Will Cam Newton Run A Faster 40-Yard Dash Than Tyrod Taylor At The NFL Combine? Want To Bet On It?

Auburn's Cam Newton arrives at the NFL Combine this week with a more impressive resume than just about any other draft prospect in recent memory. But as a quarterback looking to woo scouts, he's still got plenty to prove, particularly in the combine's fitness tests. Right now, his resume reads something like this:

National championship, check.

Heisman Trophy award, check.

Faster than Virginia Tech's Tyrod Taylor in the 40-yard dash... Maybe a check.

Newton has been a headline maker all season and with the NFL Scouting Combine upon us, it was inevitable that sportsbooks would offer odds on his performance in Indianapolis.

The most popular Combine props are on the 40-yard-dash, and the line for Newton in this category is on whether he will run under or over 4.6 seconds. He has run it as fast as 4.52 in the past, but you'll have to decide if the pressure of the Combine will slow him down.

If he's in peak condition and eager to blow away the scouts, will he produce an even faster time? "Newton, Taylor and Washington's Jake Locker are attracting the most attention with the scouts and with the oddsmakers," said Mike Pickett of OddsShark.com, SBNation.com odds provider.

Oddsmakers tracked by there seem to think the Auburn star and likely first rounder will run it under 4.6 seconds and are offering a line of -150 on an under bet at Sportsbook.com. The upset money for a time that's over 4.6 seconds will pay +120, which means if you bet $10, you get $12 in profit. To bet over, you need to risk $15 to turn a $10 profit.

There are also options on whether Newton will have a faster 40-yard dash time than Taylor, the other standout quarterback. Taylor is reported to have run a 4.55 in high school and will be a -120 favorite against his Auburn rival.  Newton will be a slight underdog with a line of -110.

"His performance here will impact his performance at the NFL draft, which it turns will impact the future odds for Super Bowl XLVI and other interesting NFL props," said Pickett.

You can also bet on whether Newton's vertical jump will be under or over 37.5 inches; either an over or under pick will pay -115. A height of 37.5 inches is relatively low compared to the 46-inch record set in 2005 by Gerald Sensabaugh, but there's little info available on Newton's vertical.

That's just the action on Cam Newton. Most of the high-profile draft prospects have Combine props available on them, and there's sure to be one that appeals to even the most ardent football fan, many of whom will know more about these players than the sportsbook's linesmaker. And even if you don't know a lot about the particular players, there are bets on what the top times and totals may be this year. Fun for everyone!

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