1-4 rounds / 7 Round Mock Draft (NFL December NFL Draft For 2012)

Everyone wants me to do a full 7 round mock so here i go, its gonna be a long day for me but i'll do my best but heres the 1st round

Round 1 Pick #1 : Indianapolis Colts- Trading Down to SF 49ers for 1st round,2nd,3rd, 4th, 5th, and 3 future picks 2 1st round picks and 1 2nd round conditional

Trade Analysis: Luck goes to SF and the Colts get to rebuild the Franchise once again around Peyton Manning and his future Successor

Round 1 Pick # 6: Carolina Panthers- Trading down to Titans for 1st, 3rd,2012 and future 2nd round

Trade Analysis: Titans gets what they want and the Panthers can build around Cam with a stockpile of picks

Round 1:

Pick #1:San Francisco 49ers(Trade with Colts) Andrew Luck QB Stanford- Reunite with Harbaugh in SF, This crazy, but i give this up for a QB who is capable of getting a team to the playoffs, Alex Smith isnt a Franchise is a decent option but not an Super Bowl Caliber QB, looks more like a Game Manager, And Colin Kapernick isnt going to be the Starter in the future, hes from a pistol running offense who runs the ball with the QB and SF dont need that, they need a QB who can lead a team to the Superbowl.

Pick #2: Minnesota Vikings Justin Blackmon WR Oklahoma State- Ponder needs a Go to WR, they are already set a RB and QB just need someone who can help Harvin out in the WR, they would be able to compete with the rest of the NFC with that Offense

Pick #3: St.Louis Rams Matt Kalil OT USC- Protecting Bradford is the Best way of keeping him in the game and also it is the best way of running a franchise, having someone who can protect Bradford for years to come would be better than getting a WR, keeping a Franchise QB will have long term success.

Pick #4: Jacksonville Jaguars Morris Claiborne DB LSU- The Jaguars are going to help out their back-end by picking up Claiborne, because Mathis is getting old and the defense look set, but they just need an impact player in the back-end.

Pick #5: Miami Dolphins Matt Barkley QB USC- Finally, the Dolphins address their biggest need and want, a Franchise QB after Dan Marino Left, now they can move on and compete.

Pick #6 (via Carolina)Tennessee Titans Quinton Coples DE North Carolina- To compete in the AFC South, they need a DE who can get after the passer and they cant seem to do that, so adding Coples can help change that trend.

Pick # 7 Philadelphia Eagles Zach Brown LB North Carolina- I think its the Nightmare Team, D-Jax going crazy, all these loss to some NFC West Team, lets just focus on getting a LB in the 1st to help out the Defense and maybe get a REAL D Coordinator.

Pick # 8 Arizona Cardinals Jonathan Martin OT Stanford- Protecting Kolb is the Issue in ARZ, why do you guys think John Skelton is starting? because Kolb is Hurt

Pick #9 Washington Redskins Landry Jones QB Oklahoma- Shannan would love Jones Over RGIII, I like RGIII, but Shannan wants someone who can throw the ball, (RGIII can Throw Better), but Shannan goes after a QB who has arm strength.(RGIII has that too i know, but its a typical Shannan pick)

Pick #10 Kansas City Chiefs Robert Griffin III aka RGIII- Kansas City gets the guy they want in RGIII,who can do it all, he would change the franchise soon and he will take them far just look what he did at Baylor.

Pick #11 Cleveland Browns Trent Richardson RB Alabama- Crazy RB issue in Cleveland, so they better get one before it gets out of control. Hillis doesnt seem pleased, Hardesty cant be on the field and i dont even know the 3rd RB's last name, i just know hes Chris thats all. Ogbonnaya i think is his last name

Pick #12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dre Kirkpatrick DB Alabama- Barber is getting old and Talib is good but too much off field problems so drafting someone who can fill the void when Barber leaves.

Pick #13 Seattle Seahawks Alshon Jeffery WR South Carolina- Seahawks need someone to stretch the field, Rice cant be healthy enough to play a full season and they are having trouble getting the WR open.

Pick #14 San Diego Chargers Riley Reiff OT - Need to Protect Rivers, hes been dealing with a shuffle of Offensive Line men throughout the season. Their hasnt been a stable player who has been int he same spot, too many injuries to deal with so getting Reiff would solve that a little bit by placing him at RT.

