2011 NFL Mock Draft 5.0 - Two Rounds

First Post Superbowl Mock Draft - Took me a while to put this one together.

  1. Carolina Panthers - Nick Fairley (DT/DE) - Auburn
    Fairley was a dominant player through out the season and showed his value in the BCS title game.  Panthers are horrible against the run.  Rivera starts his reign with rebuilding and toughening his defensive line.  Look at the impact Suh had with the Lions this season.

  2. Denver Broncos - Da'Quan Bowers (DE) - Clemson
    This might be the most difficult pick in the draft.  Do I go best defensive back or best pass rusher.  In 2002 John Fox selected a man named named Julius Peppers with the 2nd pick in the draft.  Bowers is oddly similar and will become John Fox's next Peppers.

  3. Buffalo Bills - Patrick Peterson (CB) - LSU
    The Bills will take the best player in the draft.  Terrence McGee has been injured on and off the past few years and will turn 30.  Leodis is a questionable product.  And the AFC East has top notch WRs that need to be covered.  Revis has shown how powerful a stout cover corner can be.  Peterson will be the pick.

  4. Cincinnati Bengals - AJ Green (WR) - Georgia
    Palmer needs to remain happy.  Green is one of the best WR to come out of college.  He is questionably the best player in the draft.  No Ocho, no TO - Green is a go!

  5. Arizona Cardinals - Von Miller (OLB) - Texas A&M
    The Cardinals need a true rush OLB.  Miller has had a tremendous off season and Schefter has praised Miller as a top five talent.

  6. Cleveland Browns - Robert Quinn (DE/OLB) - UNC
    Dick Jauron will move the Browns to a tampa two and the Browns need a true 4-3 pass rusher.  Quinn is on par with Bowers in terms of talent.  Quinn will be a great addition.

  7. San Francisco 49ers - Prince Amukamara (CB) - Nebraska
    Some think Prince is a better corner than Peterson.  Amukamara should not slip past the 49ers who need to improve their pass defense.  QB can come later - or through the free agency unless Haurbaugh feels strongly about Gabbert, Newton, or Locker.

  8. Tennessee Titans - Blaine Gabbert (QB) - Missouri
    New headcoach after 16 years.  Props to Jeff Fischer for an amazing run.  Vince Young is out the door.  Titans snag Gabbert to become the new face of the franchise and help the Titans forget about the Young era.  Gabbert's stock is depends on how he does during his pro day work out.

  9. Dallas Cowboys - Marcell Dareus (DT/DE) - Alabama
    This is a case of best player available.  The top two corners are off the board.  The cowboys could go OT here but I like them strengthening their defensive line with Dareus.

  10. Washington Redskins - Cam Newton (QB) - Auburn
    Cam Newton will have a great pro day.  There are question marks regarding his character.  There are also rumors out there saying Jake Locker may be the favorite here.  But for now I am going the Snyder way.  Big name.  I think Shanahan can mold him into the type of QB he wants.

  11. Houston Texans - Aldon Smith (DE/OLB) - Missouri
    Phillips will use Smith the same way he used Ware in Dallas.  The switch to the 3-4 requires a stout OLB.

  12. Minnesota Vikings - Nate Solder (OT) - Colorado
    DT is a possibility here - especially with Pat Williams becoming a free agent.  But I think the Vikings take the best OT in the class to improve their offensive line.  McKinnie is getting old.

  13. Detroit Lions - Akeem Ayers (OLB) - UCLA
    There are two possibilities here.  CB or OLB.  Akeem Ayers is a very polished LB and will be an immediate upgrade to this defense.  CB can come in the second round with some quality products available later.  They could also opt to move up to snag one of the top two CBs.

  14. St. Louis Rams - Julio Jones (WR) - Alabama
    Sam Bradford needs a big, franchise WR

  15. Miami Dolphins - Mark Ingram (RB) - Alabama
    This pick is almost automatic now

  16. Jacksonville Jaguars - Adrian Clayborn (DE) - Iowa
    The Jaguars did a great job building the inside of their defensive line last off season.  Now they bring in the pressure because in order to beat Manning - you have to pressure him.  Clayborn is a top ten talent and talented pass rusher.  Great pick up for the Jags.

  17. New England Patriots - Cam Jordan (DT/DE) - California
    Upgrading the defensive line with a talented DT would be great for the Pats.  A defensive or offensive lineman is the pick here.

  18. San Diego Chargers - JJ Watt (DT/DE) - Wisconsin
    One of the best defenses in the league just lost their defensive coordinator.  The defensive line needs to add depth and talent, and Watt has been jumping up draft boards.

  19. New York Giants - Anthony Castonzo (OT) - BC
    The Giants need to improve their offensive line to product Eli Manning.  He was pressured often this season.

  20. Tampa Bay Bucs - Ryan Kerrigan (DE/OLB) - Purdue
    Continued improvement to the defensive line by adding a pass rusher to play next to McCoy

  21. Kansas City Chiefs - Justin Houston (OLB) - Georgia
    Tamba Hali is a free agent.  IDK if he is coming back or not.  But they need another option or add depth.  Houston is good.

  22. Indianapolis Colts - Tyron Smith (OT) - USC
    Smith is potentially the best OT in this draft class.  He is raw.  The best part of his game is his pass block which is perfect for the Colts.  One year under Manning and learning from the veteran lineman will be perfect to bring out Smith's true potential.

