Noel Devine NFL Draft Scouting Report

BATON ROUGE LA - SEPTEMBER 25: Noel Devine #7 of the West Virginia Mountaineers avoids a tackle by Brandon Taylor #15 of the Louisiana State Univeristy Tigers at Tiger Stadium on September 25 2010 in Baton Rouge Louisiana. The Tigers defeated the Mountaineers 20-14. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)


Noel Devine
5'7, 180 pounds | Running back | West Virginia

Acceleration/burst/quicknesss: Devine is a very good athlete. He has quick feet that allow him to accelerate to full speed super fast. He has outstanding balance and agility that helps him to stop on a dime and change directions in a flash. Once he hits the hole or turns the corner he has probably the best burst of anyone in the 2011 draft class.

Elusiveness: He has the ability to stop or start fast with his quick feet. Has the shiftiness in his hips to make tacklers miss in the open field. He can set defender up with his ability to juke.

Pass catching: Devine has good hands to pluck the ball out of air, but he does have small hands and sometimes drops the ball when he is looking up field. Has the ability though to catch ball and turn up field real fast. Will be an exciting change of pace back in the NFL.

Pass blocking: He is a bit undersized by NFL standards, but he gives a good effort. He lacks the bulk strength to ever be an effective lead blocker. He needs better technique to maximize his blocking.

Power: He lacks the power to run through arm tackles on a consistent basis. He has the heart of a champion and will give great effort to get extra yardage when he can. He shows explosiveness in the open field once he is free of pile.

Size: Devine is definitely undersized to be an every down running back. While he is an extremely tough back, his lack of size is a bit of a concern that he will not be able to stay healthy to carry a heavy load as a featured running back. He has good playing strength for a running back of his stature. Will not break many tackles because he lacks bulk and power.

Speed: He has tremendous speed and it is definitely his best attribute. Once he hits the hole or gets to the outside he has superior speed and tremendous burst to take the ball to the house on any snap. Maybe the fastest player in this 2011 draft class.

Vision: Devine has excellent instincts to feel the defender coming. He has great vision he uses to find the hole and then burst thru. He uses his blocks well and sees things in front of him. He has great instincts in the return game and will be a game changer in the NFL.

Final Word: Devine is a good athlete and talented running back. He does lack the bulk and overall strength to be used as the primary ball carrier. He can contribute right away as a 3rd down back in the passing game with toss plays and screens to utilize his speed and quickness. He will also be a dynamic player in the return game. This young man has the toughness and heart to succeed in the NFL. Devine has a ton of playmaking ability and should be a valuable middle round selection. Teams looking to put a boost in their return game or passing game Devine should peak your interest.



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