Rockets Vs. Hornets: Kevin Martin Brings The Heat As Houston Wins Again

Kevin Martin scored 33 points to help give the Houston Rockets their fourth straight victory, a 91-89 win over the New Orleans Hornets. It was Martin's third straight 30-plus night; he did the deed on 15 field goal attempts and 13 free throws. In those three games, Martin has averaged 1.488 points per shot attempt. League average is around 1.09. That's scoring that helps you win games.

Kyle Lowry added 18 points, 12 of which came on three-pointers. More importantly, Lowry, a solid defender, held Chris Paul to 2-12 shooting. CP3 managed to eke out 12 assists on zero turnovers, but the Hornets need more scoring punch from their best player, and Paul didn't have it on Sunday.

Houston is one win away from .500. Unfortunately, in the West that means the Rockets would still be in 11th place. Memphis has the No. 8 seed at five games above .500.

In other action:

Suns 110, Pacers 108: The Suns and Pacers went to overtime, and a second overtime was threatened. Channing Frye hates working late. Hates it.

I'm not sure what exactly Brandon Rush is supposed to do there, other than be four inches taller.

76ers 95, Cavaliers 91: I'm not sure if that 26-game losing streak unlocked something deep within J.J. Hickson, but he had 22 and 16 and in Febuary averaged 18 and 11.

Wolves 126, Warriors 123: In a wild game of swings, Minnesota closed it out. Kevin Love's 37 points and 23 rebounds (yes, seriously) helped.

Magic 100, Bobcats 86: Orlando was just solid against Charlotte. Stephen Jackson went off a bit (35 points on 22 shots), but the Magic held the fort defensively otherwise. On offense, Brandon Bass and Gilbert Arenas augmented the Dwight Howard-centric attack. Just a solid win.

Hawks 90, Blazers 83: Jamal Crawford has One Of Those Games, with 23 points on 13 shots off the bench. Gerald Wallace and Brandon Roy are both coming off the bench right now, and both struggled on Sunday, shooting a combined 7-21.

Spurs 95, Grizzlies 88: Zach Randolph had a huge game (24 and 17), and that might worry the Spurs' faithful given that Memphis could be a first-round matchup for San Antonio. But Manu Ginobili -- 35 points, eight assists -- is not to be trifled with.

Mavericks 114, Raptors 96: Dallas swept all four factors (shooting, rebounding, turnovers and free throws) and made the game uncompetitive in the fourth quarter. Three Mavs scored nine points in the fourth: Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry and ... Ian Mahinmi.

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