Starship's mock draft With trades(the first 16 picks)


1.The Carolina Panthers:Nick Fairley

Andrew Luck has betrayed them,and with no other major prospect like Luck,the needs should turn to the defense.AJ Green could be another option here to give Jimmy Clausen a superstar wideout to throw to.But Fairley is a freak of nature and will fit well be a beast spacing the middle in the 4-3 of Ron Rivera.

2.Denver Broncos:Von Miller

I could easiliy put Patrick Peterson in this spot but Denver needs someone to complement Elvis Dumervil with the Broncos moving back to a 4-3 and in my opinion,Miller is the guy.

3.Buffalo Bills:Patrick Peterson

After having a star studded pass defense in 2009,where the Bills had 29 interceptions,it totally fell apart in 2010.The Bills quarterback drama is no match for the Bills defenesive back drama and Peterson is an easy pick over Gabbert.

4.Cincinnati Bengals:AJ Green:

I've learned that some people in Cincinnati don't like him much,but with the TOcho show moving out of Ohio,whoever the quarterback is,they'll need a star studded wideout.

5.Arizona Cardinals:Blaine Gabbert:

Quarterback is obviously a glaring need,ever since Kurt Warner retired.Gabbert played at a spread offense with the Tigers,but he has all the intangibles to be a great QB.Plus,who's gonna throw to Larry Fitzgerald?

6.Dallas Cowboys(from Cleveland)Dequan Bowers

Ahh,my first trade.Dallas has other needs,especially in the secondary,but a star DE would be nice with Marcus Spears on his way out.Bowers is easily the best pass rusher in the draft.

7.San Fransisco 49ers:Prince Amukamara

San Fransisco needs a quarterback,but I've heard somewhere that Alex Smith and Jim Harbaugh became friends. so sorry 49er fans,I don't think Harbaugh is gonna draft a QB.Anyway,cornerback is a glaring need for them and Amukamara would be a great fit.

8.Tennesee:Marcel Dareus:

 Tenessee could draft Cam Newton here,but I don't think so,because those folks in Tennessee know what happened to them last time they drafted someone similar to Newton.Marcel Dareus can be a nice replacement for Albert Haynesworth,who left two years ago.

9.Cleveland Browns(from Dallas)Julio Jones:

   Wide Reciever:Ever since Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow left,whoevers been quarterback for the Browns has had no good recievers to throw to.And Colt McCoy is a developing Quarterback.This is an easy pick.

10.Jacksonville(from Washington)Cameron Jordan;

If this holds true Tyson Alaulu and Cameron Jordan will be reunited from their old playing days in Cal.And why not?The Jaguars are in desperate need of another star pass rusher forcing the second fewest sacks in 2010,Jordan is the best DE available.

11.Green Bay(from Houston):

Mark Ingram:These are the defending champs,but running back is a dire need for them,and why not a former Heisman winner in Mark Ingram.If the Packers the could win the big one without a good running back that is not only a good runner,but a good pass blocker,imagine what will happen over the next couple of years

12.Minnesota:Aldon Smith :

Ray Edwards is assured a ticket out of Minnesota and now Jared Allen will need someone to compliment him.Smith has the athletism needed to be a pass rusher and an Allen-Smith combo can be a dangerous duo.

 13.Detroit:JJ Watt

 People say that Detroit needs a new O-lineman because Matthew Stafford has been injured.If you haven's noticed,Detroit actually gave up the 6th fewest sacks last year,so yes Stafford is a China doll.Detroit already forced the 6th most sacks,but JJ Watt is too talented to let him pass here.

14.St.Louis:Steven Paea:

Paea is the last major DT left and who wouldn't want to shore up St.Louis's already dangerous defensive line,with the top wideouts off the board.

15.Miami:Cameron Newton:

Lets face it,Miami fans,Chad Henne sucks,Mark Inram is off the board and a double threat superstar is about to fall on your lap.Yes Newton needs to work on hi mechanics,but the upside can be huge.

16.Washington:Nate Solder:

When the Redskins had the number 10 pick all the players they wanted were gone.With Jammal Brown poised to leave,Solder will be a great pick for the zone blocking scheme of Mike Shanahan.

My mock 16-32 will come later tommorow or Thursday

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