The Animated GIFs Of Winter, Numbers 15 Through 11

15. Mark Sanchez was just following protocol


(Click image to view. Via Mocksession)


This document is to be issued jointly by the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, and the United States government. When the extraction of a booger is necessary (such as with a "carburetor choke plate" booger, which flaps in and out with inhalation and exhalation), please dispose of the booger using the first available item on this list.

1. Facial tissue
2. Paper towel
3. Napkin
4. Toilet paper


17. Cheese cloth
18. Dish rag
19. Own shirt (not wearing)


749. Own shirt (wearing)
750. Electric bill
751. Side of moving box
752. A leaf


23,018. The sleeve of a man who has just learned that his house has burned down
23,019. CD booklet to MxPx's critically-acclaimed "Teenage Politics"
23,020. Veteran NFL quarterback Mark Brunell
23,021. CD booklet to DC Talk's critically-acclaimed "Nu Thang"
23,022. CD booklet to Ghoti Hook's critically-acclaimed "Banana Man"
23, 023. Retired NFL quarterback Mark Vlasic
23,024. That's it. Those are all of the things in the world.


14. What is this gentleman reacting to?


(Via Jose3030)

1. Kevin Garnett turned around, pointed at him, and said, "I choose you to be the next President of the United States"

2. The Nets started a mountain lion cub as power forward, and not only can it dribble/pass the ball with its nose, it's friendly to all the human players and seems to understand when they tell it things

3. A man approached him and said, "I will give you a million dollars for each shirt you are wearing"

4. Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov admits clerical error, releases this guy's family from underground dungeon fortress that is shaped like a giant snake with an ox's head and perpetually burrows through the Earth's mantle so as to avoid prosecution from the world's governments and evade the single-celled, yet 4,000-foot-long Colossus worms that lie in wait until the day someone recites the Forgotten Verses, at which point they will devour us all

5. The realization, precisely one moment prior, that dribbling is basically passing to yourself


13. Kevin Garnett is a terrible person


(Via Mocksession)

Absolutely nothing I say could possibly modify your enjoyment of a dong shot.


12. Manu Ginobili is also a terrible person


The success rate of flopping is maddening, because a lot of the time, it's completely transparent and right in front of the referee. They're like pro wrestling referees. Like, don't they think it's weird that they're refereeing a match between Bret Hart and Razor Ramon, and then Tatanka runs up and punches you in the face, and the next thing they know they're on the ground, and Ramon suddenly has Hart pinned? Are they really so oblivious of their surroundings that they can't put two and two together?

Look, y'all, I get that the NBA is fake. I'm not one of those weird "the NBA is real" people. But the stories need to at least be believable.




(Click image to view. Via Mocksession)


Guy runs on field during sporting event
Squirrel runs on field during sporting event
Guy puts his face in front of main camera and starts yelling during sporting event
Guy parachutes on field during sporting event

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