Jalil Brown NFL Draft Scouting Report

Jalil Brown
6'0, 205 Pounds | CB | Colorado

Agility/Hips:  Brown has the foot quickness and agility which allows him to change directions very quickly, which shows in his ability to transition out of back pedal very fast. He has good loose hips.  He can turn and flip hips and run without losing a step when playing with knees bent and feet under him.

Ball Skills:  He has the hands to cut in front of the receiver to make the tough interception, but does not take enough chances at making the big play, rather make the safe play. Turns head to locate ball while in the air. He uses his quick feet to get in position to break up the pass.


Body Control:  Brown is a very good athlete and for a CB that stands at 6 feet he is very coordinated and consistently stays over feet and under control when adjusting and changing directions very fast.

Instincts/ Recognition:  Excellent man-to-man instincts and awareness. Sometimes get caught looking into backfield at QB and can get beat on double moves when not focused on receiver. Reads and reacts well when in tight man coverage and zone coverage. He is a little inconsistent reacting quickly in off coverage.

Man Coverage/ turning ability/ press skill: Brown has the size and strength to jam receivers at the line. He does a very good job of staying on receiver’s hip all over the field in tight man coverage. Has the foot quickness and loose hips to turn and run with any receiver.

Pursuit:  Brown can turn and run quickly to chase down plays and make the tackle. Very good at closing when he has an angle on a receiver. He also has a good short area burst to close on the pass and/or receiver.

Speed:  Brown has the playing speed to stay on the receiver’s hip deep down the field. He does not have elite speed, but shows explosiveness in a short area. He has quick feet and uses them well to plant, turn, and drive on the receiver or to make a play on the pass to break up. He can close on a receiver quickly when he has an angle, but if beaten at the line by someone who has elite speed he sometimes struggles to recover.

Tackling/ Run support: Brown is a very good tackler in run support.  He tackles well out in space. When he attacks and is aggressive he can deliver a punishing blow. He is very strong and can lay the wood to the ball carrier or receiver.

Zone Coverage:  Brown reads QB/Pass fast and can make plays on passes in front. He can close quickly to either break up the pass or make the tackle. He has very good range and ball skills. He will struggle sometimes with the small elite speed receivers who can catch and make a move quickly in front of him.

Final Word:  Brown has good size, playing strength, and toughness. When he stays low in backpedal he can turn and run without losing a step. However, when he gets high in pedal he does not flip hips as well and often loses a step and lacks the explosive catch up burst to get back into good coverage position. He has the ability to be a very good pro in the NFL. He is a mid 2nd-3rd round prospect. He would be ideal in a man-to-man scheme.  He also by what I have seen with his playing strength to jam receivers, short area quickness and burst, toughness, and willingness to come up in run support and make tackles makes me believe he would also make a pretty good Cover 2 corner as well. Teams like the Colts, Buccaneers, Bears, and Titans would be an ideal fit for his skill set.

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