7 round mock

 BBI wins the readability award for his 7-rounder (I might steal that format next time).  I went for the detailed information route.  Thought I'd provide reasoning for most of my picks, share the other players I was thinking about.  Of course, by the time I got around to writing the explanations, I forgot most of the alternate options.  So you are left with my opinion of the player or team need.  I worked off my own big board.  Lost my kicker/punter need sheet, so left them out.  Oh well, only affects a few picks anyway.

Thought a little about free agents.  With free agency unknown, more teams draft for need, most free agents resign with their old teams.  McNabb reworks his contract, gets traded to Minnesota for a 2012 4th or 5th rounder.  Gets one last year to prove he still has talent.  Mentors the QB they draft below.  If Kolb gets traded, it is for one of the 2nd round drafted QBs below.  New team gets more known quantity, Eagles get backup to develop if Vick fails, safe under contract for a few years.  Palmer, if let go, sees little interest.  Bengals grab Mankins for left guard using money from cutting/not resigning underperforming veterans.  Asomugha goes somewhere surprising that does not affect draft.



1 - CAROLINA - A.J. Green, WR, Georgia - The best player in the draft.  I've never seen a WR his size run underneath routes so well.   A catch-everything guy.


2 - DENVER - Marcel Dareus, DT, Alabama - Size & athleticism, good college experience.  Fills huge need.  No flaws.


3 - BUFFALO - Robert Quinn, SOLB, North Carolina - Can play the run as well as rush the passer.  Will line up opposite Merriman in the 3-4, play RDE in the 4-3.  I'm thinking the 3-4 does not last long.


4 - CINCINNATI - Cameron Jordan, DT, California - Yes, this high.  A playmaker in the middle.  Will clog the run and rush the passer.  Plays every down hard.


5 - ARIZONA - Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU - Incredible athleticism, great coverage ability, good size.


6 - CLEVELAND - Julio Jones, WR, Alabama - Talent and need match, I have Jones rated higher than any DL here.


7 - SAN FRANCISCO - Von Miller, WOLB, Texas A&M - The speed rusher they lack, here he can be the primary rusher all of the time.


8 - TENNESSEE - Blaine Gabbert, QB, Missouri - Someone has to throw the ball, Gabbert has the arm and mobility, consensus safest QB.


9 - DALLAS - Nick Fairley, RDE, Alabama - The big name falls, Jerry jumps.  Too early for a RT.


10 - WASHINGTON - Cam Newton, QB, Auburn - Big arm, mobile, reminds me of so many Denver QBs. Shanahan and Snyder look to boost their egos by taking the project.


11 - HOUSTON - Prince Amukamara, CB/FS, Nebraska - Not sure which he will play, but he is the best talent left.  Too high for Taylor, but some OLBs could go here as well.


12 - MINNESOTA - Ryan Mallett, QB, Arkansas - Mallett goes to a veteran team where there are existing leaders to take some of the pressure off of him.  Keep him under control by rooming him with the Stanford grad.  Helps to resign Rice.


13 - DETROIT - DaQuan Bowers, LDE, Clemson - Bowers falls with injury/one-year-wonder concerns, but he will join the DE rotation and push Avril to the future starter at RDE where he is best.


14 - ST. LOUIS - Aldon Smith, RDE, Missouri - Incredible athleticism, pushes Long over to LDE.  WR a reach here.


15 - MIAMI - Mark Ingram, RB, Alabama - They had their greatest success in recent years when they could run the ball.


16 - JACKSONVILLE - Ryan Kerrigan, RDE, Purdue - Like Ingram this is way overdone, may not be flashy but is consistent.


17 - NEW ENGLAND - Anthony Castonzo, LT, Boston College - The most-ready LT in the draft, starts right away, Light leaves.


18 - SAN DIEGO - Justin Houston, OLB, Georgia - I could also see a DE here, but it's hard to pass up a pass rusher used to the OLB position.


19 - NEW YORK GIANTS - Michael Pouncey, C, Florida - Big, agile pulling lineman fits Giants run game, could also wind up at LG.  Tyron Smith also gets a look.


