Picks 16-32

17.Houston(From New England)Robert Quinn(New England gets 32nd pick:

    As this defense is rebuilding, the draft will be important for the Texans to use,especially on Quinn.

18.San Diego:Adrian Clayborne:

A shout out to Fanhouse for helping me make this pick beause I wasn't sure who to pick here.

19.New York Giants; Anthony Castanzo:

As the once dominant Giants offensive line ages,there are gonna be a lot of holes left in this spot.Castanzo needs some work to do,but he won't be a bad pick.

20.Tampa Bay:Cameron Heyward:

Heyward can fill the Buc's need for a DE easily.After an impressive Sugar Bowl and maybe a great combine,his stock may go higher.

21.Kansas City:Leanord Hankerson:

After Dwane Bowe had an impressive 15TD year,teams will double cover him more.Hankerson can take a lot of double coverage away from him.

22.Indianapolis Colts:Micheal Leshoure:

The Colts have one of the worst rushing attacks in the league and Peyton Manning was forced to throw for more than 600 times.With Leshoure,the Colts won't have to rely on an aging Peyton Manning.

23.Philadelphia Eagles:Jimmy Smith:

Despite having arguably the best cornerback in the NFL,the Eagles pass defense gave up 31 TD's because of terrible Right side cornerback play.Jimmy Smith has the size to play against some of the biggest wideouts in the game,and will be a good compliment to Asante Samuel.

24.New Orleans Saints:Jimmy Rudolph:

Jeremy Shockey has left,and the Saints need a sucessor.I've heard the Saints have this backup tight end oozing with potiental though.

25.Seattle:Jake Locker:

To be honest with you,Locker doesn't impress me, especially with his accuracy,but the Seahawks need a QB and Locker has Washingtonian ties as well

26.Baltimore Ravens:Torrey Smith:

The Ravens are stocked at wideout,but they need speed at that position,Smith has impressed me.

27.Atlanta Falcons:Titus Young

The Falcons need a good number 2 wideout to take coverage off Roddy White,this is your guy.

28.Houston Texans(From England)Brandon Harris

The Texans need a good CB,and Harris can start.

29.Chicago:Gabe Carimi:

The Bears need a good O-lineman,and it starts here.

30.New York Jets;Aaron Williams:

With all the top corners gone and Antonio Cromartie more likely to leave than name all his children correctly,Williams is a good choice.

31.Pittsburgh:Mike Pouncey:

Twin brothers playing on the same team?oh it may happen.

32.New England:Johnathan Baldwin:

Despite for Tom Brady throwing for 36 TD passes,the Pat's still need a Randy Moss type target,and Baldwin has that potiental








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