Jurrell Casey NFL Draft Scouting Report

Jurrell Casey
6'0, 300 pounds | Defensive Tackle | USC

Pass rush:
Quickness and determination are the keys to Casey's pass rush.  He has an excellent first step off the football which allows him to slip past the offensive line and into the backfield.  Casey has extremely quick hands that serves him well when he attempts to keep blockers off his frame.  The combination of his quick hands and first step allow him to shoot gaps and create pressure.  He struggles to employ an effective bull rush because he doesn't consistently get inside hand placement. 

Pursuit: Casey's pursuit is limited because he gets caught going up the field to often.  He lacks great awareness and struggles to identify the ball carrier which leads to him being out of position.  This poor position means that he often not a factor on plays to the sideline.  However, his effort and motor make up for some of the poor positioning. 

Quickness: His quick first step and hands are a major part of Casey's success.  He also possesses good suddenness which allows him to move laterally and slip past the blocker.

Run defend: Casey is an average run defender that struggles to hold strong at the point of attack.  He struggles to get inside hands an lock out the blocker.  Casey often tries to shoulder his way through the offensive line which results in him getting pushed off the ball.  Locating the football and ball carrier is a real problem for Casey as he too often shoots the wrong gap and is taken out of the play.

Playing strength and true strength are very different and Casey doesn't play strong.  His lack of proper hand placement and balance results in him getting pushed off the line too often.  He doesn't appear to have the necessary skills to play two gap football. 

Tackling: Casey works hard to put himself around the football but is typically out of control.  His lack of balance and control lead to poor technique and hinder his pop.  He needs to work on breaking down and keeping his head on a swivel in order to make a sound tackle.

Technique: This is an area where Casey is solid but could use some work.  He does a good job keeping his pad level low and firing off the football.  Casey's quick and heavy hands make it easy for him to disengage from blocks.  However, his inconsistent hand placement limits his push on the pocket.  He also struggles sitting into his stance and anchoring through contact.  This hurts his ability to hold strong at the point of attack and play two gap football.

Final word: Casey is among the many prospects that fit as a 3 technique in the 2011 NFL Draft.  His ability to quickly get off the football and penetrate the pocket can be a real asset.  Casey's quick hands and suddenness also help him slip past the offensive line and wreak havoc in the backfield.  I don't like him as a guy that can play two gap football which means that he wouldn't be a fit more many 3-4 defenses.  This limited versatility could result in a bit of a draft day drop.

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