Jeremy Mayfield devestated alot of supporters inculding me

We all wanted to believe him. 

We all wanted to think it wasn't me.  At least myself and many others. 

That Jeremy Mayfield was innocent.

That a driver who won five races who has out dueled Dale Earnhardt, Jeff Gordon and Darrell Waltrip to win races, has finished seventh, ninth, tenth in points wouldn't do such a thing as meth.

Many of us wanted to believe the Clartin D and Adderall mix up.  That it was just a false positive even after the second test.  We looked back to what happened to Tim Richmond and then decided that Jeremy was just being made an example of.

Mayfield doesn't look like a meth user many of us said.  And indeed he doesn't.  His face clean, teeth white.  But Looks are deceiving I guess.

I have friends who have done and or do drugs.  I don't know anyone who has done meth however.  But other drugs that are considered hard.  People who I would have never thought of at first sight of even smoking marijuana have snorted cocaine. 

Many of us stood behind Mayfield thinking that he was a hero.  I know I did.  I protested saying that he was being screwed by NASCAR and made Brina France out to look like the bad guy. 

But clearly after a few days ago that isn't the case.

Mayfield had police come to his house and find $100,000 worth of stolen goods, 50 guns, and meth.  Yes meth. 

This news shocked his supporters of course.

How could someone who stood his ground against NASCAR so much, hiring expensive lawyers and spending all his money have been lying to us the whole entire time?

I felt like a fool for believing Mayfield.  He made a fool out of all his supporters.

To think if his step mother wasn't lying he was using meth even when he was having success.  How many races could he won if he wasn't on meth.

Were all sad that his NASAR career ended the way it did.  Even if he were to get clean, go through NASCAR's road to recovery program, no team or sponsor in their right mind would get behind him.

This doesn't mean his supporters are abandoning him.  Mayfield is facing felony charges.  He may get a prison sentence or if he is lucky a hefty fine and community service and probation. 

Whatever he gets, I know I and hopefully the supporters that are left, hope he can get clean, get the enablers away from him, and live out the rest of his life.  I have seen what drug addiction can do to people and it has happened to Jeremy Mayfield.

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