Looking Ahead Cincinnati Bengals Mock Draft

Well the Bengals are Pretty raw at this moment, we are 5-2 Keep it up I just have small mock draft

Round 1: Morris Claiborne DB LSU

Analysis: I like the Bengals DB at the moment, with Clements, Hall Jones, and Jennings, but Jones is going to be a FA and we need to get someone who is going to be a duo with Hall for years to come. I would resign Jones and maybe cut Jennings.

Round 1:  David DeCastro OG Stanford (via Raiders)

Analysis: Bobbie Williams is a FA after this season, and we need to Address the Issue before they start hitting Dalton up the middle. Need to Address this as fast as possible.

Round 2: Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma

Analysis: Getting Broyles in the 2nd round would be a steal here, i dont mind having a playmaker on field with AJ Green, Jerome, and Shipley also Jermaine.

Round 3: Lamar Miller RB The "U" or Isiah Pead RB Cincinnati

Analysis: Miller is more of a power back, Pead is more of a game breaker besides both guys can play drafting one or the other is good with me

Round 4: Trumaine Johnson DB Montana

Analysis: Tall Lengthy Corner, can play Safety or either Cornerback, doesnt matter the guy can play

Round 5: Ryan Lindley QB San Diego State

Analysis: Another Version of Dalton, the guy could sit out and learn on the bench, accurate thrower and can be Dalton's Backup

Round 5: Jaye Howard DT Florida (via Patriots)

Analysis: If we cant re-sign Pat Sims then we need to get another big body to disrupt the run, Atkins is our Passing DT and Peko is our Block eater

Round 6: DeQuan Menize DB Alabama

Analysis: The guy can add depth in the back end can be a safety or a Cornerback

Round 7: Ronnie Sneed LB Kentucky

Analysis: can come and fill in the depth chart the guy can play also can help out a lot on ST


It would be helpful for your feedbacks

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