Davon House 2011 NFL Draft Interview

I had the pleasure of speaking with New Mexico State CB Davon House a while back.  Here is what the confident young man had to say:


Mocking The Draft: What are some of your hobbies away from the football field?

Davon House: I like to spend time with my family. I have 8 family members including my parents.  I also like playing video games, Spotscenter and ESPN.

MTD:  What games are you playing right now?

DH: Madden and Call of Duty.  I play online with Curtis Marsh from Utah State and Cris Carter from Fresno State.

MTD: You had a great career at New Mexico State, what is your best football memory?

DH: The locker room, a fun and exciting locker room. Even though games didn't go our way, we kept a family atmosphere and believed things would turn around if we worked hard enough.


MTD: Who was your toughest opponent?

DH: Kellen Moore from Boise State, hands down.

MTD: Why was he the toughest?

DH: Great accuracy and good arm strength for his size.  Definitely Kellen Moore was the toughest.

MTD: You had an ankle injury that you played with all season, it even kept you out of the Senior Bowl.  How is the injury healing?

DH: I feel like I could've went out there for the Senior Bowl, but it could've hurt me in the long run.  I wasn't even 80%.  The last two weeks have been a dramatic improvement.  I've been running around a lot...Watching the Senior Bowl practices and game, I feel I could've proved I was an elite cornerback.  The Combine is more important to my future.

MTD: Where are you training and what are you working on?

DH: API of LA...I'm working on gaining weight, ankle stability, 40 times and position drill wise I'm working on better technique in off man coverage.

MTD: Why the need for a weight gain?

DH: I came in at 182 lbs, but I'd like to be between 190-195 lbs because of the size of the athletes in the NFL.

MTD: What is your response to people who say you're not physical enough?

DH: If you were to ask the WR I faced this year, they wouldn't say I'm soft at all. Watch any game, you won't find a time where I was afraid to tackle or struggling to get off blocks.

MTD: Playing for New Mexico State, you suffered through some tough seasons.  What gets you hyped on game day when the team isn't performing at a high level?

DH: Any given Saturday, anything can happen.  Being an underdog kept me motivated.  It wasn't about the stats, it was about proving everybody wrong that thought we were a bad team.

MTD: What are your expectations on draft day?

DH: I have high expectations for myself.  I tell myself everyday that my goal is to be off the board by the first day.

MTD: Finally, what is your dream destination as far as an NFL team goes?

DH: The 49ers! My whole family loves the Niners, but honestly any team that picks me is great.

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