20 - TAMPA BAY - J. J. Watt, LDE, Wisconsin - They need help at LDE and RDE, pass rush and run defense, this pick covers both.  They would probably prefer a RDE but none worth this pick.


21 - KANSAS CITY - Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor - Chiefs have shown willingness to spend high picks on Dline.  Taylor is more of an athlete than most at NT.


22 - INDIANAPOLIS - Tyron Smith, LT, USC - Tremendous athlete, and if not ready for LT can play RT for a year, but I doubt it.


23 - PHILADELPHIA - Gabe Carimi, RT, Wisconsin - Justice got benched in the playoffs, has been inconsistent, Philly regretting his extension.  Carimi has the size Reid likes, good mobility for a RT.


24 - NEW ORLEANS - Adrian Clayborn, LDE, Iowa - With a need at both ends and no RDE valued here, NO gets someone to pressure the QB.  Also considered LeShoure here.


25 - SEATTLE - Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois - Quick and strong, 3-down DT that can play either DT spot.


26 - BALTIMORE - Akeem Ayers, SOLB, UCLA - I cannot see Kindle ever getting medical clearance to play again.  I prefer Ayers in a 3-4, and think his skills are similar to Kindle's.  Complements Suggs and Johnson.


27 - ATLANTA - Derek Sherrod, LT, Mississippi St. - He can run block, which is important on this team, needs some work pass blocking.  May not start right away, but Baker is considered just average and is approaching free agency.


28 - NEW ENGLAND - Muhammad Wilkerson, RDE, Temple - Patriots get back their Seymour.


29 - CHICAGO - Marvin Austin, DT, North Carolina - A beast to replace Tommie Harris, his suspension reason not worth a draft drop.  Solder gets a look here.


30 - NEW YORK JETS - Cameron Heyward, RDE/LDE, Ohio St. - Strong player with pursuit ability, will be groomed to replace Ellis and will cover DeVito on passing downs now if Ellis resigns.


31 - PITTSBURGH - Brandon Harris, CB , Miami -  Taylor is slowing down and none of the CBs are considered elite.  Top DL and OLBs gone and too early for Cannon.


32 - GREEN BAY - Nate Solder, LT, Colorado - May not be ready to start right away, but the Super Bowl champs can afford this pick.  Tauscher is done and Clifton not far behind.





1 (33) – NE – Danny Watkins, RG, Baylor – Neal is gone and the OL is getting younger, so they can afford a more mature and likely disciplined player.


2 (34) – BUF – Kyle Rudolph, TE, Notre Dame –BPA at the top of 2nd has become popular, huge upgrade at position, can block and catch, supports the weak RT position.


3 (35) – CIN – Jake Locker, QB, Washington – Falls because of the accuracy issues, Cincy takes the chance, may still keep Palmer no matter what he says.


4 (36) – DEN – Stephen Paea, DT, Oregon State – Yep, two DTs.  Sets the new front four, eliminates the run defense problem.  Probably plays 1 tech, but Dareus and him can play both. 


5 (37) – CLE – Allen Bailey, LDE, Miami – Superb athlete at his best fit position, leaves Roth and Benard to battle it out for RDE.


6 (38) – ARI – Colin Kaepernick, QB, Nevada – Another big QB for Whisenhunt, will have to compete with Skelton, but a better player than any other needs here.  Almost thought Wilson as a SOLB or SILB.


7 (39) – TEN – Martez Wilson, LB, Illinois – Can play any of the LB positions, the talent has declined from the McNair years.


8 (40) – DAL – Marcus Cannon, RG/RT, TCU – Fits the Cowboys mold, I like him better at RT but he can play either depending on other personnel moves.


9 (41) – WAS – Rodney Hudson, C/G, Florida State – A favorite of the pro analysts, could play several spots for the Redskins.


10 (42) – HOU – Titus Young, WR, Boise State – Walters may be OK but he allows a permanent double-team on Johnson, Young shakes things up and gives defenses two threats to cover.  They should have noticed by now how Indy always has multiple threats at WR.


