Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v8

Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow. Green Bay>Pittsburgh and Lil Wayne>Wiz. This is my first attempt at anything over 1 round, so feel free to tell me if it's crap, or the first round for that matter. As a Jaguars fan this would be a dream mock, but not allowing for but one trade means some players will slide further than otherwise, since teams would likely trade up to get them. I did have Arizona trade for Kolb, because I think someone will and they are the front runner in my book, so Kolb for the 38th pick of the draft. Please feel free to ask for explanations. Enjoy, or don't, Imma go to sleep.

Oh and:

New York=Giants

New Jersey=Jets

First Round

Carolina: Nick Fairley | DT | Auburn

Denver: Patrick Peterson | CB | LSU

Buffalo: Cam Newton | QB | Auburn

Cincinnati: Da’Quan Bowers | DE | Clemson

Arizona: Von Miller | OLB | Texas A&M

Cleveland: A.J. Green | WR | Georgia

San Francisco: Jake Locker | QB | Washington

Tennessee: Blaine Gabbert | QB | Missouri

Dallas: Cameron Jordan | DE | California

Washington:  Marcell Dareus | DE | Alabama

Houston: Robert Quinn | OLB | UNC

Minnesota: Derrick Sherrod | OT | Miss. State

Detriot: Akeem Ayers | OLB | UCLA

St. Louis: Julio Jones | WR | Alabama

Miami: Mark Ingram | RB | Alabama

Jacksonville: Prince Amukamara | CB | Nebraska

New England: Gabe Carimi | OL | Wisconsin

San Diego: Aldon Smith | OLB | Missouri

New York: Tyron Smith | OT | Southern Cal

Tampa Bay:  Cameron Hayward | DE | Ohio State

Kansas City: Phil Taylor | NT | Baylor

Indianapolis: Anthony Costanzo | OT | Boston College

Philadelphia: Jimmy Smith | CB | Colorado

New Orleans: Ryan Kerrigan | DE | Purdue

Seattle: Nate Solder | OT | Colorado

Baltimore: Brandon Harris | Miami | CB

Atlanta: Kyle Rudolph | TE | Notre Dame

New England: Justin Houston | OLB | Georgia

Chicago: Derek Sherrod | OT | Miss. State

New Jersey: Jonathon Baldwin | WR | Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh: Mike Pouncey | OG | Florida

Green Bay: Allen Bailey | DE | Miami


Second Round

New England: Mikel Leshoure | RB | Illnois

Buffalo: Bruce Carter | OLB | UNC

Cincinnati: Torrey Smith | WR | Maryland

Denver: Adrian Clayborn | DE | Iowa

Cleveland: Demarcus Love | OT | Arkansas

Philadelphia: Ben Ijalana | OL | Villanova

-Traded for Kevin Kolb

Tennessee: Greg Jones | MLB | Michigan State

Dallas: Aaron Williams | CB | Texas

Washington: Rahim Moore | FS | UCLA

Houston: Stephen Paea | NT | Oregon State

Minnesota: Ryan Mallet | QB  | Arkansas

Detroit: Nare Irving | MLB | NC State

San Francisco: Brandon Burton | CB | Utah

Denver: Muhammad Wilkerson | DT | Temple

St. Louis: Rodney Hudson | OG | Florida State

Oakland: Colin Kaepernick | QB | Nevada

Jacksonville: Martez Wilson | MLB | Illinois

San Diego:  Quinton Carter | FS | Oklahoma

Tampa Bay: Stefan Wisniewski | OC | Penn State

New York: Ryan Williams | RB | Virginia Tech

Indianapolis: Jurrell Casey | DT | Southern Cal

Philadelphia: Mason Foster | OLB | Washington

Kansas City: Titus Young | WR | Boise State

New Orleans: DeMarco Murray | RB | Oklahoma

Seattle: Tyler Sash | SS | Iowa

Baltimore: Quan Sturdivant | ILB | UNC

Atlanta:  DeAndre McDaniel | SS | Clemson

New England: Leonard Hankerson | WR | Miami

San Diego: Curtis Brown | CB | Texas

Chicago:  Danny Watkins | OG | Baylor

Pittsburgh: Davon House | CB | New Mexico State

Green Bay: Christian Ballard | DE | Iowa

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