LSU And 'Street Agent' Will Lyles: Frequently Asked Questions

LSU is being investigated for ties to Will Lyles, the so-called "street agent" who also has financial ties to the Oregon Ducks, themselves under investigation. How does this affect you, bored college football fan?

What's all this, then?
Will Lyles, the SUPER-SHADOWY STREET AGENT who was paid a cool $25,000 by Oregon for "scouting services," was apparently also under contract to LSU. As a result, the university is now wriggling under the NCAA microscope themselves. Neato!

How much did LSU pay Lyles?

That's a lot less than Oregon.

The Tigers apparently only wanted JUCO player information, and LSU also used several other scouting services to round out their coverage.

Is this what that fellow with the unfortunate hair was yelling about all day yesterday?

Is Thayer Evans this sensationalist and shouty about everything?
Pretty much, which is why he's perfect for this kind of story. BREAKING: LEGAL-BUT-SKETCHY PRACTICE IS BOTH LEGAL AND SKETCHY. It's a living.

Wait, if the practice of using scouting services is legal, why might the Bayou Bengals be in trouble?
Well, it appears that an LSU assistant coach visited a high school in the company of Lyles to see future Tigers signee Trevon Randle, which could lead to Lyles being classified as a booster, and boosters are prohibited from influencing recruits.

What are the future implications of an investigation like this?

Bet on the NCAA illegalizing scouting services at some point, in the name of college football not attaining the reputation of college basketball when it comes to recruiting (although that's a blurry line as it is). And expect to hear more schools pulled into this. If two schools were involved here, more were.

Wait, where have I heard Thayer Evans' name before?

You're thinking of the "girls were also romancing each other" incident.

How is girls romancing each other a bad thing, again?
It is perhaps best not to question the mind of a young man who favors coeds of Oklahoma over those of Texas.

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