BPF 2-Rd. Mock Draft- Hoping For Beginner's Luck

As some of you realized, I've been around this site for a few months.  I have comments, voted, and posted, but I haven't attempted a Mock Draft yet.  I know I will get ridiculed for this because that's what happens in mock drafts, but I hope I gave your team some decent players.

I made some trades...

TRADE: Minnesota trades away the 12th overall pick to the Chiefs for #21, 2011 2nd rd (#53) and 2012 5th.

TRADE: Philly sends Kevin Kolb to Tennessee for the #39 pick and 2012 3rd round pick.

Round 1 

1. Carolina (2-14)-   A.J. Green WR Georgia- 6'4" 211
Green is the best WR in this year's draft, and the Panthers have one of the worst group of receiver in the league.  With a big target to go to, and Steve Smith (he has one good year left), the Panthers will find out if Clausen is worth counting on long-term.  If he's not the guy, they will wait until next year to get Luck, Landry Jones, or Matt Barkley to be the franchise QB.  Franchise QB + AJ Green= Good passing game for years to come. 

2. Denver (4-12)-  Marcel Dareus DT/DE Alabama- 6'3" 319
The Broncos were 31st in rush defense last season.  If they hope to contend, they need to strengthen up the D-line.  Dareus will not only plug up the middle a lot, but also rush the passer to indirectly improve Denver's pass-yards-allowed rank of 25th.

3. Buffalo (4-12)-  Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri- 6'4" 234
Chan Gailey has made it clear he wants to draft a franchise QB, and he will consider Cam Newton.  But in the end he will take the guy who is a proven passer and posted near-Newton combine numbers in the athleticism department.  Gabbert didn't wow people with his collegiate production, but looked great at his Pro Day and has the size and athleticism to be the next Big Ben (but not quite as big).

4. Cincinnati (4-12)- Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson- 6'3" 280
This is a tough selection for the Bengals.  They have to pick between Fairley and Bowers.  They are weak at both DT and DE, but in the end it will come down to Bowers being head-and-shoulders above the other 4-3 DEs in this draft, and there being depth at the DT postition.

5. Arizona (5-11)- Von Miller OLB Texas A&M- 6'3" 246
The Cardinals had one of the worst defenses in the league, period.  Von Miller is one of the best defensive players in this draft, (period).   The Cards struggled to pressure the opposing QB and now have a gaping hole at OLB with Porter on his way out.  The Butkus Award winner is a smart pick for Arizona.

6. Cleveland- Julio Jones WR Alabama- 6'3" 220
I think the Browns are ready to move forward with Colt McCoy under center.  But right now, McCoy doesn't have much to throw to.  The Browns might have the worst receiving corps in the league (if you don't count TE Ben Watson), and if they want Colt to have success they need to give him a big target to throw to.  Jones is big (6'4" 220 lbs) as well as fast.  Those drops will be frustrating at first, but he will never be Braylon Edwards v.2.

7. San Francisco (6-10)- Patrick Peterson CB LSU- 6' 219
The only consistently solid corner for the 49ers right now is Nate Clements, who is getting up there in years (31).  Shawntae Spencer starts opposite Clements, and he is entering the declining stage of his career (29).  Peterson is a great value at #7, and instantly strengthens San Fran's 24th ranked pass defense.  The 49ers get the steal of the draft with the 7th pick.

8. Tennessee (6-10)- Nick Fairley DT Auburn- 6'4" 291
Woh!  That's what the Titans will be thinking when Fairley is still available at #8 overall.  There won't be much hesitation in taking this powerful pass-rushing DT.  Fairley was smaller than expected at the combine, as he weighed in 2 lbs shy of 300, but displayed excellent athleticism as well as strength.

9. Dallas (6-10)- Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska- 6' 205
The Cowboys have almost no consistency at corner, and the best CB on the team (T. Newman) is 32 years old.  Amukamara is very, very consistent as he only allowed a handful of catches to the WR he was assigned to.  Jerry Jones will also seriously consider Tyron Smith here.

