Richard Sherman 2011 NFL Draft Interview

PALO ALTO CA - NOVEMBER 27: Michael Thomas #3 and Richard Sherman #9 of the Stanford Cardinal celebrate after they beat the Oregon State Beavers at Stanford Stadium on November 27 2010 in Palo Alto California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

I had the opportunity to speak with Stanford CB Richard Sherman last night.  He's got some words for other NFL Draft websites and wants to eventually play for an NFL team in Los Angeles.  Follow him on Twitter @RSherman9

Mocking The Draft: What are your hobbies off the football field?

Richard Sherman: I like to play video games and read.

MTD: Favorite games and books?

RS: One of Call of Duty, NBA 2k11 or Madden and my favorite book is the Autobiography of Malcolm X.

MTD: You came to Stanford as a WR, had an injury, then changed positions to CB.  Why did you switch sides?

RS: The team needed me to and I had the ability to do it.  I like every aspect of defense, I enjoy shutting down the offense.

MTD: Would you say you are still raw as a cornerback?


 RS: Definitely still raw.  This is only my second year playing the position. I'm trying to develop as quick as I possibly can.

MTD: What are some of your strengths on the football field?

RS: My speed and physicality.  Being physical is something I pride myself on.  I'd say I'm pretty aggressive too. I'm able to grasp most aspects of the game pretty easily.

MTD: What part of you game needs some work?

RS: Just getting more reps.

MTD: After another player couldn't play due to injury, you got the call. How excited were you to get the opportunity to play in the Senior Bowl?

RS: It was pretty fun.  Anytime you get to play in a game like that you're excited. I feel like I played a good game and showed them I should have been there from the start.

MTD: When did you realize you might have the opportunity to play this game professionally?

RS: I always believed it.  As a little kid I would think about it all the time.  It really started to sink in during high school, with all the recruiting .

MTD: What was the best part about going to Stanford?

RS: The people were great.  The students, teachers, coaches and teammates were the best part.  I benefited tremendously from going thtere.

MTD: What was your favorite class?

RS: Sign Language was a great experience.  I have a deaf Aunt that I am able to communicate with because of that class.

MTD: Do you have a dream destination as far as which team or city you play for?

RS: Not really. If LA had a team I'd love to play there. Doesn't matter where I play I just want to be a great player.  I don't want to be a guy that's in the league a few years, makes a ton of money and has nothing else.  I want to go down as one of the best.I want to prove other NFL Draft websites wrong that say I am the 52nd ranked CB prospect in their eyes. 

Here is a late edition to the interview about Jim Harbaugh.

MTD: What is your opinion of Jim Harbaugh? Do you have anything you want to say about your former coach?

RS: Great motivator with endless energy and enthusiasm...A players coach.

MTD: How do you feel about him leaving Stanford?

RS: I feel like he did everything he could do at the school.  He left it in a great standing and he had dreams that he wanted to pursue and I respect that.

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