Is Carl Edwards the James Franco of NASCAR?

James Franco is 32 and is oneof Hollywood'sbest young actors.  He was nominated for an academy award for his starring role in 127 hours based on the true story of Aaron Rostler hiking and falling between a rock and a hard place (no pun intended). 

Carl Edwards is 31 and is one of NASCAR's best young drivers.  He has won 19 races in his Sprint Cup career with three coming on the last six races ran and two seconds.

Both are extremely good at what they do, but other then that what do they have in common?

Think about a few things.

Franco along with acting is also a director and has directed movies (not well known) like fool's gold, and good time Max all of which he was in.

Franco wrote a book filled with short stores called "Palo Alto" which was met with mixed reviews but an actor writing a book is almost as strange and amazing as a race car driving writing a book (see Michael Waltrip's in a blink of an eye).

Franco is also a painter and a great one at that as he posted a video showcasing his skills.

Franco is also working on extending his education.  He is going as far as to get his PHD to become Dr.Franco.

This is all very cool but what does this have to do with Carl Edwards you ask?

Edwards runs a record company called Back40 Records which many artist like Omega get their start and chance to make it to the big times.

Edwards athleticism is like Franco and painting.  Edwards is perhaps the most fit driver in the sport and takes it very seriously.  He would ride his bike for three days to the gate nationwide race during the summer.  Edwards was appointed by the White House to be on the national fitness council.

Edwards has been in a few t.v shows himself.  He had a guest spot on 24 and will be in a mini series soon. 

Edwards is also trying to get his degree in his home state of Missouri. 

So what does this all mean anyway?

James Franco is right now the biggest actor in America and Carl Edwards is the biggest racer in America as well (at this time).  Their personalities and ability make them renaissance men in their respective career.

For NASCAR to have a personality like Edwards is huge.  Edwards attracts young fans and plus he wins.  His success and personality may be perhaps why rating have rose.

Never thought any actor and race car driver were alike?  Think again. 

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