MY first mock with possible trades

This Mock involves trades that involve players so before anyone says theres no CBA so a certain trade cant happen then i know but im going on the assumption that something gets sorted out by the draft.

1.Carolina panthers - Julio Jones WR: I know what your thinking right... WOW. Yes im taking Julio Jones before AJ green. Jones is faster and more athletic than Green and Gives Clausen someone to aim for. Im not a Panthers fan but in my opinion you cant close the book on young Jimmy yet when he literally had nobody to throw to last year thats why this pick wont be a QB. Alot of people will then think that this would be a DT but i believe the depth is there this year that a decent DT will still be available for them in the 3rd.

2. Denver Broncos - Nick Fairley DT: This pick does not mean I like Fairley more than Dareus because the truth is i don't and in the end I think Dareus will have a better NFL career but Fairley had a massive season last year with plenty of sacks which is what the broncos need and Dareus just doesn't get as many sacks as Fairley thats why the broncos go with this pick.

3. Buffalo Bills - Cam Newton QB: Buddy Nix wanted a speed RB last year he got CJ Spiller. This year he Wants a QB so he picks Cam Newton. I was torn between Newton, Gabbert and Von Miller for this pick but i think Chan Gailey sees Newton and see's his QB of the future. Newton needs time and can sit behind Fitzpatrick for some time before stepping into the starters role.

4. Cincinnati Bengals - Blaine Gabbert QB: Carson Palmer wants out. So the bengals need a QB Gabbert had a great pro day and has alot of potential the bengals make this pick to have their QB of the future.

TRADE!!! The cardinals trade their first round pick to Philidelphia for Kevin Kolb.

5. Philidelphia Eagles - Robert Quinn DE: The eagles need pass rushers because their pass rush just isnt good enough. Yes they got Grahem last year but he didnt really do much and even if he does become a good rusher Quinn is probably the best DE in the draft.

6. Cleveland browns - Da'Quan Bowers DE: The browns are switching to a 4-3 so need some 4-3 DE's to rush the passer. If Bowers is available at this pick then the browns should run to the podium.

7. San Francisco 49ers - Patrick Peterson CB: Patrick peterson is arguably the best player in the draft. He's a strong and athletic potential shutdown corner. The 49ers desperately need help against the pass this pick is a no brainer.

8. Tennessee Titans - Marcell Dareus DT: With the loss of Haynesworth last season the titans D was abismal so this pick is definately the best option for the titans they need someone to anchor their D line to let their DE's to get to the QB.

TRADE!!! Dallas cowboys trade their first round selection to ST louis rams for their 1st and 3rd round selections.

9. ST Louise Rams - AJ Green WR: Sam bradford showed he's a winner last season and in the game against the seahawks last season he would have got his team into the playoffs if not for some very poor WR play. Green and Bradford can be a dominant team for years to come making the Rams' offense pretty good.

10. Washington Redskins - Phil Taylor NT: Right yes this pick is very early for taylor but its the pick that the redskins need. I think the Skins try and trade this pick but dont get any buyers, so Taylor goes here as the redskins need a big NT to take up room in their 3-4 system.

11. Houston Texans - Aldon Smith OLB: The texans are switching to a 3-4 for some reason even though they have an awesome pass rushing DE in mario williams so they need some pass rushing LB's Smith is the ideal pick for them at this spot.

TRADE!!! Minnesota trade their first round pick to Baltimore for their 1st, 3rd from this year and next years 2nd.

12. Baltimore Ravens - Prince Amukamara CB: The ravens need a shutdown corner on the outside for them to progress to the Super bowl. They trade up to get their guy in front of Detroit and Dallas. Amukamara is arguably the best potential CB in the draft with many people suspecting petersons switch to FS eventually.

13. Detroit Lions - Tyron Smith LT: Matthew stafford has been hit so many times over the last two years that he looks like a practice pad on the field. The lions inested alot of money into Stafford and its their job to protect him.

14. Dallas Cowboys - J.J Watt DE: Jay ratliff is staying at NT so the cowboys need some bulk on that front 3 at DE Watt is the ideal choice for a 3-4 DE and can contribute straight away.

