My First Mock- 1st Rounder

No trades. Tried to explain the picks. Please tell me if I have a need or system error. Opinions are welcome. Constructive Criticisms are welcome. Saying "THIS SUXXXX" will not be responded to.

1.    Carolina Panthers- A.J Green WR, Georgia
The Panthers main problems last year came from the fact that they couldn’t score. Especially if they trade Steve Smith, they need offensive weapons to help Jimmy Clausen’s development. You do not pick a QB at #1 who is not a surefire stud, and there are none in this draft. Give Clausen a weapon, and see if he can perform. Otherwise, you can get Luck next year.

2.    Denver Broncos- Marcell Dareus

The Broncos are switching to the 4-3 this year, and with that, they need a guy at that 4-3 DT position who can play great run D and rush the passer at the same time. Dareus is picked over Fairley because I think he is the better all around player, while Fairley to me is more of a pass rusher.

3.    Buffalo Bills- Patrick Peterson
The Bills have a lot of needs on O and D. Because of this, you want a guy who is going to make a large impact. Patrick Peterson is the perennial 4 down player, something Buffalo loves in a player. He will shut down his side, and immediately improve the defense. Because of the depth of the D-Line and OLB prospects with guys like Muhammed Wilkerson dropping down, it is better to get the best prospect of this draft now, and draft for position with that 35th pick.

4.    Cincinnati Bengals- Blaine Gabbert
Carson Palmer has said that he will no longer be Bengal. Jordan Palmer, his brother, is not an NFL starter. They would need a franchise QB to keep the offense going. They have pieces on the O like Gresham and Shipley to build the O around, but they need the signal caller to get the job done.

5.    Arizona Cardinals- Von Miller
They need a pass rush. It is that simple. They have a great D-line with Dockett and Calais Campbell, but they have no one at OLB who is any good (Joey Porter is past his prime.) Bring Miller in, have him learn from Porter, and watch him shoot gaps and get sacks.

6.    Cleveland Browns- Daquan Bowers
The Browns are switching to a 4-3 with the firing of Eric Mangini. They lack any talent at the 4-3 DE position and 4-3 DT position, so this was a hard choice. Overall, I thought they'd want the guy that could make a bigger impact, and I thought the guy that could play both DE on running downs and DT in passing situations in the 4-3 defense would have a greater overall impact. This one is more of a toss up.

7.    San Francisco 49ers- Prince Amukamara
San Francisco needs some coverage guys. They have a lot of pieces in place, with P. Willis and V. Davis being the leaders. But they have no one at the CB position that can be a shutdown corner. Amukamara would be that guy, and is just barely behind Peterson in coverage skills. This would make the 9ers defense a lot stronger, and make it a top-notch defense for years to come

8.    Tennessee Titans- Cam Newton
After releasing Vince Young and firing Jeff Fischer, it is time for a fresh start for the Titans. They do this with the guy who most often gets comparisons to Vince, Cam Newton. Currently, the Titans QB is Kerry Collins, who is at most a 1 year option. Drafting Newton gives the Titans a guy who could easily become Vince Young, or become the new generation of QB’s who are as athletic as their teammates. The Titans hope the latter.

9.    Dallas Cowboys- Robert Quinn
Jerry Jones loves the big name athletes. Last year he went with Dez Bryant, a very talented who was seen as a large risk. This year, Quinn is an even riskier version of Bryant. He missed a year. He got the majority of his sacks in three games against crappy opponents. But he was a force in any game he played, and his size-speed-weight ratio is outstanding. It will be interesting to see how he performs in the much tougher NFL.

10.    Washington Redskins- Nick Fairley

Washington might be getting the largest steal in the first round here, getting Nick Fairley, a guy who some put as number 1, at number 10. The Redskins want to forget all about Haynesworth,and what better way to do so with a 50 lbs lighter version of Haynesworth. Fairley might not react well to becoming a 3-4 DE, but at 10, the value exceeds any other options in terms of what Fairley offers as a pass rusher.

11.    Houston Texans- Phil Taylor
Right now this might be seen as a reach, but it is a justified reach. The Texans are switching to a 3-4. They have guys to play 3-4 DE in Mario Williams and Antonio Smith, and guys to play LB in Brian Cushing and Demeco Ryans, but they have no one to fill the NT hole. Phil Taylor is a beast, who’s run stuffing abilities are amazing, yet he has the athleticism to get to the QB.

