The 7 Round Official MTD Live Draft signup sheet. (Postponement and Possible Cancellation Notice)

        Hey everyone this is the first full 7rounder.  We're looking at March 11th thru the 13th for this one.  This will be the same format as before. with updated pick order through 7 rounds.   The main requirement of getting BPA lists is now up to 5 rounds for this 7 rounder.  However don't just submit your top 50 names or your list will be gone before the end of the 3rd.  Submit those lists for your representation to be considered.  We're starting the signup early so you have time to get the lists done.  So lets get the signup sheet filled out early and with backups too. All backups as well as reps need those lists in.  This post will be updated with a set date and time as we move closer to that weekend.


Update:  Due to the low # of BPA lists at this time this particular live mock will have to be postponed.  The lists are needed to help avoid delays between picks by reps who for some reason or another couldn't be present, (cyberly), to make the pick live.  They aren't the best way to go but they beat having a mod make the pick for your team.  Live pickers can make explanations, mod subs pretty much go with an educated guess.

      Now that I've addressed the need to postpone, I want to address something else.  In order to insure everyone that this subject is separate I've skipped a couple of lines, I hope that works.  The MTD Official Live Mock is probably going to be suspended altogether.  I'm not exactly sure on all the particulars as to TheAngelsColts reasoning, and when he's ready he'll let us all know.  But I hope you all understand that he's worked his ass off on these things every time he's done them and he insists that it's nothing that anyone involved has said or done.  He's always been willing to sit through 2-3 days worth updating the big board and the pick order as well as the trades when the trades have been done.  He's told me that the reason is beyond his control and has to do with things going on with the site.  Anyone familiar with him knows that he is passionate about the draft and football altogether,  you should know that he's sorry and he knows it isn't fair to all of us.  There's somethings that have happened that has made him to decide he's not comfortable with spending as much time on it as he has in the past.

       So unfortunately unless there were some people who could take over everything, including being available during the scheduled times and keeping track of BPA lists, drafters, and back/ups, as well as the big board and other things this version of live mocking is on hiatus.  If anything changes I'll open a new fan post on it in the future.

        Your BPA lists need to be sent to Shake and you can find his email here: shake1n1bake@yahoo(dot)com. If you can also send them to me colts.faithful@yahoo(dot)com then that will be benifitial for me putting you on the signup list.

Our big board is available right for your use on draft day to know who is availabe here:


1. I will announce which team is on the clock with the following comment: THE DALLAS COWBOYS ARE

NOW ON THE CLOCK!! ...After this message, you will have 5 minutes to make your selection.


2. Your selection MUST appear as this in the subject line: WITH THE 33RD PICK IN THE DRAFT, THE

(TEAM) SELECT (PLAYER NAME) , (POSITION) ,(SCHOOL). Please use all caps so your pick will stand



3. For the first 2 round we want you to provide your reasoning for your pick and this will be emailed to



line will help, in following the conversation on each pick. And most importantly, when we put together the

front page article ,it will be Easy for us to find if we are behind. 


4. The draft thread will still be updated after each selection or as fast as possible by one of the coordinators.


Please Rec. and if you have any questions ask. Oh and if you can put BPA's in an excel sheet and email them it will make our job easier when we go to combine and put all lists in one doc.





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