Mock Draft (with Trades)

I posted this draft on TST first and now I want other opinions on it. I made a few changes thanks to what has unraveled but the general bases is the same, enjoy.

1. Indianapolis Colts: TRADE!!! Cleveland Browns - QB, Andrew Luck, Stanford * Indianapolis Colts get both firsts, 2013 first and 2012 2nd and 2013 2nd*, I could see many teams trade up to this spot but I think Cleveland has the means to do so. I don't think Colt is the answer there, Cleveland was close to trading up a couple of years ago for Sam but feel short, here they get their wish.

2. St. Louis Rams: OT, Matt Kalil, USC - Yes I could see my Rams trading down and trying to stockpile on picks but I think they should take Kalil. He could be a game changing OT and has been dubed as being the best OT in the last 15 years.

3. Minnesota Vikings: WR, Justin Blackmon, OKst - Ponder needs a number one receiver, I think Blackmon has major playmaking ability, and if not for me knowing most of the people on TST would go bat shit crazy if I gave him to the Rams, he would be ours.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars: TRADE!!! Seattle Seahawks: Robert Griffin III, Baylor - *Jaguars get their 1st for 2012 and 2013 plus a 2nd for 2012*, why make the trade, Tavaris Jackson is not the answer. He's not accurate and while he'll show flashes he will never be anything but an average QB, enters RG3. He's accurate and there's no argument, he has the best deep ball out of all the prospects this season, including Luck. Add in he'd have the a pretty good Rb and some good Wr, he would succeed in Seattle.

5. Indianapolis Colts(via Cleveland): CB, Morris Claiborne, LSU: They need help in their secondary, enters Morris who is the best CB in this draft class.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: CB, Dre Kickpatrick, Alabama:

7. Washington Redskins: QB, Landry Jones, OU: Now let me say as an OU fan, Landry Jones should stay in school, but with the depth of this QB draft going down thanks to USC's QB going back, he could come out for the money. Landry is overrated IMO but the redskins need a QB to believe in and put in the right system he could be good.

8. Miami Dolphins: OT, Riley Reiff, Iowa

9. Kansas City Chiefs: RT, Jonathon Martin, Stanford

10. Carolina Panthers: WR, Micheal Floyd, ND

11. Buffalo Bills: OLB, Quinton Couples, UNC

12. Arizona Cardinals: OG, David Decastro, Stanford

13. Jacksonville Jaguars: WR, Alshon Jeffery, SC

14. Philadelphia Eagles: LB, Zach Brown, UNC

15. Tennessee Titans: ILB, Vontaza Burfict, ASU

16. Cincinnati Bengals (via Oakland): DT, Brandon Thompson, CU

17. Denver Broncos: DT, Alameda Ta'amu, Washington

18. Chicago Bears: C, Peter Konz, Wisconsin

19. Dallas Cowboys: OLB, Jarvis Jones, UGA

20. Cincinatti Bengals: OG, Gordy Glenn, Georgia

21. New York Jets: OLB, Courtney Upshaw, Alabama

22. New York Giants: RB, Trent Richardson, Alabama

23. Detroit Lions: OT, Micheal Adams, OSU

24. San Diego Chargers: CB, Alfonzo Dennard, NU

25. Indianapolis Colts(via Cleveland): WR, Dwight Jones, UNC

26. Houston Texans: DT, Devon Stills, Penn State

27. Pittsburgh Steelers: OG/OT, Barrett Jones, Alabama

28. San Fransisco 49ers: DT/DE, Jared Crick, NU

29. Baltimore Ravens: MLB, Dont'a Hightower, Alabama

30. New England Patriots: SS, Mark Baron, Alabama

31. New England Patriots: DT/DE Billy Winn, BSU

32. Green Bay Packers: OLB, Travis Lewis, OU

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