Random observations from Day 2 of the NFL Combine

See that tall, bald a-hole there? That's me. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Here are some quick, random notes from today's happenings. Tomorrow, defensive linemen and linebackers will be available to media.

• Surprisingly out of all the coaches or personnel men, Washington's Mike Shanahan was the most open. Talking about the nose tackle position, Shanahan said they have a couple guys there, "but we don't have a dominant guy there." Ouchies, Albert.

• A.J. Green's press session was a bore. Mark Ingram was also pretty dull.

• Two of the better ones were Ingram's competition, Mikel Leshoure and Ryan Williams. We'll have more from those in the next couple weeks.

• After weighing in at 307 pounds at the NFL Combine, it's easy to see USC offensive tackle Tyron Smith being a candidate for the Cowboys with the ninth pick overall. Unless the Cowboys can  trade up for Patrick Peterson, Smith might be their best option in round one.

• Somehow Smith gained weight by not eating junk food. That seems impossible. The exact opposite happens to me.

• Here are some lame questions heard at the Combine today:

1. (To Mark Ingram): Hi, I'm from Japanese TV. Are you ready to become an international superstar?

2. Media person: Would you be happy playing for (insert team)? No player is going to answer this negatively. Why would they say they wouldn't play for a certain team?

3. What are your measurements? Look them up, lazy.

4. What teams have you interviewed with? This one is the worst. Just about every player at the Combine will meet with every team in at least an informal fashion.

• Got to spend some time with Dallas Morning News NFL beat writer Rick Gosselin. Such a great honor. Anyone who cares about the draft should realize as much. Gosselin said when he first started covering the Combine, there were eight reporters there. Now, there's eight reporters per table. More on Gosselin sometime before the draft. Hardcore draftniks: I got a look inside his legendary draft notebook.

• No one likes free food more than sportswriters. Both times food was introduced in the media room, writers flocked.

Christian Ponder was also very good. He's been training with Blaine Gabbert some. Gabbert, as you probably know, has long flowing locks of hair. When a reporter told Ponder it looks like he's growing his hair out, the Florida State quarterback said he wanted to be like Gabbert. "That guy is gonna be a top 10 pick. I want to look like him."

• A lot of GMs talked about drafting best player, but Atlanta's Thomas Dimitroff made it a point talking about taking guys who fit his locker room. "We need to make sure they're a good fit schematically, but in our locker room."

• Every personnel guy has seemed impressed with the defensive line class. What's surprising, though, is how highly the offensive tackle crop is considered.

• Sat out Mike Pouncey's media session, but it's a mistake for him to insist on wanting to play center. He's just not good at that spot. That's the harsh truth.

• Some TV guy told me to get out of his shot. I'm too tall to stand in front of a podium that's raised a foot and a half.

• Quote of the day: "We feel very strongly that our best policy is to draft the best player. This isn't fantasy football." - Ted Thompson.

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