Allen Bailey NFL Draft Scouting Report

Allen Bailey

Height: 6'3 | Weight: 285 | Miami Hurricanes

Pass rush/Closing Ability/Moves and Counter moves:  When he rushes with leverage he can be a dominate power rusher. He has outstanding speed for his size and uses it well with a great closing burst to beat the offensive tackle around the corner. He can also beat the interior offensive lineman with his speed and quickness when playing inside at defensive tackle. He does not have many pass rush moves or counter moves. He is very raw and needs to refine his technique and use his hands better when rushing from the defensive end position. He is more of a bull rusher at this time.

Pursuit/Lateral Movement/Agility: He has sideline to sideline speed and has an explosive closing burst to finish the play. He has very quick feet for a player of his size and uses his agility and balance to change direction quickly to make plays against the run and pressure the QB. Bailey has natural flexibility to keep knees bended allowing him to explode into the offensive lineman and shoot the gaps to get into the backfield and disrupt the play.

Quickness/Explosion: Bailey is an exceptional athlete which helped him to be a productive defensive lineman for most of his college career. He is very explosive coming off the ball and can deliver an explosive violent hit to ball carriers. Has an explosive first step to beat the interior lineman when lined up inside at defensive tackle.

Run Defend/Recognition: He holds ground and can shoot gaps to disrupt plays with his quickness and strength. He has very good instincts and reacts to blockers coming at him pretty quickly. Diagnoses the play quickly and wraps up the ball carrier. He is very good at getting off run blocks.

Size/Length/Hand size: Bailey has the size to play multiple positions. He can line up as a 34 defensive end or a 43 defensive end and 43 defensive tackle. He would be a matchup nightmare for interior lineman on passing downs. He is not a lengthy player but well built to also play inside at defensive tackle.

Strength/Ability to shed blocks: He has excellent playing strength and can hold his ground at the point-of-attack and can drive the offensive lineman into the QB's lap while collapsing the pocket. Bailey takes on and sheds blocks fast against the run using his athleticism and quickness to get free. He needs to do a better job of shedding blockers when pass rushing he sometimes struggles to get free once initial move is neutralized.

Tackling:  He does a good job at making most of his tackles and can deliver a devastating violent hit. Has an outstanding closing burst and can chase plays down from behind and sideline to sideline. His quick feet and athleticism helps him to change direction quickly along the line of scrimmage to pursue the ball and then make the tackle.

Technique/Hand use/Leverage:  Bailey uses his hands very well against run blocks. His technique against pass blockers need a lot of work. Once his initial move is stopped he struggles to get pressure on QB. He needs to develop counter moves. He uses good leverage when engaged with the offensive lineman. Will become dominant once he is taught better techniques.

Versatility:  Bailey is a very coordinated athlete who does a good job staying on his feet and under control when play is coming at him. He is very versatile and can play many positions along the defensive front. He will be one of the most coveted defensive lineman in the 2011 NFL Draft because of his versatility.

Final Word:  Bailey is a tremendous athlete and physical specimen. He is a super versatile football player that has the size, speed, agility, strength, and toughness to play at a high level at multiple positions such as DE, DT, and strong side OLB in a 34 defense. He has outstanding lateral quickness to make plays against the run or the pass. Bailey has all of the tools to be a dominant football player. He would be an ideal fit for any team who uses the 34 defense. Once he adapts to the pro level and learns how to utilize his talents more effectively the opposition is what I call "thru booking" thats the ballgame.

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