San Diego Chargers Mock Draft 2012

Here are the Draft I believe SD Chargers gonna get:

Round 1 - Michael Floyd, Notre Dame WR - Philips Rivers need a second WR to throw to instead of just throwing it to Vincent Jackson. Malcom Floyd lost his skills so Michael Floyd is the person going to take his spot.. Great size, strength, strong hand, and has great speed to outrun the DBs... He will be bring back the offense that Chargers used to have..

Round 2 - Josh Chapman, Alabama DT - San Diego Defense are the reason why they're losing. So they need big time help on defensive linemen. Chapman is the man who can stop rush offense.. He is also very strong and can take over a offensive guy on.. He is someone who SD will think about...

Round 3 - LaMichael James, Oregon RB - Ever since Darren Sproles went to the Saints, San Diego chargers running game has been declining... Ryan Mathews can run but always get hurt and Mike Tolbert is a FB not a RB!!! James is the same version of Sproles with his height and his quickness so SD will get this person to back up Mathews and will bring back the running game that they used to have...

Round 4 - James-Michael Johnson, Nevada ILB - Donald Butler need more time to be on the practice squad because the linebackers are hurting and can't stop a running game... Johnson will be the one who can stop that running and can cause fumbles

Round 5 - Johnthan Banks, Mississippi State CB- Quentin Jammer is old now and can't play like his old times. So CB is something Chargers need to look into. Banks has good hands to intercept and has good speed to catch his opponent. Also, he can open tackle and stop a runner coming to the outside..

Round 6 - Sean Cattouse, California SS - San Diego safety can't keep up with receiver on a long pass so they need a fast safety. Cattouse is the guy who can break passes and to me can be a reliable player for SD defense.. He can eventually protect and cover the middle...

Round 7 - Miles Burris, San Diego State OLB - They need a linebacker who can back up Shaun Phillips because he is getting to the age... Burris is quick, can tackle runner for lost and force fumbles.. He will be behind Phillips then after Phillips get to the point where he can't play no more, Burris will be his replacement...

Tell me wat u think... Feedbacks please

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