I want to be one of the cool kids too. My midseason dream for the Niners offseason

Since these type of posts are so common around here and most people here do not watch much if any Niners games. I decided to write this post. It also helps that I have nothing better to do. So as we continue after the jump I will be explaining to you about my offseason dream. 

Free Agency

List of 49er Free Agents courtesy of

Since I am a believer that it is necessary to sign the current team first here are the list of FAs that I would like to extend. 


Josh Morgan: Jim Harbaugh already stated that he is going to be resigned but my reasoning is that he is an important part of our offense. Not to mention that before his accident he was playing extremely well. 

Alex Smith: Current 49er record 8-1. PPG scored by the 49ers offense 25.9 rank 7th in the NFL. Yup no need to switch to Kaepernick yet. 

Adam Snyder: Both of the RGs that started this year are free agents. The line drastically improved with the insertion of Adam Snyder in the lineup so there is definitely a need to resign him and keep some consistency on the O-Line.

Alex Boone: Back-up swing tackle no need to get rid of him after spending so much time developing him.

Ted Ginn: Currently the #4 WR  and his ST play is exceptional. He is one of the main factors why the Niners have the best starting position in the NFL. 


Ahmad Brooks: Currently only have 3 OLBs and if he leaves puts the Niners down to 2. 

Dashon Goldson: Will probably want a big pay day but hopefully the Niners can retain him for a decent price. 

Carlos Rogers: Our #1 corner. Hopefully he will want to remain in SF after having a career best in INT and the season isn't even over yet .

Will Tukuafu: RFA back up DE I don't see him going anywhere. 

Blake Constanzo: Core ST needs to remain here. 

CJ Spillman: Core ST



Outside of the niners there is only one person that I would want the Niners to sign. That person currently plays for the Philidelphia Eagles. Its Desean Jackson. Why? Because he is a WR that's fast and can actually catch a ball. Sure he is a causing a stir in Phili but that is because he is unhappy. A happy Jackson is a productive Jackson. And who isn't happy in SF?

Now for the reason why everyone is here.


Round 1: Chase Minnifield CB Virginia

The Niners have allowed 13 TDs this entire year. All thirteen TDs came as a receiving TD. The only way this can stop is if the Niners upgrade their secondary. Rogers is good and Chris Culliver is looking like he can be a good CB but the Niners are missing a good #2 or #3. This pick will not  only help us for the present it will also set up the Niners for the future. Hopefully by next year the Niners will give up less than 10 passing TDs and keep the rest the same. 

Round 2: Robert Lester FS Alabama

The Free Safety position is probably the weakest on the entire team. How unfortunate that this year is a poor class. The position still needs to be addressed because giving up 27 20+ yard plays and 7 40+ yard passing plays is unacceptable. Lester is a very disciplined player and racked up eight interceptions last year and has two this year. Besides being a playmaker it will be nice to limit the amount of big plays against us. 

Round 3: Brian Quick WR Appalachian State

If everything goes as plan this is what the Niners WR group would look like. Crabtree, Jackson, Morgan, Ginn, Williams, Quick. That would be a really nice group.  Three speedsters in Jackson, Ginn and Williams. Crabtree and Morgan as two guys who will go down the middle. Then a 6'5 Red Zone target in Quick. Talking about Red Zones the 49ers have had 32 attempts in 9 games which is about 3.5556 red zone trips a game thats not bad at all. The problem is that they only scored 14 TDs from those 32 trips. Thats a 43.75% success rate. Brian Quick should make the Niners Red Zone efficiency better. 

Round 4: Doug Martin RB Boise State

Frank Gore is getting old. Although Hunter looks like the real deal it will be nice to provide the team with some depth especially in a injury prone position such as the RB. Martin is a beast and if you watch some Boise games him and Kellen Moore destroy opposing defenses. 

Round 5: Joseph Fauria TE UCLA

The Niners #3 TE is a FA. Because it is surprisingly difficult to run a 3 TE set with only 2 TEs on the roster. So the Niners need to draft a TE. Joseph Fauria is 6'8 251 lbs so at the very least he will be a good redzone target. At best he will make the Niners 3 TE set dominate. Adding enough power to push around the defense in the running game and enough speed and talent to continue to pass the ball with ease. 

Round 6 and Round 7: I have no idea. I would like to get some athletic players or some players that can be really good on ST. Because it would be nice to get some competition for the coverage units.

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