11 (43) – MIN – Aaron Williams, FS/CB, Texas – This is not that Williams can't play corner, it's that Minny needs speed at the back end.  They are in a passing division now.


12 (44) – DET – Greg Jones, LB, Michigan State – Local product that can play middle or weak, quickness should play well on turf.


13 (45) – SF – Christian Ponder, QB, Florida State – Alex Smith may be kept around but they will not put all their eggs in one basket, Ponder was an afterthought early because of his injury history but his injuries are not all ongoing concerns, recent performance rises him up, but not a 1st rounder.


14 (46) – DEN – Bruce Carter, WLB, North Carolina – Fox has time as a rookie coach switching systems to wait for Carter to heal, gets 1st round talent.


15 (47) – STL – Jonathan Baldwin, WR, Pittsburgh – Drops down because he needs some coaching on running routes, but the Rams have Avery and Amendola to do that, they are looking for the big target.


16 (48) – OAK – Ras-I Dowling, CB, Virginia – Injury history is scary but Al is willing to take risks.


17 (49) – JAC – Rahim Moore, FS, UCLA – People get excited about 10 INTs, but numbers like that are as much luck as skill (see the tape).  I still find a lot to like about this guy.  And the need is huge.


18 (50) – SD – Christian Ballard, RDE, Iowa – Castillo has declined and the rest of the DL is solid but not spectacular, Ballard is a high motor guy perfect for a 3-4 DE.


19 (51) – TB – Quan Sturdivant, MLB, North Carolina – Ruud looks like a goner and in a class where few players are projected as pro MLBs they cannot afford to let Sturdivant slip past.


20 (52) – NYG – Mikel LeShoure, RB, Illinois – I did not want to go RB here but cannot ignore the value of this pick.


21 (53) – IND – Quinton Carter, SS, Oklahoma – An extremely overdone pick, but it fits because Indy values the SS and Carter is a good all-around player.


22 (54) – PHI – Curtis Brown, CB, Texas – The major needs left are CB and RG, and CB is the value pick here.


23 (55) – KC – Leonard Hankerson, WR, Miami – This had to be done.  Most high school option teams had #2 WRs with better numbers than Chambers.


24 (56) – NO – Ryan Williams, RB, Virginia Tech – The lack of a running game really hurt the Saints last year, Williams has natural ability.


25 (57) – SEA – Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado – A lot of rumors that Seattle likes this guy, and he falls on character concerns, and the fact that I don’t think he has great coverage skills.


26 (58) – BAL – Torrey Smith, WR, Maryland – They go for the local guy with good character, who complements Boldin perfectly as the deep threat that can open up the underneath, hopefully Boldin or Mason can teach him to run routes.


27 (59) – ATL – Randall Cobb, WR, Kentucky – Another team with one dominant WR, lots of big guys, no small, quick guys.


28 (60) – NE – Sam Acho, OLB, Texas – Looking for a better pass rusher, still could be Cunningham, but Banta-Cain has maxed out his talent.


29 (61) – SD – Austin Pettis, WR, Boise State – Not a burner but great hands and good small-area quickness, with the size SD likes.


30 (62) – CHI – Benjamin Ijalana, LT, Villanova – They could skip LT once but not twice, Ijalana is popular lately but untested against top competition.


31 (63) – PIT – Orlando Franklin, RG, Miami – I like Franklin better at guard than tackle, and he has the size that the Steelers like for their OL.


32 (64) – GB – Dontay Moch, WOLB, Nevada – Now they have athletic freaks on both sides.







1 (65) – CAR – Drake Nevis, 3DT, LSU – Same skill set as Fairley, just smaller.


2 (66) – CIN – Deunta Williams, FS, North Carolina – 2nd rd talent fills a need.


3 (67) – DEN – Jordan Todman, RB, Connecticut – Fox is going to demand a stronger run game, Todman is tough for his size.


4 (68) – BUF – Mason Foster, SILB/LB, Washington – Another player that can fit 3-4 or 4-3, I think he slips because he is a SLB/WLB tweener.


