Drafting QBs is ALOT easier than it used to be??

Much has been made of the high BUST rate for 1st round picks in general, and especially for QBs....Jamarcus Russel, Brady Quinn, Matt Leinart, and Alex Smith...... teams around the NFL are littered with busts at the most important possition.

But is it possible that finding a QB in the first round has become easier?

It may be early to judge, but it sure looks as if both of the 2008 1st round QBs Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are franchise QBs.

Same can be argued for Matt Stafford (if he can stay healthy), Mark Sanchez, and Josh Freeman from the 2009 Draft.

Sam Bradford just won Offensive Rookie of the year, and even fellow 2010 1st round draft choice Tim Tebow  looked good  in limited time.

Many of us projected Clausen as a top 10 pick in 2010, but the NFL GMs may have correctly identified him as a product of the Charie Weis system and the next Brady Quinn.

Further analysis :

St Louis Rams drafted Alex Barron, Tye Hill, Adam Carriker, Chris Long, and Jason Smith in the 5 yrs prior to drafting Bradford.  The first three were busts and  a pair of 2nd overall  picks seem pretty average.

The Falcons hit gold in 2005 with Roddy White, but in the years between the 2001 selection of Michael Vick and the 2008 selection of Matt Ryan they also drafted TJ Duckett, Michael Jenkins, DeAngelo Hall, and Jamal Anderson.  Although Jenkins remains a starter, and DeAngelo has had his moments with three different NFL teams, it becomes apparent that the Falcons find it easier to find a franchise QB than just about any other possition.

The NY Jets and Baltimore normally drafted well at most possitions (except Gholston) and are the exception.

The Detroit Lions have recently done real well sith Suh, and Calvin Johnson, in addition to Stafford, but look at every other pick since Herman Moore in 1991.  It doesn't look pretty.

Looking to the future.....

With Andrew Luck being concidered the best QB prospect to come out since Peyton Manning, it would be a huge surprise is he were a BUST ( unavailable until the 2012 draft)

However, the 2011 QB crop of Mallett, Locker, Gabbert, Cam Newton, and Christian Ponder have less certain futures.

As we continue to debate which QB we like the best, and vote for who might be a bust, I offer this:

Am I alone in sensing the trend, that NFL QBs are becoming LESS of a bust risk?

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