Pick #15 Buffalo Bills Brandon Thompson DT Clemson- Getting someone to pair up with Dareus and Kyle Williams would be scary just add those guys on the field together.

Pick #16 Panthers Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame- Getting a Physical WR for Newton will help his process, he can throw a Jump ball for Floyd and expect him to come down with it.

Pick #17 New York Jets Devon Still DT Penn State- The D-line hasnt got much pressure on the QB and the Secondary is getting beat because they are asked to be in Man to man coverage and they are getting beat.

Pick #18 New York Giants Alfonzo Dennard DB Nebraska- Aaron Ross and Thomas hasnt been the same, Thomas will be reutrning from his ACL/ MCL tear and Ross has just been barely able to stay healthy this year, so they go with a DB here again.

Pick #19 Denver Broncos Luke Kuechly LB Boston College- Need a impact player on the Middle to anchor the middle of the Defense, with Miller emerging this will be a scary Tandem with Dumervil too

Pick #20 Detroit Lions Janoris Jenkins- they do really have a scary front 4 but the back end is killing them with their awful play, so they need a play maker in the back 4

Pick #21 Browns(Via Atlanta) Ryan Tannehill QB Texas A&M- Getting a QB here means the end of the McCoy era, I mean era?? i meant time, he hasnt done anything special so they get a QB to pair up with Trent

Pick #22 Cincinnati Bengals(via Raiders) David DeCastro OG- Getting a Need and a want here at the same time, a upgrade over both Williams and Livings, Williams is getting old, and Livings has been above average only.

Pick #23 Chicago Bears Cordy Glenn OG- they still havent protected Jay Cutler well, so they get after an O-line to get this settle.

Pick #24 Houston Texans Nick Toon WR Wisconsin- This is too much of a problem, havent had anyone to help Andre to Carry the load at WR Nick Toon can be the one.

Pick #25 Dallas Cowboys Jerel Worthy DT Michigan State- Getting another big body up front to get to opposing QB should help the back end

Pick #26 Cincinnati Bengals Lamar Miller RB Miami,FL The "U"- Getting an upgrade over Benson, and he reminds me of Frank Gore and Clinton Portis, also the Bengals need a RB to fill in for Benson

Pick #27 Pittsburgh Steelers Mike Adams OT Ohio State-I know i know, there's a lot more Problems then O-line, But how do you expect to win if your QB is taking all these hits from opposing team and how do you survive a pass rush in the AFC North without no O-line help

Pick #28 New England Patriots(via Saints) Courtney Upshaw OLB- Need an outside pass rusher, they dont have one who can constantly get to the QB

Pick #29 New England Patriots Dont'a Hightower ILB- Getting the duo in Alabama to run their Defense would be scary up in Boston

Pick #30 Indianapolis Colts(Trade w/SF) Peter Knoz C Wisconsin- Jeff Saturday is getting old and they will soon need to find a replacement for him

Pick #31 Baltimore Ravens Manti Te'o ILB Notre Dame- Ray Lewis will soon slow down sooner or later, so getting Te'o to learn under one of the legend player and let them both play side by side so Te'o can get a feel how to run the defense.

Pick #32 Green Bay Packers Brandon Jenkins OLB Florida State- Getting someone who can get some pressure off the opposite side of Clay Matthews and also fill a need

Round 2

Pick #1 Colts: Mark Barron SS Alabama- Solidify the o-line in the 1st, they go DB here to keep the back end healthy, there's no one in the back to help them out as much.

Pick #2 Vikings: Kelechi Osemele OL Iowa State- After getting a WR for Ponder, the Vikings go get someone to protect his blindside in the long run so he can throw strikes to Blackmon and Harvin.

Pick #3 Rams: Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers- Getting another Weapon for Bradford would benefit everyone on the offensive side and the Defense as well.

Pick #4 Jaguars: Dwight Jones WR North Carolina- Giving Gabbert a WR is key in this offense with MJD32 in the backfield the defense wont be allowed to stack the box no more with this pick.

