Royals Change Unis, Still Eschewing Powder-Blue Pants?

Outfielders Scott Podsednik, David DeJesus, and Mitch Maier of the Kansas City Royals celebrate after the Royals defeated the Cleveland Indians 6-4 to win the game at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

In the latest round of uniform changes, the Kansas City Royals have unveiled a few tweaks to their livery:

Changes to the alternate home “powder blue” uniforms:

• Jersey will feature a new bolder powder blue color that better represents the original powder blue color of our historic past.

• “Royals” script on the front of the jersey has been changed to white with blue outline and the number on the front of the jersey is now blue with white outline.

Changes to the primary road grey uniforms:

• Grey color fabric has been changed to a deeper looking blue/grey tonal quality that will enhance the other colors featured in the uniform.

• The “Kansas City” script has been retooled to a more stylized font that now is in the same family as our traditional “Royals” script font.

• The piping on both the jersey and pants is now a dual blue and white color scheme.

All of this sounds perfectly fine. I'd like to see side-by-side comparisons, but I suspect these changes are generally pleasing, though barely noticeable. Well, except for the caps. The Royals have been wearing powder-blue caps with their powder-blue jerseys, which they never did back in the day. So that's good.

There's one thing missing, though: "powder blue" pants. The Royals' powder-blue livery of their historic past included not only the jerseys, but also the pants. You know, like this.

A colored top paired with white pants just doesn't look good, friends. If you're going to wear color up top, you should wear color down low. Granted, this principle can be overdone. But I've not yet seen an attractive combo with mismatched top and bottom.

The Royals don't sell pants, and today's announcement was pretty obviously done with Christmas shopping in mind. So maybe sartorial judgement will prevail, and the Royals actually will done "powder blue" pants next season. If not, next season's changes will be just a footnote.

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