Mike Mayock conference call CliffsNotes

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock had a conference call with the media today. He had a lot of interesting comments. Some of them you can find after the jump.

Cam Newton:
Cam Newton is an unbelievable athlete. You have to have the football IQ to make it work.

Ryan Mallett: I'd be very concerned about taking him in the first round.

Blaine Gabbert: He reminds me of a Bradford, he reminds me of a Matt Ryan.

Jake Locker: That's a really talented kid who has first round potential. He's struggled in the pocket. People are writing him off. I'm not.

Colin Kaepernick: Has a huge arm, is a great athlete, and has a huge frame...He's going to rise a bit. Probably a second round-type guy. There’s just so much work that has to be done with that young man.

Tyrod Taylor: The perception is that he can only be a scrambling quarterback. I think that’s a bit unfair to the kid.

Jacquizz Rodgers: I don't think there's any way he gets out of the 2nd rd. Playmaker with the ability to take it to the house.

Patrick Peterson: He's got a little bit of stiffness to him. Most comfortable in press-man (but) might be best served at safety.

Patrick Peterson: I'm anxious to see what Patrick Peterson looks like. I'm amazed to see that he returns punts for a guy his size.

A.J. Green: This is a guy that fits every offense. A.J. Green is the real deal as a top 10 type of receiver. And I'm not big on WRs in the top 10.

Jon Baldwin: He's an athletic freak. I think he's probably going to put on a show at the combine.

Da'Quan Bowers and his boom or bust potential: You better make sure you're getting what you hope you're getting.

Robert Quinn: I think as this draft moves closer, you're gonna see his name higher and higher. Just ordered a bunch more tape.

Von Miller: Prototype 34 rush linebacker. Amazing ability to bend his body and get to the QB. Tough enough to overcome (size limitations).

Other notes of note:
- He sees Patrick Peterson as a safety later in his NFL career.
- Of everyone he talked about, Mayock seemed the most excited about Jacquizz Rodgers and Patrick Peterson.
- Ricky Stanzi fits Mike Shanahan's scheme.
- He compared Titus Young to DeSean Jackson
- Gabe Carimi doesn't have the speed to play left tackle but could be an All Pro right tackle.
- If Julio Jones is there with the 14th pick, the Rams should run to the podium.
- Considers Brandon Harris a second- or third-round pick.
- He raved about Torrey Smith's vertical route running ability.
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