Pick #5 Dolphins: Dwayne Allen TE Clemson- Getting a security blanket for Barkley would be a safe bet so he wouldnt have to suffer on INT's in the NFL

Pick #6 Panthers: Chase Minniefield DB Virginia- Chris Gamble is okay, and the rest of the secondary doesn't look so good. So adding someone who can cover can help the D-line get to the Opposing QB

Pick #7 Eagles: Travis Lewis OLB Oklahoma- They must get a LB here, they are suffering from horrible play at the LB spot, they been shuffling too many people in and out too much.

Pick #8 Eagles(via ARZ Kolb Trade) Jayron Hosley DB Virginia Tech- After getting a LB, they go DB DRC isnt good, like when he was in Arizona and Asante Samuel doesnt seem like he would want to come back with too much star power on the team.

Pick #9 Redskins: Vontaze Burfict LB Arizona State- Burfict falls into the 2nd round with the Redskins, he will be mentor by London Fletcher, and he will be able to learn a lot from Fletcher.

Pick #10 Chiefs: Robert Lester FS Alabama- Having Lester with Berry as a Safety tandem would be scary this would be a scary transition for the Chiefs DB's Lester,Berry, Flowers and Carr. Im just amazed

Pick #11 Browns: Alameda Ta'amu DT Washington- Pairing him up with Phil Taylor would be a Scary DT threat on the inside now who do you double team block?

Pick #12 Buccaneers: Lavonte David LB Nebraska- The Bucs address their back 4 problem in the 1st now their front 7 with a LB they been pretty awful as of late in the LB Department.

Pick #13 Seahwaks: Nick Perry DE/OLB USC- A Pete Carroll pick here, he needs some D-line help, they just have a lot of old guys filling in til they find a replacement for them

Pick #14 Chargers: Melvin Ingram DE/OLB South Carolina- Having another DE/OLB who can get after the QB oppo of Shaun Phillips would be huge, so far Larry English is a disappointment so far.

Pick #15 Bills: Vinny Curry DE/OLB Marshall- Need someone to rush the passer to help solidify the front 7 without blitzing.

Pick #16 Titans:Michael Brewster C Ohio State- Need interior Linemen help since CJ2K cant get any running more.

Pick #17 Jets: Bruce Irvin DE/OLB West Virginia- Need some constant pressure from the OLB spot

Pick #18 Giants: Ben Jones C Georgia- After getting a DB in the 1st they come right back to address the O-line issue

Pick #19 Broncos:Josh Chapman DT Alabama- The Broncos missed out on Marcell Dareus, so they got Miller, and now they get a DT on plug up the 3-4 D to stop the run.

Pick #20 Lions: Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin- After getting a DB in the 1st they come right back to address the O-line issue

Pick #21 Falcons:Zebrie Sanders OT Florida State- They need some young players along the line, they are aging along the line

Pick #22 Patriots(via Raiders)TJ McDonald S USC- After getting 2 LB in the 1st they go and help their Back 4 to secure the back end for years to come with getting McDonald at the Safety position. To pair up with Patrick Chung

Pick #23 Bears:Marvin McNutt WR Iowa- They get another weapon for Jay Culter to use in the passing game to stretch the field so teams dont take away Matt Forte.

Pick #24 Texans:Sylvester Williams DT North Carolina- 3-4 Defense needs a big Nose Tackle who can hold his ground and create havocs so this looks good to get a DT

Pick #25 Cowboys:Brandon Lindsey DE/OLB- Getting someone who can take some pressure off of DeMarcus Ware, Spencer has been average and inconsistent.

Pick #26 Bengals:Xavier Rhodes DB Florida State- Getting a DB to Secure the back end which has look horrible after the loss of JJoe and Leon Hall.

Pick #27 Steelers: Ray Ray Armstrong SS- The Steelers know that Troy will soon be done sooner or later, so they go get a SS to play behind him and learn the game.

Pick #28 Saints:Nico Johnson LB Alabama- The Saints need a lot of tuning up on the LB position, so they go get someone who can make an impact.

Pick #29 Patriots: Jeff Fuller WR Texas A&M- They go get a WR who can take the coverage over the top away with his height which will create more mismatches for Brady&Co.

Pick #30 Colts(via 49ers Luck Trade):Ryan Miller OG- They go and get more protection up front for Peyton Manning to keep him healthy for at least 2-4 more years.

