The Animated GIFs Of Winter, Numbers 20 Through 16

Winter is finally behind us, leaving countless GIFs of guys getting hit in the face and groin in its wake. Here, we revisit the best animated sports GIFs of the last few months.

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The Animated GIFs Of Winter, Numbers 20 Through 16

20. What is Wizards head coach Flip Saunders saying?


(Click image to view)

"Juicy Fruit is bold!"
Spoken like a man who has never tried Big Red!

"Shoes are feasible!"
Look, I don't think anyone would disagree with you. That isn't my point of contention. All I'm saying is that there is no way a woman could possibly live inside of one, let alone all of her children.

"Your cell phone is bull!"
It is a Motorola StarTAC with tri-mode roaming capability and a built-in tip calculator. I may not have a lot of money, but it suits my purposes just fine. I was born to a mother who loves me, as were the people who made this phone. Why would you ever say something so hurtful? Don't you feel rotten?

"Shoot, Jim Varney's old!"
Oh God... nobody told you.


19. Steelers enthusiast threatens to cheer the universe apart


(Via Mocksession)

Cheering determines the outcomes of sporting events. If it didn't, there would be no reason for people to stand up from their perfectly good seats and start carrying on like a bunch of jimmyjohns, and of course, sports fans are too rational to participate in a system that returns no tangible benefit.

This gentleman's selfless efforts propelled the Steelers to victory in the AFC Championship, but in excess, such exuberant cheering can bring about serious consequences. If two people had cheered this intensely, the Steelers would have won the Super Bowl. If five had cheered, they would have three-peated. If a dozen had cheered, they would have forced the contraction of the Pittsburgh Pirates, joined the National League Central, and won the World Series.

30 would establish the Pittsburgh Steelers as the world's governing body. 150 would wind back the clock thirty years and cause every male born since 1981 to look exactly like Mike Tomczak. 500, and the universe would implode so absolutely that nothing would ever have existed to begin with, and for all of time, nothing would exist but a single Steelers helmet floating in the void. Do you want me to keep going with this? Cheer responsibly.


18. blerRRRK


Wait a second. In lieu of any jokes, I want to ask a serious question that came to me upon watching this: why isn't this done in other situations? Why don't you just chuck a ball right at a dude's head more often?

Even if Dwight Howard weren't trying to avoid a turnover, Chris Quinn was pretty clearly shook by it. Suppose you're taking the ball up court. You want to drive inside, so you glance as though you're going to pass it to your teammate, only you just heave it into your man's face as hard as you possibly can. He straight up gets hit in the nose, and you have a free look.

Perhaps the rest of the league would adjust to your admittedly antisocial strategy... or perhaps they wouldn't, and you would earn a league-wide reputation. "There goes the guy who will straight up throw the ball at your face," they would say, "because he doesn't even give a crap."

That's it. I'd like to submit an application to the NBA to become a basketball player. I am also capable of dribbling the ball between my legs, but I don't do it a whole lot because I don't want people to think I'm a thug.


17. On the same subject...


(Via our own Travis Hughes) is Philadelphia Flyers coach Peter Laviolette punching Ville Lieno in the head. That reminds me of a joke: "one time I went to a fight... and a hockey game broke out! And then the coach hit the player, so it was kind of like a fight still!" If you tell that joke to someone else without crediting me I'm going to sue you.


16. Which statement is this gentleman responding to?


(Click image to view. Via Mocksession)

"Are you... eating a habanero pepper and chewing bubble gum at the same time?"

"Do you think that acquiring the services of 18-to-23-year-old athletes, doing so without compensating them monetarily, and forbidding them from pursuing endorsement opportunities is a respectable and morally upright means of sustaining a sports program?"

"A mime talking on the telephone during an earthquake. Go!"

"Hey, could you point me to the general vicinity of your neck? I can't see it. I still can't see it. I still can't see it. I still can't see it. I still can't see it. I still can't see it. I still can't see it. I still can't see it. I still can't see it. I still can't see it. I still can't see it. I still can't see it."


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