10. Washington (6-10)- Cam Newton QB Auburn- 6'5" 248
This is a bit of a drop for Newton, as most mocks have him in the Top 5 now.  Mike Shanahan sees too big a hole at QB on their depth chart, and too much upside in Newton.  I wouldn't take Newton here if I were the GM but this is a mock draft. 

11. Houston (6-10)- J.J. Watt DE Wisconsin- 6'5" 290
Wade Phillips came to Houston, and with him came the 3-4 defense.  Watt might be the best 3-4 DE prospect in this year's draft, and the Texans know it.  Watt can be a great secondary pass rusher to Mario Williams, who really needs some help. 

12. Kansas City (from MINN)- Robert Quinn DE/OLB North Carolina- 6'4" 265
KC needs an elite pass rusher to maximize the effectiveness of the 3-4 defense.  Both of their current starters, Vrabel and Hali, are FAs and Vrabel's career is over.  Hali had an excellent season in 2010 with 14.5 saks, and the Chiefs will need to try to resign him, but Quinn can be the perfect complement across from Hali.  Quinn sat out all of last season, but still has the physical abilities to be a pass-rushing demon who can also drop back and cover in the NFL.

13. Detroit (6-10)- Anthony Castonzo OT Boston College- 6'7" 311
Jeff Backus is 34 and needs a replacement.  Castonzo is likely the best LT in this year's draft.  Matt Stafford will be back, and if the Lions don't want him injured again, they need to protect him well.

14. St. Louis (7-9)- Mike Pouncey G/C Florida- 6'5" 303
The Rams will explore trading down in this situation, but do not find a good enough deal, and take Pouncey.  The Rams only have two real guards on the roster, and both starters are 30 years old.  Pouncey is NFL-ready, and he also has alot of potential.  The Front Office will be glad they chose Pouncey is he turns out like his brother Maurkice.

15. Miami (7-9)-   Gabe Carimi RT Wisconsin- 6'7" 314
The Phins have their LT of today and the future in Jake Long, but they could use an upgrade over Lyndon Murtha on the right side.  The Dolphins struggled running the ball in the redzone last season, and Carimi was the lead man in Wisconsin's prolific running game.  He will also keep Chad Henne off the turf.

16. Jacksonville (8-8)- Cam Jordan DE California- 6'4" 287
The Jags had trouble getting to the quarterback all season, and especially when Kampman went down.  They didn't have a single player with more than 5 sacks on the season.  I bet Jordan will get more than 5 sacks as a rookie if he can stay healthy.

17. New England (from OAK)-  Aldon Smith OLB Missouri- 6'4" 263
The Patriots have Ninkovich, Banta-Cain, and Cunningham at OLB currently.  All 3 of them are flat out average.  They won't rush the passer consistently, or force fumbles, or make any big plays...they are pretty much just average players.  Aldon Smith's QB-pressuring services would be warmly welcomed by Bill Belicheck and the rest of the Pats.  Smith had 11 sacks as a freshman at Mizzou.

18. San Diego (9-7)- Cameron Heyward DE/DT Ohio State- 6'4" 294
The Chargers sure could use some more playmaking from their DEs in that base 3-4.  Heyward would be a perfect fit at DE for the Chargers.  Their starters, Castillo and Cesaire, have combined for only 4 sacks and no Forced Fumbles on the season.  Heyward won't get alot of sacks (probably more than 4), but he will be a stud in run support, stuffing the running back in the backfield.

19. New York Giants (10-6)- Tyron Smith OT USC- 6'5" 307
Both of the Giants' starters at Tackle are 30+ years old.  Not good.  Smith answered some questions when he showed up to the combine at 307 lbs.  Smith could play RT very early, and has the potential to be a franchise LT with coaching and developmental. 

