Mocks Ruin My Life, Pt. 1

I must admit, I'm not your average joe mocker who simply places the BPA with a team having that particular need. I like to look at TEAM DRAFT TENDENCIES. That being said, remember, I'm no genius or expert. I'm merely a guy whose live is ruined by a passionate love for the draft. 

Check out my first "Professional" attempt. Hopefully I'm the real deal.


  1. Carolina - Marcel Dareus - It's hard to determine the draft strategy with the hiring of a new coach. Dareus is a safer pick than Nick Fairley. Additionally he seems to have accomplished more within his career compared to Fairley's one year of success.

  2. Denver - Nick Fairley - The Broncos don't needs WRs, DEs, or QBs. Nick Fairley provides a 3 technique penetrator that should free-up Dumervil and Ayers on the corners. 

  3. Buffalo - Patrick Peterson - Buffalo's also a litle difficult to determine. Are they going to stick with the 3-4 defense or go back to the 4-3? They have numerous options at pick 3 but its hard to pass up on Peterson's potential.

  4. Cincinnati - AJ Green - I'll leave it up to you to fill in the obligatory Ochocinco and T.O. are on their way out comments.

  5. Arizona - Von Miller - Von Miller fits the zone-blitz scheme utilized by Arizona. He's a smaller 3-4 OLB but he's got the ability to cover a lot of ground in the passing game.

  6. Cleveland - DaQuan Bowers - The switch to the 4-3 requires a dynamic pass rusher. Bowers' maturation as a person seen in the previous season will entice Holmgren.

  7. San Francisco - Blaine Gabbert - New Coach, New QB. Not to mention they have a tie together, since Harbauch (Supposedly) recruited Gabbert.

  8. Tennessee - Mark Ingram - New Head Coach Mike Munchak said the Titans are going to become a ground-based team. That being said, they need someone to share the carries with the lighter Chris Johnson.

  9. Dallas - Prince Amukamara - With Peterson gone, Amukamara is the next best CB to shore up the Cowboy's secondary

  10. Washington - Julio Jones - Shanahan and Snyder love great athletes who perform well in shorts. Therefore, they're going to love Jones whom blew away the Combine.

  11. Houston - Robert Quinn - In the Philips 3-4, the OLB tends to act more as a 2-point stance DE always attacking from a given side. Quinn shouldn't have to worry about his coverage skills because he'll be too busy trying to by the next DeMarcus Ware.

  12. Minnesota - Derek Sherrod - Sherrod is the best fit for the power run game employed by the Vikings. He's one hell of a run blocker.

  13. Detroit - Brandon Harris - Speedy, quickster that helps Detroit's terrible secondary. Harris plays with a certain swagger needed to be a great CB.

  14. St. Louis - Aldon Smith - Fits the bill of the typical Attack-style 4-3 that Spagnuolo runs. If he's able to put on 10 lbs., he's going to be scary good.

  15. Miami - Mikel Leshoure - They don't have a run game if they lose / let go Brown and Williams. With Ingram off the board, the Dolphins pull the trigger on Leshoure.

  16. Jacksonville - Cam Newton - They didn't get Tebow, so in order to fill the seats in J-Ville they should go after Newton. Maybe Newton can save Del Rio's career.

  17. New England - Cameron Jordan - He is smaller than the typical NE 3-4 DE, however, Jordan has that attitude that you want from a DE. The "I'm going to take your QB out of the game" mentality.

  18. San Diego - Cameron Heyward - Fits the body type of SD's other DE's. He's long, tall, and the right weight. The work ethic is a bit of concern but he's the BPA in SD's mind.

  19. New York Giants - Tyron Smith - They're pick last year (Jason Pierre-Paul) shows they're willing to risk a pick on a player that's high upside and high risk. Smith has the necessary tools to be a great OT but can he put it all together?

  20. Tampa Bay - Justin Houston - Houston's an explosive player off the edge. Some belief he'd be best in a 3-4. However, his current weight of 270 limits him to a 4-3 DE. 

  21. Kansas City - Phil Taylor - Taylor's turn around intrigues Pioli and CO. whom put a high price on work ethic and character. If the interview process goes well for Taylor, he'll be wearing Red in Gold in the fall.

  22. Indianapolis - Anthony Castonzo - He might be a bit tall but he should be a relatively good fit for the Indianapolis blocking scheme. 

  23. Philadelphia - Gabe Carimi - Fits the bill of an Andy Reid linemen. Carimi has the length and size that are typical of Eagle linemen. 

  24. New Orleans - Adrian Clayborn - Clayborn should dominate the left side of the DL. He's strong enough to hold the Point of Attack, as well as athletic enough to get passed slower RTs.

  25. Seattle - Jake Locker - Situations like this just don't happen. Not to mention Carroll is to hard-headed to realize his mistake in trading for Charlie Whitehurst. But for now we'll leave Locker here.

  26. Baltimore - Mike Pouncey - The Ravens have seen how good Maurkice Pouncey is, so they snag his twin brother to serve as the replacement for the aging Matt Birk. Pouncey can be seen as the BPA and that's who the Ravens typically select. (The only problem is that Mike won't be as good at Center as his twin brother).

  27. Atlanta - Kyle Rudolph - If he can stay healthy, Rudolph can be one of the more archetypal TE in the league. Outstanding run blocker but also a fantastic pass catcher. But it all depends on if he can stay healthy.

  28. New England - Danny Watkins - I know he's 26, going on 27 but the Patriots have a lot of draft picks (8 in the first 4 rounds) and can afford to use it on Watkins. He fills the need for the recently departed Stephen Neal.

  29. Chicago - Nate Solder - I'm worried about his height but Lovie isn't. 

  30. New York Jets - Muhammad Wilkerson - Long and Athletic despite being 6-5 and 314 lbs. He's scheme versatile, which Rex Ryan will like.

  31. Pittsburgh - JJ Watt - BPA, simple as that.

  32. Green Bay - Ryan Williams - Ideal candidate for Green Bay's Zone-Blocking Scheme. Has great vision and acceleration to burst through developing holes.

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