Pick #31 Ravens:William Vlachos C Alabama- They go and address the O-line issue which is having problems with ages.

Pick #32 Packers: Levy Adcock OT Oklahoma State- They go get a guy who can play OG and OT as well, and get more depth for the front line to protect Aaron Rodgers.

Round 3

1 Colts:Nick Foles QB Arizona- Trading down away from Andrew Luck wasnt a bad idea in this case, they get a QB who can throw as well too, also they have more picks to rebuild their Franchise.

2 Vikings:Coryell Judie DB Texas A&M- The Secondary has been awful as of late. i dont know how to explain it.

3 Rams: LaMichael James RB Oregon- Change of back pace to keep Steven Jackson fresh and not let him over work him

4 Jaguars: Tyler Eifert TE Notre Dame- They get another TE to stretch the field and help Gabbert develop, they already have MJD so this would make it harder for opposing team to play them

5 Dolphins: Antonio Allen SS South Carolina- The Safety position looks a little bit soft this Season, and Bell is getting Old so getting a replacement is a good idea

6 Panthers: Brandon Mosley OT Auburn- Cam Newton Teammate back at Auburn, so they get him to help stabilize the line to keep Cam clean

7 Eagles: Nate Potter OT Boise State-Get some help and youth on the line to keep Vick up right

8 Cardinals: Orson Charles TE Georgia- If they want Kolb to be successful, they need to give him a go to TE, every good QB has a great TE for security blanket.

9 Redskins: Marcus Forston DT Miami,FL "U"- Getting younger on the D-line to help out Brian and Ryan

10 Chiefs: Kawann Short DT Purdue- They need some help behind Gregg, because Gregg is only a gap stop

11 Browns: Joe Adams WR Arkansas- They get a speed WR to help stretch the field opposite of Greg Little

12 Buccaneers: Amini Silatolu OG Midwestern State- They get some help up front to keep Freeman from throwing INT's

13 Seahawks: Brandon Weeden QB Oklahoma State- They get a QB who can sling the ball, and with Lynch behind him, he can also just hand it off

14 Chargers:Tommy Streeter WR Miami,FL "U"- They always liked tall WR with 4.4 and 4.5 speed heres one for Rivers to Throw too.

15 Bills:Shaun Prater DB Iowa- They need to shore up their secondary, they are aging and they have a lot of DB's hurt.

16 Panthers (via Titans): Audie Cole LB North Carolina State- They get a quality LB who can become a Starter and quarterback the Defense, also help get younger

17 Jets: Adrian Robinson OLB Temple- They get some help on the outside to get to the QB, they are getting sacks, but only through blitzing

18 Giants: Keenan Robinson OLB Texas- By getting a LB they can move Mathias Kiwanuka, back to DE and make the D-line scary again.

19 Broncos: Kirk Cousins QB Michigan State- This will be scary Cousin will have a good defense with the Broncos so he'll be only managing the game first

20 Lions: Matt McCants OT UAB- They Address their OT need to help Stafford

21 Falcons: Andre Branch DE Clemson- They get a pass rusher to help their Defense, Edwards is getting double team and all the attention along that line.

22 Raiders: None Used for Terrelle Pryor

23 Bears: Ryan Wilson RB Virgina Tech- Im not sure if they want to pay Matt Forte so they can get a back-up RB just in-case he doesnt come back.

24 Texans: David Molk C Michigan- They get some O-line Help to keep Matt Schaub healthy for a season which he can lead them to the playoffs again

25 Cowboys: Sean Cattouse SS California- The Safety hasnt been effective and they kind of give me the chills when they are left in man vs man so getting Cattouse to help provide depth and more help

26 Bengals: Kendall Wright WR Baylor- Getting Wright would be great value here, he will be our Mike Wallace which will allow Green to be in man coverage

27 Steelers:James-Michael Johnson LB Nevada- They get a LB to help take the Foote's spot in the near future

28 Saints:Duke Ihenacho SS San Jose State- Roman Harper is going to slow down in the next 2-4 years, so it does help if they can get a replacement for him.

