Fedor Vs. Silva Results: Press Conference And Post-Fight Notes

News and notes from the Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Silva post-fight press conference:

- Josh Barnett, Brett Rogers and Fabricio Werdum were the first to speak. They all gave their impressions of the event and their plans going forward for the rest of the tournament.

- Barnett said he was not surprised that Silva was able to control Fedor on the floor. He seemed to indicate positional control was the key factor, not trading submissions. He then strangely turns the issue into how he can submit any grappler or fighter in the world.

- Werdum says the loss to him did not affect Fedor Emelianenko's mentality heading into the bout.

- Shane del Rosario reiterates how honored he is to be here and appears to be largely unscathed.

- Griggs calls Villante "an athlete", but doesn't offer many other details.

- Del Rosario believes this should be his graduation from the ShoMMA fights to the major Strikeforce cards.

- Valentijn Overeem says the win "means the world to him".

- Sergei Kharitonov says he was disappointed Fedor lost, but guarantees the winner will be from Team Golden Glory.

- Scott Coker says Fedor may have had an orbital bone fracture.

- Griggs says he could sense Villante's nervousness from being on a stage this large.

- Coker also said Fedor could return as an alternate. The committee will decide who will move forward.

- Alistair Overeem says he has mixed emotions. Said that he can't fight Fedor, in part because he says Fedor declined to fight him twice. Says Fedor gave a certain "glow" to the event and now that he's gone it's unfortunate. Kharitonov says he looks up to Fedor and that's he's hugely popular in Russia.

- Kharitonov says Arlovski is a very dangerous striker. He claims they watched a ton of footage on him for any scenario. The fight apparently went to his plan and once the range was found the fight was over.

- Scott Coker says Gina Carano will return around June. Her opponent is not determined. Coker calls her a "Showtime" product and is non-committal in terms of positioning her as a pay-per-view attraction.

- Alistair Overeem says he would fight his brother Valentijn Overeem if it's part of the tournament, not as a separate fight. Coker says he's not sure if he can do that.


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