20. Tampa Bay (10-6)-  Ryan Kerrigan DE Purdue- 6'4" 267
The Bucs could only come up with 26 sacks over the whole season.  Part of the blame goes on the DEs, who struggled getting to the QB all year long.  And their leader in sacks, Stylez White, is 31 years old.  Kerrigan will be a rookie starter and contributor on the Bucs' DL. 

21. Minnesota (from KC)- Muhammed Wilkerson DT Temple- 6'4" 315
The Vikings desperately need to address the DT position.  The Williams & Williams thing is going downhill, as Pat is 38 years old and had 0 sacks in 2010, while Kevin is 30 and had only 1.0 sack.  Wilkerson will be an instant impact in the middle for the Vikings defense, both against the run and rushing the passer

22. Indianapolis (10-6)- Derek Sherrod OT Mississipi State- 6'5" 321
Tackle might be the biggest need for the Indianapolis Colts right now.  Ryan Diem is 31 and Charlie Johnson is a free agent.  That leaves questions about who will be protecting #18 next season and the seasons that follow.  Sherrod has the ability to eventually take on LT duties protecting Peyton Manning.

23. Philadelphia (10-6)- Brandon Harris CB Miami (FL)- 5'10" 191
Dmitri Patterson has not been good for the Eagles, so they are looking for a starter to replace him.  I would be concerned as an Eagles fan if Harris was the starter right away, but he can develop into a nice corner.  The Eagles will also consider Jimmy Smith here, but many were turned off by his terrible combine interview.  Harris is a little small (5'9", maybe 5'10"), but alot of great corner are that height, and Harris is very fast (4.46).

24. New Orleans (11-5)-  Justin Houston DE/OLB Georgia- 6'3" 270
Houston weighed in at 270 lbs at the combine, which is heavier than many expected.  Some now think that Houston may be better fit for 4-3 DE.  He certainly could work there, as he has a great combination of speed and strength.  The Saints could really use his services with DE Will Smith to create some real pass rush.

25. Seattle (7-9)- Jake Locker QB Washington- 6'3" 231
It's still early in the Carroll regime in Seattle, and he would like to get it off and running by selecting a franchise QB.  The Hawks hope they can resign Hasselbeck, get one or two more seasons out of him, and by then Locker will be ready to step in.  Nothing better than sitting and learning from a smart, good, and long-tenured quarterback.

26. Baltimore (12-4)-  Jimmy Smith CB Colorado- 6'2" 211
Harbaugh might have been a little turned off by Smith's interviews, but it will be too tough for a young coach to pass up on the talent and upside.  At 6'2" 211 lbs, Smith has the size of Nnandi Asomugha.  However, he has questions about his leadership and maturity that weren't answered at the NFL combine.

27. Atlanta (13-3)-  Adrian Clayborn DE Iowa- 6'3" 281
John Abraham is a very good player.  But the problem is that Abraham is 32 years old, and doesn't have many years left.  The Falcons have young guys in Bierrmann and Anderson, but they aren't exactly promising players.  Clayborn should be able to get faster and more explosive once he's in the NFL, and thus become a legit pass rushing DE for the Falcons. 

28. New England (14-2)-  Nate Solder OT Colorado- 6'8" 319
Matt Light is expected to resign and play 2 more seasons in New England, but it's not a bad idea to pick his eventual replacement at LT.  Solder struggled to control his height (6'9") in college, but with years of practice he can turn his height and length into an asset.

29. Chicago (11-5)-  Leonard Hankerson WR Miami (FL)- 6'2" 209
The Bears don't have enough receivers for Jay Cutler.  Aromashodu was supposed to break out this season, but was a non-factor.  Devin Hester is a superb KR, but is only an average receiver.  Johnny Knox is very good, but he can't be the only good receiver on the field.  Hankerson is big, which is a change from Knox and Hester, and he also had the speed to get down the field quickly.

