Should the Chiefs Draft an OLB at #21?

Many of the mock draft experts have the Chiefs drafting a "bookend OLB" to replace Mike Vrabel and add pass rush skills (Vrabel had ZERO sacks last year) across from Tamba Hali.  I personally think we should "reach" a little bit to grab NT Phil Taylor just like Pioli did in 2004 when he grabbed Vince Wilfork at #21 for the Patriots.

Thought you might like to see some “measurables” on some outside linebackers that you might find interesting.  I realize that measurables alone do not determine success in the NFL, but  I’m going to present the data to you anonymously first and then share the owner of each column of data at the bottom of this post.


                                                 Player A            Player B           Player C           Player D

Height                                       6’ 3”                  6’ 3”                   6’ 3”                  6’ 3”

Weight                                      246 lbs             255 lbs             270 lbs            275 lbs

40 Yd Dash                               4.53 sec           4.51 sec           4.68 sec          4.87 sec

Vertical Leap                             37”                    36.5”                 36.5”                 30”

Broad Jump                              10’ 6”                10' 7”                10’ 5”                8' 10”

Bench Press                             21 reps              NA                   30 reps            18 reps


As you can see, Player A and Player B are similar to one another in height, weight, speed and overall athleticism while player C is faster, stronger and more athletic than player D.



Player A is Von Miller who’s considered to be the best 3-4 OLB pass rushing prospect in the 2011 draft and will likely be drafted in the top 5

Player B is Andy Studebaker who led the entire nation in sacks (17.5) in 2006 during his junior year at Wheaton College, a Division III school.  In his first NFL start with the Chiefs in 2009 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, he intercepted 2 passes, returning one for 94 yards.  In 2010, in very limited action as Mike Vrabel’s backup, he had 2.5 sacks.

Player C is Justin Houston who’s considered to be the second best 3-4 OLB pass rusher in the 2011 draft and will likely be drafted in the first round

Player D is Tamba Hali who was drafted with the 20th pick in the first round in 2006 by the Chiefs and led the AFC in sacks last year with 14.5.

I'll say again that I know that “measurables” are not everything, but Andy Studebaker is big, fast and athletic.  He’s an extremely hard worker and has proven, whenever he’s been given the chance to play, that he can affect the outcome of a football game.

I believe there’s a reason why a GM as intelligent as Scott Pioli awarded Studebaker a 3 year contract extension last fall when the NFL lockout was on the horizon.  I don’t believe he would do that unless he was certain that the Chiefs had a “diamond in the rough” and wanted to lock him up while he’s cheap.

Mark my words.  Watch for Andy Studebaker to blossom in 2011 as a 3-4 OLB for the Kansas City Chiefs.

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