A 7 Round Colts Mock Draft (Take 2)

As explained in the title, this a second go around for a full 2011 Colts mock draft.  I used the constructive criticism given by commentors (special thanks to shake and invisibulman) as well as changes in the landscape ie Draft Stocks.  Updates are in all 7 Rounds as well as the removal of the minimal free agency acquisitions I guessed at.  Damn you Players!  Damn you Owners!  Are you really telling me you can't figure a way to split a 9.3 BILLION DOLLAR pie?  Really?  Really?  But I digress...

Resigned players are: Melvin Bullitt (SS), Antonio Johnson (1-tech DT), Charlie Johnson (LT/LG), Kyle Devan (LG),  Joseph Addai (RB), and Adam Vinatieri.

Free Agent Losses are: Clint Sessions (OLB), Keyunta Dawson (DE), Daniel Muir (DT), Mike Hart (RB),and Gijon Robinson (TE)



Round 1 Pick 22 - Derrick Sherrod (LT, Mississippi State)  (previously Nate Solder, LT Colorado) I still think we have to go Offensive Tackle here.  Two of our three most pressing needs are on the D-Line and O-Line.  This draft is particularly heavy with D-Line talent meaning two things for the Colts.  1)  A top tier talent can fall to us even at 22, or 2) In this scenario, many teams draft D-line in the first round and not addressing it again until the later rounds or in UDFA.  The biggest knock I've read about Sherrod is he's not great at run blocking and does not engage D-Ends as physically as he should.  Some reports say he can drive block, others specifically say he can't.  What I do recall reading is Miss St. line had the second best rushing attack in the SEC, so Sherrod can't be that bad.  In addition, I think Costanzo (my first choice), Smith, and Solder will all be off the board by the time we draft.   

Round 2 Pick 53 - Tyler Sash (SS, Iowa)  (previously Stephen Paea DT, Oregon State)     I know this seems almost like Deja Vu, replacing Bob Sanders with a player from the same school with similar measurables, but the more I dug into it, the more it made sense.  Polian likes his Big Ten conference players, it's a position of absolute need (with or without Melvin Bullitt), and Sash can help in the box.  At 6ft 1in, 210 pounds with a 4.6 40, he has a good speed/size combination to play Safety in our zone coverage scheme.  Finally, and I haven't a clue if this a rumor or not, but his full name is Tyler "Motherf*ckin'" Sash.

Round 3 Pick 87 - Sione Fua (DT, Stanford) (previously Austin Pettis WR, Boise State)     I think Fua would be an ideal compliment to Antonio Johnson at the 1-tech spot.  We all saw what happened in the playoff loss to the Jets.  Without another true 1-tech on our roster, we had an out of position Daniel Muir/Fili Moala or an over matched Ricardo Matthews fill in, with terrible results.  At 6ft 2in, 310 pounds, and playing on an underrated Standford defense, Fua has the ability to come in from day one as a rotational run stuffer.  Plus if this happens, we will have to come up with some type of Samoan flavored nickname for Moala and Fua ala "The Williams Wall" in Minnesota.

Round 4 Pick 118 Joseph Barksdale (RT, LSU) (same)     At 6ft 5in and 325 pounds, he hits hard!  Watching him violently attack other linemen holding blocking pads made me smile.  I still think Barksdale could be there at this pick.  In a perfect world, Barksdale would come in and immediately displace Ryan Diem (cut) while simultaneously, Sherrod could push Charlie Johnson to guard or into more of a rotational role.  This would make our starting lineup look like Sherrod/McClendon(or Johnson)/Saturday/Devan/Barksdale.  A more likely scenario would put either Sherrod or Johnson at Right Tackle while Barksdale works his way in.  Either way, our new line would be much improved.

Round 5 Pick 149 Roy Helu (RB, Nebraska) (previously Shiloh Keo SS, Idaho)     Roy Helu, hopefully, offers a characteristic lacking in our current stable of running backs, durability.  As a HUGE University of Michigan fan, I was excited when the Colts selected Mike Hart.  Unfortunately, I see no way Mike Hart makes the roster again and, while a fan favorite, Dominic Rhodes really doesn't offer enough at this point in his career.  Helu had back to back 1,000yd seasons for the Cornhuskers, but lacks the top-end speed and make you miss agility that separates runners at the next level.

Round 6 Pick 183 Tejay Johnson (FS, TCU) (previously not picked, thought to be traded to the Redskins for Justin Tryon ie I'm an idiot) Scouts view him as a great leader with good coverage skills with adequate speed.  Ideal for a special teams spot as well as a developmental player.

Round 7 Pick 202 Justin Tryon Trade


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