5 (69) – ARI – Brooks Reed, SOLB, Arizona – A larger OLB to complement Porter & Schofield, the athleticism of Clay III.


6 (70) – CLE – Jurrell Casey, 3DT, USC – With so many DTs rated highly, some were going to fall.


7 (71) – DAL – Brandon Burton, CB, Utah – The highest rated secondary player left on my board, and a good value here.


8 (72) – NO – Jabaal Sheard, RDE, Pittsburgh – Another DE for the other side of the line because the need is there and the value fits.


9 (73) – HOU – Kenrick Ellis, NT, Hampton – It was just a matter of time until a NT was worth their pick.


10 (74) – NE – William Rackley, LG, Lehigh – Another OL?  They have the need.  I was tempted by Wiz here because center could be a future need, but I am just too high on Rackley.


11 (75) – DET – Davon House, CB, New Mexico St. – The NFC North is a pass-happy division, Lions brought in a lot of new blood but could still use another potential starter.


12 (76) – SF – Jerrel Jernigan, WR, Troy – May not be the need CB is, but a value pick here that can run the underneath routes.  Harbaugh is not running an offense with Ginn as the #3 WR.


13 (77) – TEN – Stefen Wisniewski, C/G, Penn State – The middle of the OL was bad last year, Mawae was missed more than they would like to admit.


14 (78) – STL – Shane Vereen, RB, California – Jackson keeps getting hurt and keeps getting older, needs someone to share the load, Vereen should be quick on turf.


15 (79) – MIA – Andy Dalton, QB, TCU – I don’t blame Henne, but Miami is not happy, and a 3rd is not too high to risk in case he becomes the backup.  Also have to be afraid the Jags take him next.


16 (80) – JAC – Nate Irving, LB, North Carolina St. – Not sure where he’ll play in a 4-3, not sure who loses their job first.  Some flexibility to play “worst man out” here.


17 (81) – OAK – John Moffitt, C/G, Wisconsin – Before the Raiders were about speed, they were about attitude.  Moffitt brings that back, as well as filling a major need.


18 (82) – SD – Marcus Gilchrist, CB/S, Clemson – Has the CB skills, they at least need a nickel, and preferably someone who can push to start, like Gilchrist.  Can also play FS if Weddle becomes too expensive to keep.


19 (83) – NYG – K. J. Wright, SLB, Mississippi St. – Big, athletic LB that can cover, fits their mold and greatest need, reduces reliance on third safety.


20 (84) – TB – Jacquizz Rodgers, RB, Oregon State – Some interesting photos will be taken of the TB backfield duo.  Love this guy, runs hard like Emmitt Smith.


21 (85) – PHI – James Carpenter, RG, Alabama – What Reid likes, a tackle converting to guard.


22 (86) – KC – Kristofer O’Dowd, C, USC – Wiegmann is threatening to quit before age 45.


23 (87) – IND – Sione Fua, 1DT, Stanford – Need to lose the “can't stop the run” label.


24 (88) – NO – Colin McCarthy, WLB, Miami – The OLB positions have needed upgrades for some time.  I like this kid, nonstop hustle.


25 (89) – SD – Marcus Gilbert, RT, Florida – A passing team needs a RT that can pass block.


26 (90) – BAL – Joseph Barksdale, T, LSU – They'll see who plays the left side better, my guess is Oher right now, but Gaither has been written off for a long time.


27 (91) – ATL – Lance Kendricks, TE, Wisconsin – No need to get too excited replacing Gonzalez, they find a player with good hands and better blocking skills here.


28 (92) – NE – Terrence Toliver, WR, LSU – NE has been scouting a lot of RBs, but in my first foray off the line I find them a big WR to replace Moss.  I like his potential.


29 (93) – CHI – Vincent Brown, WR, San Diego St. - The reliable route runner and “go-to guy” that Cutler needs, they have too many athletes and not enough WRs. 


