One Rounder: Take #2

I had some time on my hands today so I decided to rework the first to a more realistic scenario(in my opinion at least). If you are lucky, I will have more time on my hands in the near future and will work my magic on round 2.


Carolina Blaine Gabbert QB

I don’t like this pick at all, but I think it is going to be the pick. Claussen is not the answer at QB, and so the Panthers look to address the most important hole on the team. They decide to go Gabbert over Newton because Newton has too many question marks.

Denver Marcel Dareus DT

 John Fox knows what is ideal when it comes to defense. Dareus is an ideal football player who should be a force at DT for years to come in the NFL.

 Buffalo Cam Newton QB

Fitzpatrick could be the long term answer at QB in my opinion, but Buffalo does not share in my opinion. Therefore, they go with the one year wonder at Auburn who could shape up to be a real stud at the professional level, although it is a very shaky and improbable (in my opinion) could.

Cincinnati A.J. Green WR

It is either Patrick Peterson or A.J. Green. I went with the star WR because I feel that Cincinnati does not want to offend Jonathan Joseph by bringing in a young guy to take over at #1 CB.(props to Walter football for pointing that out- kind of seems right that Joseph would go apes#!t and refuse to resign in Cincy)  

Arizona Von Miller OLB

Arizona would love a QB but value is not there, so they go with a guy who fills a need and should be a really good player at the next level.

Cleveland Patrick Peterson CB

Cleveland lucks out and gets the best prospect in the draft at pick 8. Adding PP to their secondary immediately turns it into one of the best young groups in the league with him and Haden.7

San Francisco Prince Amukamara CB

Niners would have loved Peterson but are not distraught that they get Amukamara. Prince should allow the Niners to immediately upgrade their entire defense, since they are already pretty strong in the front 7.

Tennessee Nick Fairley DT

Fairley just seems to me like the type of guy Tennessee would select, regardless of the talent level. Pair that up with the need for DT in Tennessee and the fact that he is quite talented, and the pick just makes a ton of sense

Dallas JJ Watt DE

Dallas really could afford to upgrade their secondary but there is no match for this pick, so they upgrade their front 7 on D and select the rising Badger who is supposedly supposed to be the next bog thing at 3-4 DE.

Washington Da’Quan Bowers DE

Orakpo was the only Redskin to get >2.5 sacks last season. That should not sit well with the team, so they go out and grab a premier talent at the DE position.

Houston Robert Quinn DE/OLB

Shifting to the 3-4, Houston grabs a very good player to play rush LB and join Mario Williams to make a very good pass rushing tandem.

Minnesota Julio Jones WR

In all likelihood Sidney Rice is gone, so Minnesota finds his replacement in Julio Jones.

Detroit Aldon Smith DE

No CB help that fits the pick, so Detroit upgrades their defensive line and makes it an intimidating front with Smith and Suh.

St. Louis Muhammad Wilkerson DT/DE

No wide receivers means the Rams look at defense. DT is a need and Wilkerson played DT at Temple. The most recent Temple DT to get drafted has proven his worth, and this guy should do the same.

Miami Mark Ingram RB

I find it hard to believe Miami does not take Ingram if he is available when they pick. He just makes a ton of sense on numerous levels most notable that he is extremely talented and Miami had their RBs set for FA after the season.

Jacksonville Christian Ponder QB

In case anyone needs me to explain, here it is. Ponder was very highly regarded prior to this past season. He was essentially a consensus first rounder. All the questions that arose have essentially been answered during the workout season. Ponder is extremely capable of becoming a franchise QB an leading an NFL offense for the next 1-2 decades. Genes Smith realizes this and therefore will have Ponder extremely high on his board, to the point he is without a doubt the election at the pick.

New England Cam Jordan DE/DT

New England gets a very talented football player who along with Vince Wilfork will truly be able to anchor that defensive line for the foreseeable future.

San Diego Tyron Smith OT

San Diego ideally does not want to take an offensive lineman at the pick, but given what is available, along with the fact that Tyron Smith is a very gifted player, San Diego takes Smith and strengthens a relatively weak offensive line.

New York(NFC) Mike Pouncey OG

This pick took me time to internalize and really see why it made more sense than an OT, but it finally became obvious. Mike is very similar to his brother, and a Maurkice Pouncey type player fits extremely well with what the Giants really need in this draft.

Tampa Bay Ryan Kerrigan DE

It is not a secret that TB needs a DE and Kerrigan has a massive amount of potential, as well as  great work ethic

Kansas City Phil Taylor NT

As I pointed out in my previous mock, Taylor makes sense, and will likely be the pick for the following reasons:a)Pioli looks at Vince Wilfork’s anchoring of NE’s defense b) Haloti Ngata in the playoffs certainly showed KC what an effective NT can do to a defense.

Indianapolis Anthony Castonzo OT

At this stage it comes down to how you rank you OTs. Castonzo is tops of the remaining guys, so Indy addresses what seems to be their perpetual need, the offensive line.

Philadelphia Gabe Carimi OT

While Solder MIGHT be better, I just feel like Carimi fits better in Philadelphia, a team that certainly could use an upgrade on their offensive line.

New Orleans Adrian Clayborn DE

New Orleans could greatly benefit from bringing in a young DE who can be a 3-down guy. Clayborn seems to be just that.

Seattle Cory Liuget DT

Seattle very possibly takes a QB, but the truth of the matter is I think they choose to address one of their more pressing needs, as Whitehurst seems to be as being capable of leading the offense for some time after Hasselbeck leaves the game. Liuget should be a first rounder and Seattle can use a DT.

Baltimore Brooks Reed OLB/DE

Brooks Reed epitomizes Ravens’ LB in my opinion. While I am sure fans would disagree, I believe that Reed fits in Baltimore better than Justin Houston

Atlanta Justin Houston DE

John Abraham is not getting younger, and so Atlanta takes the Georgia native to come in and learn from one of the greats.

New England Nate Solder OT

New England definitely can look to upgrade heir offensive line, and Solder is a very good player who should be able to come in and contribute somewhere on the line.

Chicago Derek Sherrod OT

I refuse to explain Chicago taking an offensive lineman.

New York(AFC) Akeem Ayers OLB

The Jets are literally on the cusp of joining the elite teams in the NFL. One shaky area I noticed this year was the inconsistent pass rush. Ayers, from what I understand, can be a very effective pass rusher, which is a good thing in particular when facing Tom Brady twice a year.

Pittsburgh Jimmy Smith CB

Jimmy Smith is a lot more talented than people realize. He likely could play the #1 CB spot on close to half of the NFL teams. Pittsburgh has got to be crying out of happiness that a guy of the caliber makes it to 31.

Green Bay Cameron Heyward DE/DT

After the recent legal troubles of Johnny Jolly, Green Bay decides to look into a young defensive lineman. Heyward is precisely that. While inconsistent, when this guy is on, he can be flat out dominating.


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