Shareece Wright 2011 NFL Draft Interview

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to speak with one of the top 15 Corneback prospects in the 2011 Draft.  Shareece Wright took time out of his day right after a workout to answer a few questions for us at Mocking The Draft. We had some unexpected technical difficulties arise as we started this interview but though the patience of all parties we came up with a plan B that worked out perfect. So we got going...

Mocking The Draft: Can you tell your fans and the scouts who Shareece Wright is besides the CB we see on the field?

Shareece Wright: I like to keep in touch with my family and fans and have a Ustream on my Facebook page to answer questions fans have. I play some madden in my free time, and I watch some ESPN. I also like to go on you tube and that type of thing as well.

MTD: What do you think is the strongest part of your game is? What area do you most need work on?

SW: I think the strongest part of my game is my range and Physicality. Biggest area I need work in is making turnovers. Working on my hands to cause interceptions. 

MTD: The combine is in less than a week now how are you feeling about that? What do you think will be your strongest event there?

SW: Strongest event for me will probably be my 40 time. I think the other skill drills will be somewhere ill do well also.

MTD: Do you play with a chip on your shoulder after missing so much time because of injury? 

SW: No because no one ever did anything to me or anything it was my own doing. I think missing those years with injuries hurt my developement but this last year I just really tried to take advantage of the time I had and wanted to prove I can play a whole season and show what I could do. 


MTD: What player in the NFL most reminds you of yourself or is there one you model your game after?

SW: I would have to say Asomugha or Revis because of the phisycality they play with.  Also they both pressure a lot at the line in man which is something I feel im good at and is part of my game.


MTD: Where do you expect to be drafted?

SW: I think around the 3rd round. Hopefuly with the Combine in a few days that will help me and solidify at least the third round.


MTD: What are you going to be doing on Draft day as you wait?

SW: Just be with my family sitting and waiting for that phone call.


 We would like to thank Shareece Wright for the time he gave and wish him luck going into the draft.

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