30. New York Jets (11-5)- Martez Wilson OLB/ILB Illinois- 6'3" 250
The Jets are looking for another linebacker, preferably a guy to take the pass-rushing role from Jason Taylor.  They see Brooks Reed here, but decide he isn't the guy and go with the ultra-versatile Wilson.  Wilson could convert into a pass rusher on the outside, or play inside.

31. Pittsburgh (12-4)-  Phil Taylor NT Baylor- 6'3" 334
Casey Hampton is the Steelers' NT, and he is 33 years old.  Their backup, Hoke, is even older (34).  In order for the Steel Curtain to hold up as the best rush defense in the league, it needs a big nose tackle.  Taylor, at 334 lbs, can plug up the middle with ease.

32. Green Bay (10-6)-  Akeem Ayers OLB UCLA- 6'3" 254
The Packers have Clay Matthews at one OLB spot, but the other side is occupied by average players who can't stay healthy.  They need a real playmaker to sit across Matthews and pressure the QB.

Round 2

33. New England (from Car)-  Corey Liuget DT/DE Illinois- 6'2" 298

34. Buffalo (4-12)- Brooks Reed DE/OLB Arizona- 6'3" 263

35. Cincinnati (4-12)- Ben Ijialana G/T Villanova- 6'4" 317

36. Denver (4-12)- Mark Ingram RB Alabama- 5'10" 215

37. Cleveland (5-11)- Stephen Paea DT Oregon st.- 6'2" 303

38. Arizona (5-11)-  Ryan Mallett QB Arkansas- 6'6" 237  

39. Philly (from TEN)-  Rodney Hudson G FSU- 6'2" 300  

40. Dallas (6-10)- Danny Watkins G Baylor- 6'3" 310

41. Washington (6-10)- Brandon Burton CB Utah- 6'0" 190  

42. Houston (6-10)- Rahim Moore FS UCLA- 6' 202

43. Minnesota (6-10)- Bruce Carter OLB UNC- 6'2" 241  

44. Detroit (6-10)-  Aaron Williams CB/S Texas- 6' 204

45. San Francisco (6-10)- Christian Ponder QB FSU- 6'3" 225

46. Denver - from Miami (7-9)- Kyle Rudolph TE ND- 6'6" 260 

47. St. Louis (7-9)- Torrey Smith WR Maryland- 6'1" 205

48.Oakland (8-8)- Davon House CB New Mexico- 6'1" 200 

49. Jacksonville (8-8)- Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada- 6'5" 230

50. San Diego (9-7)- Jonathan Baldwin WR Pitt- 6'4" 228

51. Tampa Bay (10-6)- Quan Sturdivant OLB/ILB UNC- 6' 240

52. New York Giants (10-6)- Mikel LeShoure RB Illinois- 6' 227 

53. Indianapolis* (10-6)- Jordan Todman RB Uconn- 5'9" 205

54. Philadelphia* (10-6)- Greg Jones ILB Michigan St- 6' 242

55. Kansas City* (10-6)- Titus Young WR Boise St.- 5'11" 174

56. New Orleans* (11-5)- Ryan Williams RB Va Tech- 5'10" 212

57. Seattle* (7-9)-  Ras I Dowling CB/S Virginia- 6'1" 200

58. Baltimore* (12-4)- Jabaal Sheard DE/OLB- 6'3" 264

59. Atlanta* (13-3)-  Lance Kendricks TE Wisconsin- 6'3" 243   

60. New England* (14-2)- Greg Little WR UNC- 6'3" 220

61. San Diego - (from NYJ)- Mason Foster LB- 6'1" 245 

62. Chicago* (11-5)- Marvin Austin DT UNC- 6'2" 309

63. Pittsburgh* (12-4)- Steven Wisniewski G/C Penn St.-  6'3" 313

64. Green Bay* (10-6)- Orlando Franklin T/G Miami FL- 6'6" 316


That's all I got. 

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