The Animated GIFs Of Winter, Numbers 25 Through 21

Winter is finally behind us, leaving countless GIFs of guys getting hit in the face and groin in its wake. Here, we revisit the best animated sports GIFs of the last few months.

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The Animated GIFs Of Winter, Numbers 25 Through 21


25. J.R. Smith! J.R. Smith! J.R. Smith! J.R. Smith!


(Via NBA Off-Season. Suggested by Trey Kerby from The Basketball Jones)

This is how you say, "Hello, my name is J.R. Smith," not only non-verbally, but in four different fonts.


24. Anderson Silva knocks out Not George St-Pierre


I enjoy watching mixed-martial arts, but as one of the many who grew up exclusively watching and playing stick-and-ball sports, it's difficult to reconcile my expectations of a sport with what MMA actually is. Everyone has been clamoring for Anderson Silva to fight Georges St-Pierre for ages. But a match-up between the world's two best pound-for-pound fighters just hasn't happened yet, so instead, we've watched Silva put together a winning streak that's five years old at this point.

What's the problem? Just fight already, you jerks! Everyone must be lazy or indifferent. Like, Dana White hasn't made the fight official yet because he's in his back yard throwing crab apples at squirrels. Georges St-Pierre is lying face-up on his living room floor, throwing a remote control or Lego whatever was in arm's reach in the air, trying to throw it as high as he can without actually touching the ceiling.

Meanwhile, Silva bides his time in the Octagon. Every few months, some guy is shoved in there, and Silva spends a couple of minutes screwing around before, in this case, delivering a foot to the face and ending the fight.

Baseball teams play 162 games a year, you know. Y'all lazy as hell.


23. What a unique and interesting couple

When I was a kid, my Sunday school teacher explained that in both Heaven and Hell, everyone sits at a dinner table with an enormous feast sitting on it. And in both Heaven and Hell, instead of arms, everyone has a giant spoon for a left hand and a giant fork for a right hand. There are no elbows, so you can't feed yourself. She said the difference was that in Heaven, everyone fed each other, but in Hell, everyone went hungry.

That is probably the weirdest, worst story I have ever heard in my life. Related: here is Cameron Diaz shoving popcorn or something into Alex Rodriguez's face.


(Click image to view. Via Mocksession)

As the two least offensive/interesting people in the entire world, Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz don't really deserve to get pilloried for this, but I think this moment has potential to spark a meaningful national conversation about the lame trope of shoving food into your significant other's mouth.

While I do think that it looks super-stupid when done in public, I'll refrain from judgment on that end. Do what sets your heart free, et cetera, et cetera. I'm only saying that it's extremely awkward and inefficient, and eventually you find yourself eating for reasons other than hunger, which is generally ill-advised.



22. The life of a man trapped in an animated GIF


(Click image to view. Via our own Travis Hughes)

"Hey, what's that... that thing over there?"
"What thing?"
"It's just floating there! That red and white thing! It says "DINAMO TV."
"What the Hell?"
"I have no idea. It's like a hologram or something."
"What happens when you touch it?"
"I don't know. I'll find out."


"Hey, what's that... that thing over there?"
"What thing?"


21. A super-secret handshake that's so super-secret that the other guy doesn't even know about it


(Click image to view. Via Mocksession)

This is Marc Mariani requesting a high five from fellow AFC South special-teamer Montell Owens, who has just scored his second touchdown of the Pro Bowl. Either that, or a Stratego piece is saluting his superior officer. Those uniforms were throwing me off so badly that I kept expecting there to be two giant lakes in the middle of the field.

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