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These picks for the Ravens assume Birk (C), Mason (WR) and Reed (FS) are returning.  My guess is that McGahee and LaRon McClain are gone.    Both have contributed to the team,but McGahee will have a big pay day if he returns and McClean wants more carries than the Ravens seem to want to give him.  ( If McGahee goes, it is possible that McClean stays and gets the goal line and short yardage carriers.)   The Ravens will try to resign Gaither.  I believe a tackle will be drafted even if Gaither is signed.     For a team which has just completed a very strong season, the Ravens have numerous needs.  The Owner wants to fix the run and beat the Steelers ( which is not easy.).  

 I believe the order of needs is:

1. Pass rusher ( In addition to Suggs,  a top quality rusher will cause the Steelers a great deal of trouble.)   

2.  OT  After being reshuffled, The O line took a step back last year.  If Ravens can find a starting OT (either right or left) the guards should settle back into their natural positions. 

3 WR    Ravens may only keep Bolten, Reed and Mason.

4 RB  Ravens will need a big back to compliment Ray Rice

5 FB  If LaRon leaves, this will be a  need 

6 C  If not this year next year for sure.

7   FS  same as 6

8.  ILB    Sooner or later it must be addressed

9. CB    The Raven corners improved after Josh Wilson arrived.  They do not have a shut down guy, but seem to be improving as a group. Overall young with good speed, a little under sized.   If Carr and Wilson can be signed I think Ravens stay with them.  Fabien Washington is gone.

All of these issues can not be addressed in this draft.

26.     Justin Houston  DE/OLB   Ga

(If for any reason Cameron Jordon, Akeem Ayers, Alton Smith fall,  Ravens will take them --but doubt any of them fall this far.)   J.J. Watt would be an option.   WR's Hankerson or Titus Young will be a little bit of a reach at 26 but are possible.  Houston has been a productive pass rusher, hopefully, he is not a one trick pony. 

58. Titus Young WR  Boise State

This seems about right for Young, but he may be gone.  Explosive WR who can go deep.

90.  John Moffet  OG/C Wis

John looked very good at the Senior Bowl and has played both Center and Guard.  Birk is coming back.

122.  Austin Petis WR Boise

Austin is a big receiver who has great hands and can find the end zone.  Not a great route runner and needs to have a good 40 at the combine.   Dwayne Harris WR E. Carolina  also is  a good pick  at this spot- not a tall reciever but thick and can catch and run after the catch.  Not a deep threat.   A big play guy who can help on kick returns.   If John Clay RB Wis. or Jamie Harper RB Clemson  falls this far, I would take one of them instead of the 2nd WR.  Both are big backs, Clay was very productive and is good in pass protection.

175    (I think the Ravens have a pick here from St. Louis for Mark Clayton )  Chris Hairston OT Clemson.   

Effective run blocker     IF either  Marcus Gilbert, Florida, Barksdale, LSU, or James Brewer is avialable the Ravens take them.

186   Steven Friday DE  Va Tech   


214  (Philly)  Brian Lainhart  FS  Kent St

Brian has been productive at Kent State.   86 Tackles    4 pass break ups and 7 interception

217  Charles Clay FB   

Tweener  Under sized for a full back.   Clay is a very good receiver, not sure of his blocking ablity. 

If they are not drafted Ravens could pickup:  

 Ricardo Lockett WR Fort Valley  He is 6/2 209  40 = 4.33  Ricardo is a track guy who has not caught many balls.  Who knows, may turn out to be a  poor man's Mike Wallace.

Dom DeCicco SS Buffalo  6/3  230   40 = 4.64      Strong tackler with 5 interceptions

Shawn Chapas   FB  Ga.   Shawn is one of the best blockers in the draft.  He does not carry the ball or make many catches.


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