30 (94) – NYJ – Chris Conte, FS, California – Their young CBs will be better with good safety play, I have Conte as a value pick here over stronger needs.


31 (95) – PIT – Jarvis Jenkins, DE, Clemson – I had a lot of trouble with this pick, defaulted to BPA, youth for the DL.


32 (96) – GB – Clint Boling, LG, Georgia – More investment in protecting their franchise player, can play RT if needed if Solder not ready and Clifton gone (Bulaga to LT).


33 (97) – CAR – Johnny Patrick, CB, Louisville – Filling the biggest needs with this and the next pick, coverage ability over athleticism in a division with possession WRs.








1 (98) – CAR – DeMarcus Love, G, Carolina – Slow feet for a tackle but will be fine at guard, has the push for the run game.


2 (99) – SEA – Jason Pinkston, G/RT, Pittsburgh – Not a measurables guy but a skilled player that could wind up at several different positions.


3 (100) – BUF – Cortez Allen, CB, Citadel – The consensus skill corners are gone and the athletes with potential are on the board, this guy shows the most promise and is the most ready.


4 (101) – CIN – Lee Ziemba, RT, Auburn – The end of the Smith experiment, and Roland is just painful to watch, although another tall guy bending low to get Woodley might not be the best idea.  But Ziemba has LT skills if not the speed.


5 (102) – CLE – Kendall Hunter, RB, Oklahoma St. - Another little guy paired with a big guy, allows some offensive variety, and can handle pass blocking.


6 (103) – ARI – Luke Stocker, TE, Tennessee – The Cards have nothing at TE.  Stocker starts immediately and is a value pick here.


7 (104) – PHI – Jaiquawn Jarrett, SS, Temple – Picking the local boy since Mikell seems unlikely to return, hits like Dawkins.


8 (105) – HOU – DeAndre McDaniel, SS, Clemson – Going with the value pick here and filling an opening in the starting lineup.


9 (106) – MIN – Justin Boren, G, Ohio State – AP had trouble getting holes last year, need a big guy to push some of the big DTs in division.


10 (107) – DET – Roy Helu, RB, Nebraska – A bigger back to complement Best, who last year showed he needed some help.


11 (108) – SF – Rashad Carmichael, CB, Virginia Tech – The CB need finally filled.


12 (109) – TEN – Aldrick Robinson, WR, SMU – On a team filled with big WRs, a smaller guy to get open underneath.


13 (110) – DAL – Chris Culliver, FS, South Carolina – I like him better at safety than corner, and they need speed and cover skills deep.


14 (111) – MIA – Jake Kirkpatrick, C, TCU – More ammo for the running game and a player I rate higher than most.


15 (112) – STL – Robert Sands, S, West Virginia – Spags like those big safeties like Butler, Sands is an upgrade at SS more likely than the new FS, but the athleticism is intriguing.


16 (113) – OAK – Ross Homan, WLB, Ohio State – Listening to Raiders fans here who identified a need to upgrade the weakside LB, Homan had college production backed up by a good combine.


17 (114) – JAC – Pat Devlin, QB, Delaware – Needs to learn a pro system but a guy I like with good underlying skills.


18 (115) – SF – Lawrence Guy, LDE, Arizona State – Could have gone corner again but the DL is getting older and Guy has potential but needs development time.


19 (116) – TB – Chimdi Chekwa, CB, Ohio State – I was thinking about corner here before the Talib news broke because I’m not sold that Lewis stays at CB.


20 (117) – NYG – Curtis Marsh, CB, Utah State – Not sure if they go for a faster CB to help deep coverage or one that is a better in short coverage like Burney.


21 (118) – KC – Chris Carter, OLB, Fresno State – An undersized athlete that many people like, would provide a different look from Hali.


22 (119) – IND – Shareece Wright, CB, USC – Indy fans may be waiting for their second OL here but I’m following Polian history, there always seems to be new faces competing at CB.


23 (120) – PHI – Kendric Burney, CB, North Carolina – There is a need for multiple CBs, they like big OL but are not afraid of small CBs, here there is less size concern because they are looking for a nickel/dime guy,


24 (121) – JAC – Greg Little, WR, North Carolina – They get great value here at a position of need, slips a bit because of the lack of experience, but he provides the large target opposite Thomas.


