Jarvis Jenkins NFL Draft Scouting Report

Jarvis Jenkins
6'4, 315 pounds | Defensive tackle | Clemson

Pass rush:
Jenkins is a one dimensional pass rusher where his only effective move is a bull rush.  He is able to keep his pad level low and get his hands inside the offensive lineman and push him off the football.  His push creates pressure in the face of the quarterback.  He doesn't possesses the suddenness or quickness to slip past the blocker. 

Pursuit: Limited lateral ability and overall quickness impact his ability to effectively pursue the football.  Jenkins does have good awareness that allows him to identify the ball carrier but his lack of range limits his ability to make plays.  If Jenkins has a shot at reaching a sideline run its due to his motor and ability to identify the ball carrier.

Quickness: What Jenkins lacks in quickness he makes up for in other areas of this game.  He has a decent first step off the football but not enough to constantly gain position.  Jenkins also has some good closing ability showing a decent 2nd gear.  However, he does lack ideal quickness which limits his versatility.

Run defend: Recognizing the snap count and firing off the ball is an important part of defending the run and Jenkins possesses those skills.  He shows a natural bend and a strong base.  Jenkins low pad level allows him to maintain leverage and anchor after contact.  He possesses a strong punch rolling his hips into the offensive line and delivering a jolt.  When he identifies the ball carrier, he takes balanced and coordinated steps which allows him to use his heavy hands to disengage.  Jenkins has the ability to play two gap football and clog running lanes.  He also has a disruptive element to his game by where he is able to push the offensive line back into the backfield. 

Strength: Jenkins' ability to sit into his stance and anchor through contact is a great testament of his strength.  In order for Jenkins to be successful in the NFL he is going to have to be able to control blockers and keep linebackers clean.  The ability to play two gap football is directly tied to a players strength.  Jenkins has both a strong base and heavy hands which will allow him to anchor, control, and disengage.  He also possesses a good leg drive which is visible when Jenkins pushes linemen off the ball.

Tackling: The ability and willingness to deliver a pop when making a tackle is something that Jenkins possess.  He also does a nice job breaking down in the hole and remaining under control. 

Technique: Overall, Jenkins has very solid technique which helps him remain consistent.  He does a nice job of keeping his pad level low through the play and sitting into his stance.  Jenkins rolls his hips into the offensive linemen generating good power on his punch.  He takes short and balanced steps as he works his way to the ball carrier.  However, I would like to see him work on being more consistent with his hand placement.  If Jenkins hopes to rely on his ability to control and push the pocket he is going to need good hand placement.  To often, I noticed that his hands would get on the outside shoulders rather than in around the breastplate.

Games Viewed: Boston College, South Florida, Maryland, Florida State, Georgia Tech '09

Final word: Jenkins is a nice looking prospect that has good strength and size.  However, he appears to have limited versatility and likely would best fit the nose tackle spot in a 4-3 defense.  His limited suddenness and quickness mean that he isn't going to make a lot of plays away from his frame.  Where he will be successful is by playing two gap football and keeping linebackers clean.  I do like his ability to collapse the pocket and feel possesses the overall skills to be successful in the NFL.

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