Best Of The SB Nation Network: March 15, 2011

We have 300 fantastic sports blogs in SB Nation, so in case you didn't have a chance to read them all today we've collected the best stuff right here. Get sports smart in no time fast!

College Sports

- In the must-read of the day,'s Jon Bois takes a humorous and informative look at the historical success rate of seeds. Highly recommended.

- Another day, another round of advice on how to pick your 2011 NCAA brackets. The UConn Blog takes the personal (and painful) approach and makes picks based on the hard lessons the Huskies fans have learned over time. Streaking the Lawn advises careful deliberation of a variety of quirky factors. Hammer and Rails and Mid Major Madness both go looking for Cinderellas and find Belmont, Richmond, Old Dominion, Oakland, Indiana State, Wofford, Northern Colorado, and Morehead State.


- Lookout Landing reviews the new Mariners commercials.

- Minor League Ball has the part one and part two of their exclusive interview with Mike Hazen, the Red Sox vice president of player development.

- Beyond the Boxscore answers the Felix Hernandez-to-the-Yankees trade talk plainly: I don't think so.

- Amazin' Avenue busts out the Make-the-Mets-O-Meter for pitchers, week three.


- Canis Hoopus looks at the incredible double-double streak from Kevin Love and why it did and didn't matter.

- Silver Screen and Roll is feeling better now that the Lakers are playing well again. They look at the Andrew Bynum Effect.

- Could Tony Parker's new silver shoes be the key to his recent success? Pounding the Rock thinks so.


- Stampede Blue reports on the recovery of Dallas Clark">the recovery of Dallas Clark from his season-ending injury.

- The Bengals are moving to a West Coast offense, and that should make one running back on their team very happy. Cincy Jungle explains.

- Mike Holmgren held a press conference and discussed a wide range of issues, Dawgs By Nature gives you the highlights.

- A fresh mock draft from Mocking The Draft is a must-read.

Combat Sports

- Bad Left Hook has some boxing science for you: How Manny Pacquiao's body has tricked analysts and opponents.

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