  23. Philadelphia Eagles - Mike Pouncey (G) - Florida
    Protecting Michael Vick is the most important thing the Eagles do this off season.  Adding Pouncey to improve the interior of the line would be most beneficial for the Eagles.

  24. New Orleans Saints - Corey Liuget (DT/DE) - Illinois
    Saints becoming more stout on the defensive line will be good in the long term.  They need to do a better job of stopping the run.

  25. Seattle Seahawks - Brandon Harris (CB) - Miami
    The playoffs showed a major weakness in Seattle's game is their secondary.  Harris is a talented athlete.  Jake Locker is also a possibility here.  I think Carrol waits for a QB in the 2nd - or waits next year.  Carson Palmer is also a possibility.

  26. Baltimore Ravens - Torrey Smith (WR) - Maryland
    The playoffs showed that the Ravens still need to surround Flacco with more talent.  I think an offensive line man is also a possibility because he was pressured through out the game.  Or even a defensive back - bc the Ravens ranked 21th in the league against the pass.  Torrey Smith gives them a dynamic speed back.

  27. Atlanta Falcons - Jonathan Baldwin (WR) - Pittsburgh
    Matt Ryan needs more weapons.  Simple as that.

  28. New England Patriots - Gabe Carimi (OT) - Wisconsin
    Matt Light and Logan Mankins are free agents.  Protecting Brady is the most important thing for the Patriots.

  29. Chicago Bears - Derek Sherrod (OT) - Mississippi State
    The worst offensive line in the NFL needs significant improvement.  And they get it here.

  30. New York Jets - Cameron Heyward (DT/DE) - Ohio State
    The Jets need to strengthen their defensive line.  Shaun Ellis is also a free agent.  Heyward is a polished product that will fit perfectly into Rex Ryan's scheme.

  31. Pittsburgh Steelers - Jimmy Smith (CB) - Colorado
    The Steelers had trouble covering the Packers receivers.  They ranked 12th in the league against the pass.  Jimmy Smith is a top 25 talent.

  32. Green Bay Packers - Danny Watkins (G) - Baylor
    The Packers need to improve the interior of their offensive line.  TT has done a great job of building his team through the draft.  He will continue to do so.




New England Patriots

Stefen Wisniewski (G/C) - 6'3'' 302lb - Penn St.


Buffalo Bills

Martez Wilson (LB) 6'4'' 250lb - Illinois


Cincinnati Bengals

Mikel Leshoure (RB) - 6'0'' 230lb - Illinois


Denver Broncos

Rahim Moore (FS) - 6'1'' 195lbs - UCLA


Cleveland Browns

Leonard Hankerson (WR) - 6'2'' 205lb - Miami


Arizona Cardinals

Jake Locker (QB) - 6'3'' 226lb - Washington


Tennessee Titans

Muhammed Wilkerson (DE/DT) - 6'5'' 301lb - Temple


Dallas Cowboys

Aaron Williams (CB) - 6'1'' 195lbs - Texas


Washington Redskins

Jason Pinkston (OT) - 6'3'' 320lb - Pittsburgh


Houston Texans

Phil Taylor (NT) - 6'4'' 336lb - Baylor


Minnesota Vikings

Bruce Carter (OLB) - 6'3'' 235lb - UNC


Detroit Lions

Brandon Burton (CB) - 6'1'' 187lb - Utah


San Francisco 49ers

Drake Nevis (DT/DE) - 6'2'' 285lb - LSU


Denver Broncos

Ras I Dowling (CB) - 6'2'' 200lb - Virginia


St. Louis Rams

Kyle Rudolph (TE) - 6'6'' 265lb - Notre Dame


Oakland Raiders

Rodney Hudson (G) - 6'2'' 291lb - Florida State


Jacksonville Jags

DeAndre McDaniel (S) - 6'0'' 213lb - Clemson


San Diego Chargers

Titus Young (WR) - 5'11'' 175lb - Boise State


Tampa Bay Bucs

Greg Jones (LB) - 6'1'' 228lb - Michigan St.


New York Giants

Ryan Williams (RB) - 5'10'' 210lb - Virginia Tech


Indy Colts

Stephen Paea (DT) - 6'1'' 295lb - Oregon State


Phildelphia Eagles

Marcus Cannon (T/G) - 6'6'' 350lb - TCU


Kansas City Chiefs

Jerrel Jernigan (WR/R) - 5'9'' 189lb - Troy


New Orleans Saints

Nate Irving (LB) - 6'1'' 235lb - NC St.


Seatle Seahawks

Ryan Mallet (QB) - 6'7'' 238lb - Arkansas


Baltimore Ravens

Kendric Burney (CB) - 5'9'' 180lb - UNC


Atlanta Falcons

Joseph Barksdale (OT) - 6'5'' 335lb - LSU


New England Patriots

Jabaal Sheard (DE/OLB) - 6'3'' 260lb - Pittsburgh


San Diego Chargers

Sam Acho (OLB) - 6'2'' 257lb - Texas


Chicago Bears

Jurrell Casey (DT) - 6'1'' 305lb - USC


Pittsburgh Steelers

John Moffitt (G) - 6'4'' 314 - Wisconsin


Green Bay Packers

Christian Ballard (DE/DT) - 6'4'' 288lb - Iowa

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