12.    Minnesota Vikings- Ryan Mallet
The Vikings have Joe Webb and Tavaris Jackson as their only QB options right now. They need stability at the QB position to be able to develop the offense that has Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin, Visanthe Shiancoe and Sidney Rice. They get a QB who comes with risk, but has the arm to deliver the ball to all of his premier targets.

13.    Detroit Lions- Tyron Smith
The Lions have gotten three QB’s injured because of their Offensive Line’s incapability’s. They need a premier LT to protect Matthew Stafford, who could easily be the best young QB if he wasn’t always getting sacked. Tyron Smith is probably one of the most ready OT’s in this class, while still having a lot of upside.

14.    St. Louis Rams- Julio Jones

Yes, dreams really do happen, and the St. Louis franchise is making a comeback (which Steven Jackson truly deserves.) By acquiring Julio, the Rams give Bradford his man, and along with S-Jax, this offense will start to be formidable if all goes well.

15.    Miami Dolphins- Mark Ingram
The Dolphins are potentially going to lose both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams. This makes RB a huge need, simply because they will only have P. Cobbs and two fullbacks on the roster. Ingram gives them a long term solution, a guy who can be like an Adrian Peterson in that he can do everything and be an every-down running back.

16.    Jacksonville Jaguars- Ryan Kerrigan
The Jaguars got Tyson Alualu last year, and he shored up their DT spot. But they have nothing but busts and roster fodder at the DE position. They have been historically bad at getting to the QB over the past two years, and Kerrigan is a guy who is simply relentless at getting to the QB and forcing fumbles, something they would love to have against Peyton Manning.

17.    New England Patriots- Aldon Smith
While New England’s defense was 8th in points allowed last year, they were horrible in pass defense. With the return of Leigh Bodden, the top 2 corner spots are filled well, and they have good safety depth. What they lacked was a pass rush. They only touched Peyton Manning once, and that was on the game ending int. Aldon Smith is a raw athlete who will be very capable of getting to the QB, but will have to be taught how to drop into coverage. With Cunningham, Mayo and Spikes, he gives the Patriots a very strong young LB core.

18.    San Diego Chargers- JJ Watt
The Chargers have not been able to replace Igor Olshansky since his release. They have been getting little to no production from DE’s Luis Castillo and Jacques Cesaire. With Watt, they get a guy who is effective at shooting the gap and getting to the QB, while being solid against the run.

19.    New York Giants- Mike Pouncey
The Giants are starting to get old and injured on their offensive line. While Pouncey will not be the center his brother is, at his natural position of guard; he can be a force. The selection of pouncey gives them the depth, talent and youth they require to start the turnover at O-Line.

20.    Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Cameron Jordan
The Buccaneers have had troubles at D-line since they lost Warren Sapp. In the Tampa 4-3, you need a strong pass rush from all 4 D-Line positions. They have started that process with getting Gerald McCoy, and now they Cameron Jordan as a hybrid DE/DT in order to improve it even more. Jordan is very athletic, and can get to the quarterback from anywhere. With this acquistion, the Bucs are one step closer to winning what may be the toughest division soon, the NFC South.

21.    Kansas City Chiefs- Akeem Ayers
Akeem Ayers is a top talent, but there is always a guy that drops. He is not as great a pass rusher as some of the other available 3-4 OLB’s, but he is great in coverage and in run support. The Chiefs draft Ayers to compliment Hali, a sack specialist, and give themselves a strong OLB position for the future.

22.    Indianapolis Colts- Derek Sherrod
A pick that everyone knows the position, but no one knows the player. The Colts need O-line help. You cannot keep depending on Manning to release the ball in two seconds so that Mario Williams doesn’t get to kill him. The LT is the most important position on the O-Line, so it gets addressed first. I choose Sherrod because he is the safest tackle in the draft. Technically, he is the best, and while he might have the least upside, he can start from day 1 and be a solid potential pro bowl left tackle for the rest of Manning’s career.