29 Patriots:Brandon Boykins DB Georgia- They need some play makers in the back and someone who doesnt get burn often

30 Colts(via 49ers): Coby Fleener TE Stanford- The Colts get a steal here, they get a TE to work with Peyton Manning and add more Weapons for Manning again

31 Ravens:Tony Bergstrom OT Utah- The get another O-line to help Flacco out, also the need of getting more youth on the O-line

32 Packers: Jared Crick DT Nebraska-They get the next best DT in the draft after getting an O-line and a OLB in the earlier drafts.

33 Raiders(Comp): AJ Jenkins WR Illionis- They get another WR to help out Palmer and the WR Corp who has been injure too often,

Round 4

1 Colts:Tank Carder LB TCU: They get some LB depth to help Gary Brackett who is coming back from an injury and they also get some youth at the LB position

2 Vikings: Nigel Bradham LB Florida State- They get some help on the LB position, EJ Henderson is getting old and they may need some help their

3 Rams: Josh Robinson DB UCF- They get more help to a much needed secondary

4 Jaguars: Cam Johnson DE Virgina- Much needed pass rush, Aaron Kampman looks like hes done

5 Dolphins: Kendall Reyes DT UConn-They get some Depth on the D-line to help free their pass rushers on the outside

6 Panthers: Malik Jackson DE Tennessee- Getting a DE here would give them more weapons on the D-line

7 Eagles: Brandon Lindsey LB Pittsburgh- Get all the need they can get to help the Defense

8 Cardinals: Mike Martin DT Michigan- There Defense has been solid but the Front 4 looks like they can get some help and depth

9 Redskins: Ryan Brolyes WR Oklahoma- They get Landry Jones another weapon in Broyles, who happen to also played at Oklahoma with Jones.

10 Chiefs: Chris Gailppo LB USC- They get some help on the inside with this pick also ST value

11 Browns: Desmond Wynn OG Rutgers- Give some help to Tannehill and the offense, their Power game isnt working this year

12 Buccaneers: Keith Tandy DB West Virgina- They get some DB help to strengthen their back end

13 Chargers: Edidie Whitley FS- Oliver be okay, and Weddle has been above average and only good, but they need someone who can roam the back end

14 Seahawks:DJ Fluker OL Alabama- They get some help up front to help the Offense go back to the Power style of running

15 Bills:Chris Polk RB Washington- They get a RB to help solve the issues at RB

16 Titans: Tom Compton OT South Dakota- Get some help on the aging o-line

17 Jets: Jacquies Smith DE Missouri- They get the 2 OLB to get rid of the issue of pass rush so they dont need to blitz as often.

18 Giants: Marquis Maze WR Alabama- They get a speed WR to top the coverage over the top off Nicks, Manningham, and Cruz.

19 Broncos: Emanuel Davis DB East Carolina University- The DB's are pretty old, so they better find their replacement now while they can

20 Lions: Tramain Thomas FS Arkansas- They add a hard hitting safety who can cover the back end to help out Louis Delmas

21 Falcons:Jerry Franklin LB Arkansas- They add some more depth to the LB position

22 Raiders:( None Jason Campbell Trade)

23 Bears: Sean Spence LB Miami,FL "U"- They get a LB to help led the Defense with Brian Urlacher for years to come.

24 Texans: Mychal Kendricks LB California- They add some depth behind DeMeco Ryans.

25 Cowboys: Brandon Taylor SS LSU- They get someone who can tackle in space and also cover

26 Bengals: Trumaine Johnson DB Montana- The Bengals go after a DB who plays Safety and CB which is good because this year, both position has looked Average

27 Steelers: Khesston Randall DT Texas- They add more bulk into the front, because their Defense is aging

28 Saints:Rueben Randle WR LSU- Saints always love more weapons for Drew Brees, and they give him another weapon to use

29 Patriots: Justin Francis DE Rugters- They get some help to their much needed Pass rush

30 Colts(via 49ers):Emmanuel Acho LB Texas- They give their Defense some more Power to back-up their Potent Offense behind Peyton Manning

31 Ravens: DJ Holt LB California- After getting some O-line help to Flacco, they go back on Defense and get a LB to fill in the depth behind Lewis and Te'o.

32 Packers: Isaiah Pead RB Cincinnati- They get a RB who has speed and can catch out of the backfield

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