15. Miami dolphins - Mark ingram RB: Ricky williams is old and Ronnie Brown isn't doing much. In a division with a great jets run D the dolphins need to get a player that can make an impact. Ingram is the best RB in the draft and probably the best player available.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars - Cameron Jordan DE: Jordan is a beast and will make the Jaguars D immideately better. The Jags are desperate for some pass rush which makes this pick a no brainer.

17. New england Patriots - Cameron Heyward DE: Heyward makes the pats defence immideiately upgrade. When the pats lost to the jets they could get nowhere near sanchez so Heyward helps create some disruption up front.

18. San diego chargers - Akeem Ayers OLB: The chargers need to put pressure on the QB they released Merriman last year and need some personnel to fill his very large shoes. Phillips is doing a very good job but he cant do it all.

19. New york Giants - Martez Wilson LB: For a few years now the giants have put off upgraading their LB core theyh grabbed Goff a few years ago but he's not a starter in the NFL WIlson makes the Giants D much better from day one.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Adrian Clayborn DE: Last year the bucs invested a 1st round and second round pick in two young very good DT's now all they Need is a pass rushind DE to compliment them and their front line is complete Clayborn will thrive on the attention that Mccoy will get in the middle and punish opposing QB's.

21. Kansas City chiefs - Nate solder LT: The chiefs need some an upgrade at every tackle position and Solder is the best available LT. He can step in immediately and upgrade the O-line.

22. Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Costanzo LT: The colts need to protect Manning. Manning is arguably the best QB in the game but when he has pass rushers in his face literally 3 seconds after the snap he looks like a college freshman QB.

23. Phillidelphia Eagles - Gabe Carimi LT: Like the two teams before them the biggest weakness that the Eagles have is LT and DE luckily for them they had two 1st round picks and can now grab their LT of the future in Carimi.

24. New Orleans Saints - Corey Liuget DT: Yes they have signed SHaun rogers but hes old and just a temporary solution. Liuget is a very good DT and can learn behind the massive and experienced rgers.

TRADE!!! The Seattle seahawks trade their first round selection to the bengals for Carson Palmer and their 3rd round selection.

25. Cinccinati Bengals - Leonard Hankerson WR: The bengals need an upgrade at QB and WR desperately' With their first selection they got their QB of the future and with this pick they get a big and fast WR for him to throw to. They move in front of the patriots and jets to make this pick as both teams may have a need for a big WR.

26. Minnesota vikings - Jake Locker QB: The vikings fill their biggest need with the very talented locker and fill the most important position in the NFL. Locker was a lock to be a top 5 pick last year so some sort of talent must be there and reportedly the Vikings really really like him.

TRADE!!! The Falcons trade their first round pick to the jets for their 1st and 4th round picks.

27 New york Jets - Ryan Kerrigan OLB: The jets need a pass rush desperately and Kerrigan is an awesome pass rusher with a non stop motor. The jets move in front of the Pats to make this pick.

28 New england patriots - justin houston OLB: The pats gor their 3-4 DE with their other first round pick and now they pick their pass rusher of the future in a very talented houston.

29. Chicago Bears - Derrick Sherrod LT: The Bears O-Line improved down the stretch but is still in need of a major upgrade and sherrod can step straight in at LT or RT.

30. Atlanta Falcons - Torrey smith WR: With roddey white one one side and Smith on the other the falcons WR core could potentially be the best in the leagure in a couple of years. Matt ryan gets a new tall target to aim at and this will only improve his game. I was tempoted to select a DE with this pick but there was no pick I see that has value here.

31 Pittsbutgh steelers - Mike Pouncey OL: The Steelers O-Line is still in need of an upgrade and with the two pouncey brothers up front they are getting two of the best young Interior OL prospects to come out of college in years.

32. Green Bay Packers - Jon Baldwin WR: When your a team that won the super bwol your not going to have many holes however the packers need a big reciever for Rogers to aim at. Driver is getting on in years and Baldwin can learn from the packers legend aswell as greg jennings.


SO there it is my first ever mock. Let me know what you think thanks.

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