23.    Philadelphia Eagles- Jimmy Smith
With the retirement of Ellis Hobbs and the second best corner being Dimitri Patterson, the Eagles need to bolster their cornerback position. With teams like Green Bay that have the capability to go to 5 WR sets, Strong CB depth is becoming more and more pertinent. Jimmy Smith reminds many of Nnamdi in that he is almost never thrown at. He had about 9 completions on him his entire senior season. He is tall, but still is strong enough in run support to not be a liability. With him and Samuel, you have two guys who are very talented and will force offenses to look for their third and fourth options.

24.    New Orleans Saints- Stephen Paea
I almost gave them Leshoure here, but after the resigning of Thomas, I think the Saints are going to give all of their oft-injured RB’s at least on more chance. Therefore I give the Paea, a guy who is very strong, and can be a great run defender at the 4-3 DT position. After his combine workouts, he is shooting up, and someone is bound to take a little reach. Because the Saints don’t have too many needs, they can afford to go after a guy who could make their run defense a lot stronger.

25.    Seattle Seahawks- Jake Locker
Before last years draft, the Seahawks were probably hoping that Locker would fall to the fourth pick so they could draft the hometown hero. This year, they’ll be doing the same, but for the 25th selection. Locker had a terrible year, but he has two strong years of work previous, and if he shores up the accuracy problems, he could easily be the best quarterback of this class. Remaining in the state of Washington and being a hometown hero will give him a confidence boost, and having a year behind Hasselback will help him immensely.

26.    Baltimore Ravens- Anthony Costanzo
The Ravens O-Line struggled in all areas last year. They are continually injured. Costanzo will fill in for Gaither, who for 2 years now has been getting shopped around, and is continually injured. Costanzo is a big guy who can handle the toughness of the rivalry with the Steelers, and can be either the LT or RT, depending on where Oher feels more comfortable.

27.    Atlanta Falcons- Cameron Heyward
The Falcons are another team that doesn’t have too many weaknesses, so they go BPA here with a guy who has a lot of versatility. At Ohio St, Heyward played 4-3 DT and DE, and has shown the athleticism to play either. While the Falcons d-line is solid, Abraham is aging, and they had injury problems for the majority of the year. Heyward gives them a guy who can fill in at any defensive line position, and could still be a first year starter if required.
28.    New England Patriots- Gabe Carimi
The Patriots are aging at the O-Line position, and might have a complete line turnover. Neal retired. Kazcur is most likely going to be released. Koppen is aging. Mankins is unhappy about not having a new contract. Carimi is the start of the potential O-line overhaul. His ability to play any position except center will be valuable to the Patriots, who don’t know what positions they will have to be filling on the O-Line. Carimi will be a starter from day 1, and has a mean streak that the Patriots need.

29.    Chicago Bears- Nate Solder
Everyone saw the Giants absolutely massacre the Bears O-Line. In the Martz system, the QB needs some time for the deep routes to develop. Solder is a big guy who is a mauler, and can take guys out of the play from the first step. While he is the rawest of the prospects, he also has the highest upside. Martz can teach him up, and he will hopefully stop the massacres of Cutler.

30.    New York Jets- Justin Houston
The Jets might have one of the best defenses in football, but they lack a premier pass rusher. They rely on great run D and coverage in order to succeed, and will run into trouble with teams that have a great running back or quality wr’s. In order to improve the pass rush, they draft Houston, who will hopefully fill the elephant linebacker role that Gholston never could. Houston is large, so he will hold his own in run D, and showed his speed at the combine, displaying his capability to shoot the gap and get the sack.

31.    Pittsburgh Steelers- Brandon Harris
The Steelers were destroyed this year by the five wide sets. While they have all the strength required for their base defense, they need some corner depth behind Ike Taylor to counter the use of more wide receivers. Harris was good for his entire career, and got interceptions. While he is a liability in run defense, with the rest of the Pitt D, they can afford to have on guy that isn’t a big hitter.

32.    Green Bay Packers- Steven Wisniewski
The Packers continue the restructuring of their O-Line by taking a guy who can play any of the interior O-Line positions. From day 1, he could start at OG, and start over Daryn Colledge. Protect Rodgers will always be a goal of the Packers, and drafting Wisniewski helps accomplish that goal.

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