The Animated GIFs Of Winter, Numbers 30 Through 26


30. When the Saints go Marshawn Lynch


(Click image to view. Via Mocksession)

You may be wondering why Marshawn Lynch's run is so low on this list. Indeed, it's one of the most impressive runs in NFL history, but there are video moments, and there are GIF moments.

See, most of the GIFs you will see on this list are, by my judgment, better as GIFs than as videos. The animated GIF is silent and almost always very short. It rips a moment out of its context. It's like scooping an ant away from his ant hill and watching what he will do all by himself, removed from the greater organism.

If this were a pure "best moments" list, Mr. Lynch would surely place much higher. This GIF doesn't capture the deafening roar of the Qwest Field crowd, and in fact, it only shows two seconds of Lynch's seventeen seconds of superhuman rumbling. But if we narrow the focus to these silent, looping two seconds, we at least allow this image, the image of shoving Tracy Porter five yards down the field, to marinate.

File type philosophy aside, I couldn't not include this run on this list. Marshawn Lynch raised the Saints' defense above his shoulders and hurled it from the mountaintop, its four legs flailing in the sky, its throat bleating a language forgotten, its wild eyes rolling around in its head, searching for God.


29. Kenneth, this is the frequency


(Click image to view. Via Mocksession)

The first full round of the NCAA Tournament provides a handful of unknowns with approximately one afternoon's worth of celebrity. The "fifteen minutes of fame" cliche is used with negative connotation so often that it sounds like I'm being dismissive here, but I'm not. Kenneth Faried of Morehead State handled 4-seed Louisville with such authority that we really had no choice but to take notice.

Morehead State lost to Richmond in the next round, but not before Faried made Justin Harper look like a single, molded piece of plastic who belongs in the bucket with the radio guy, the "hey you guys, this way!" guy, and all the other s****y army men who don't even have guns.


28. Puck hits Mike Santorelli in the skates


(Via our own Jeff Sullivan)


540. The field would get all torn up.
541. They are not fashionable.
542. Wearing skates wouldn't even serve any purpose, because you can't just skate on ground.
543. It is a violation of uniform code.
544. It would just be dumb, okay? This list is idiotic.
545. If you kicked the ball and your foot accidentally hit another player, he could get hurt really badly.
546. You could fall down if you got hit in the skates.
Soccer is played in a lot of places where it never gets cold, and nobody sells ice skates anyway.
548. The soccer ball could get punctured.
549. It's called soccer, not skateoccer.

Excerpt used with permission from the International Football Fellows for the Pre-Emptive Abolition of Using Hockey Equipment In Soccer (IFFPREAUSHES)


27. Ron Artest and the Two Gentleman: a one-act play


(Image via Jose3030)

[Curtain rises]

Man No. 1. Say, what are you doing there?
Man No. 2. I am studying for my exam!
Man No. 1. What's the exam for?
Man No. 2. I must keep my GPA up if I want to remain on the track team.
Man No. 1. Ron Artest!
Man No. 2. Why yes, I suppose it is a runner test.
Man No. 1. RON ARTEST!
Man No. 2. Yes! I heard you! Now if you would please excuse me, I need to concentrate.
Man No. 1. LOOK UP!
Man No. 2. That's not allowed. It isn't an open-book exam.

[RON ARTEST runs into MAN NO. 2.]

Man No. 2. Oh goodness. I have paid a hefty price for my misunderstanding!
Man No. 1. College basketball is superior to the NBA.

[Curtain falls]


26. Cormac McCarthy's The Road to the Final Four


(Click image to view. Via Mocksession)

No 16-seed has ever advanced past the first full round of the NCAA Tournament. They're now 0-for-108. Earning a 16th seed to begin with is exciting, because an otherwise home-bound team gets to travel out-of-state and see if they stock different brownies at the Starbucks inside of the Target in San Antonio than they do at the Starbucks inside of the Target near wherever it is they're from (they do not).

The Boston University Terriers, led by coach Patrick Chambers, actually hung around for a while, and trailed top-seeded Kansas by only four points at halftime. The moment we see in this GIF is special. The hour before it was dominated by the sound of an anxious crowd and the halftime analysts speculating on whether the Terriers could make history. In the minutes that followed, the CBS booth noted Chambers' shirt and tie and remarked that they made him look coach-like (no, seriously).

Usually, this transition is gradual. But if Chambers' demeanor here is to be believed, his delusions vanished with the flip of a switch. Sorry, friends. Your best isn't good enough, and the brownies all come from the same factory.

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