Chipper Jones in this photo, and has generally been worn on Sundays by the Braves in recent years.

The Braves website has more on the jersey:

Along with all Saturday and Sunday home games, the new alternate uniform could be worn on some special occasions.

This is the club’s first home uniform change since it introduced alternate red jerseys before the start of the 2005 season. The plan is to continue wearing the red jersey for all Friday night games in Atlanta. But the Braves will likely stick with their traditional white uniforms when they host the Brewers for their home opener on Friday, April 13.

For more on the Braves and their new alt uniforms, please visit SB Nation Atlanta.


New Alternate Jersey For Atlanta Braves Leaked

Quite a number of teams have either changed their logo, changed their colors, or changed some form of their uniform for 2012.

The latest to do is the Atlanta Braves, who will have a new alternate jersey for this upcoming season. The first look at it is at, and it’s quite similar to the Giants and Rockies alts also posted in this StoryStream:

It’s quite an attractive jersey, actually; the cream color is similar to the Giants’ home uniforms and the jersey piping is like the piping already on Atlanta’s home uniforms.

In addition, the lettering and numbering style is similar to the uniforms the Braves wore when they first moved to Atlanta in 1966.

According to

The Atlanta Braves were planning on unveiling this jersey later this month, it is not replacing any of the alternate jerseys from the 2011 season – this jersey is being added to the rotation from last season.

And, SB Nation Atlanta gives them a thumbs-up:

Those are pretty damn sharp in my opinion. As someone who is not a huge fan of the alternative navy blue road uniforms we currently use, these are a nice change of pace. Most of those on Twitter liked the new throwbacks as well, calling them “incredible” and “among the best in baseball”.


New Alternate Jerseys For Rockies, Giants Leaked

It's been an offseason of uniform changes, with just about every team futzing with something on one of their jerseys. This time it's the Giants and Rockies going for alternate road jerseys, and via, we learn that Majestic is selling the jerseys on their site, which amounts to a sneak peek for the rest of us. First up, the Rockies:


For an extra $10, you can have the intern at Majestic photoshop your name on the back, just like the team name is photoshopped on the front. The photoshopping of this image takes me back to the past.

If, like me, you're wondering what's different about this jersey compared to previous iterations, here it is: no pinstripes. For $276.99, you can't afford not to upgrade.

And here's the Giants:


This is close to the uniform that I grew up with, so I'm biased. Love it, though the patch on the side is distractingly anachronistic. Majestic gives you the option of personalizing the jersey with a player's name on the back, though several of the options aren't even likely to see the majors this year, like Ehire Adrianza, Waldis Joaquin, and Brandon Belt.


What They Were Saying About The (Blue) Jays' Uniforms In 2003

Blue Jays management said all the right things about their new uniforms upon their Friday unveiling. But they said a lot of those same things eight years, upon the last unveiling.


Blue Jays Look To Past For New Uniforms

Friday, the Toronto Blue Jays unveiled their new uniforms, and they look a lot like the franchise's original togs of 35 years ago. Which in this case is a great thing.


Toronto Blue Jays Unveil New Logo

Logo logo logo, uniform uniform uniform. This is what a sport focuses on when its not especially concerned about labor issues. The Toronto Blue Jays are the latest team to unveil a new logo, seen here:


Wait, sorry. That's the one I came up with yesterday when a blue jay was outside my window while I was writing. No, this is the new logo, via


It's a return to the classic logo, and considering that the old logo looked like this ...


82vfhup2nflrbcogo4bubyq8e_medium's an amazing improvement. The logo looks very similar to the logo that the Blue Jays used when they came into the league in 1977.  The last two Jays logos have been an underrated shade of awful, with the rad-jet-ski-airbrush up there looking good only in comparison to the mischievous bird tossing a baseball and hugging a "T."  

The early returns from the fans on Twitter and with the SportsLogos ratings are uniformly positive. My logo is probably the most accurate, because blue jays really do suck, but the Blue Jays' new logo is a hit.


A Guide To The Remaining Uniform Changes

Confused by all of the teams switching their logos and uniforms? Here's a guide on what to expect from the remaining uniform switches.


Mets' 51st Anniversary Jerseys Are Pleasing

The Mets unveiled their new uniforms on Wednesday, and they're better than last year's. It's just a shame we didn't see them last year.


Baltimore Orioles Unveil New Logo, Uniforms

Not to be outdone, the Baltimore Orioles have announced a change to their uniforms as well, looking to the past for inspiration.


New Miami Marlins Logo, Uniforms Officially Unveiled

After months of guesses and speculation, the Miami Marlins officially unveiled their new logo and uniforms in a private ceremony.


New Miami Marlins Uniforms, Logo Leaked In Advance Of Unveiling

Friday night, the Miami Marlins will reveal their official new logo and uniforms, but, as should come as no surprise, we've already got our hands on leaked images.


The New Miami Marlins Uniforms Are The New Worst Thing Ever

The Marlins may be leaving their football stadium's orange seats, but they're taking the color with them in another way. Unfortunately.

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