Just by the numbers

Comparing Combine workouts and production from several players.

Maurkise Pouncey   ht. 6/5 - wt   304 - 40 time  5.25 - ten yd split 1.78 -  broad  0711 - sh  4.92    cone 7.74

Mike Pouncey          ht  6/5 - wt   303 - 40 time 5.12 -  ten  yd  split 1.78 - broad 0800 - sh 4.64    cone  7.66

Well they are twins.  Not sure this indicates Mike can duplicate his brothers  performance, he has matched is speed and agility.   Mike did have alot of trouble with the shotgun snap while playing center in his senior year.  Mike should go in mid to late first just as his brother did.


Darrius Heyward Bey    ht 6/3 - wt 206 - 40 time 4.30   bench 16  -  vert  38.5 - broad 10.6 - sh  4.18  - cone 6.80

Torrey Smith                   ht  6/1  - wt   204 - 40 time 4.41  - bench 19 - vert 36 - broad  1006 - sh 4.13 - cone 6.72  

Both maryland WR's had good combines- 

 Bey was very fast.   The real difference is their production:  Bey had 49 catches for 740 yds and 4 TD's-- 3rd round at best kind of numbers.   Smith had much better production 67 catches,with 1055 yards and 12 TD's.   ( AT the combine, Sterling Sharpe was not impressed with Smith's route running other than the deep stuff.  Plus Smith has very small hands for a wr.)   Smith is a much better prospect than Bey, just how high does he go.  I think 2nd round.  Maybe a better comparison would be with Hankerson.

Sergio Kindle   ht 6/2   - wt 250 - 40 time 4.71 - ben 25 vert 36/5 - broad 9.80  sh 4.53 - cone 7.26

Sam Acho       ht 6/2  - wt 262 - 40 time 4.67 - ben 23 - vert 331/2 - broad 9.04 sh 4.38 - cone 6.69

Senior year production;  Acho   60 Tackles  41 solo  9 assist.     Kindle 55 tackles 38 solo 6 sacks, on a texas team which played for the championship.  Many mocks have Acho going mid 2nd close to where Kindle went.  Even with the strong 2011 pass rushing class, suspect Acho does go mid 2nd.  Hopefully Kindle plays this year and we can compare their production at the next level.

None of this means much.   Killing time waiting on free agency,trades and the draft.

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