25 (122) – BUF – James Brewer, RT, Indiana – Brewer looked very healthy at the combine and has great potential, Fitzpatrick needs a shot with better blocking.


26 (123) – BAL – Tyler Sash, SS, Iowa – This is a value pick that improves the position, also considered CB but it could be lose one/sign one in free agency.


27 (124) – ATL – Greg Romeus, DE, Pittsburgh – No one told Abraham he is getting old, Romeus has some time to heal as a potential future RDE and is large enough to get some snaps at LDE.  I’m still holding out hope for Sidbury.


28 (125) – NE – DeMarco Murray, RB, Oklahoma – NE is scouting RBs hard, they draft a guy used to operating out of a shotgun, can pick up some of Faulk’s roles, but needs to bulk up first.


29 (126) – NYJ – Jeremy Kerley, WR, TCU – They lack a true slot-type WR (although Holmes has similar skills), a quick outlet guy that can get open quickly and run with the ball, and they could lose starters to free agency.


30 (127) – CHI – Brandon Fusco, C/G, Slippery Rock – Climbs the board a little because of his potential, and he has the size to play guard.


31 (128) – PIT – Jerrell Powe, NT, Mississippi – Powe avoids rising simply because he plays NT, worth a shot here to see if he can be groomed to replace Hampton.


32 (129) – GB – Buster Skrine, CB, Tennessee-Chattanooga – Elite athlete who can learn from the best, in a situation where he is not needed to play right away.


33 (130) – TEN – Steve Schilling, G, Michigan – Still improving the OL and drafting what Munchak knows best.


34 (131) – GB – Niles Paul, WR, Nebraska – With Jones’ status in question and Driver aging this become a need, and good value at WR here.  Torn between Salas and Paul, went Paul for special teams play, with Hester, Logan, and Harvin in division.








1 (132) – CAR – D. J. Williams, TE, Arkansas – Shockey only has so much left in him, Williams brings a whole new facet to the offense.


2 (133) – BUF – Greg Salas, WR, Hawaii – Good route runner and hands, Johnson and Nelson are developing but Evans had an off year, so Salas could become the future go-to guy. Culture shock in store for Salas.


3 (134) – CIN – Ugo Chinasa, RDE, Oklahoma St. - With Odom's injuries and Johnson unproven, the Bengals add another player to compete for the important RDE spot.


4 (135) – KC – Derek Newton, RT, Arkansas St. - A more athletic player than their existing options at RT.


5 (136) – ARI – Tim Barnes, C/G, Missouri – The OL has been a weakness, Barnes has the size to play guard or center, is the top OL available here.


6 (137) – CLE – Lawrence Wilson, WLB, Connecticut – When switching from 3-4 to 4-3, the weakside LB is often the one position you will not find on your roster, Fujita played it in NO but is better suited for strongside.


7 (138) – HOU – Cheta Ozougwu, OLB, Rice – I really like this guy's potential, quick, local product, needs work.  Probably not an immediate starter, LB positions are probably more fluid than discussed until they see who they have in camp.


8 (139) – MIN – Cecil Shorts, WR, Mount Union – Great value here, he will compete for Berrian's starting slot.


9 (140) – KC – Jeremy Beal, SILB/OLB, Oklahoma – Bad measurables but good college production, could be tried at several positions.


10 (141) – SF – Mark Legree, FS, Appalachian St. - Under-the-radar prospect should push aside Goldson.


11 (142) – TEN – Terrell McClain, DT, South Florida – Marks has disappointed and free agency is a concern with the current starters.


12 (143) – DAL – Jah Reid, RT, Central Florida – The big size they like, quick feet, replaces Colombo.


13 (144) – WAS – Delone Carter, RB, Syracuse – Tough runner is a great value here, a good running game will help Newton.


14 (145) – STL – Ray Dominguez, G, Arkansas – They have been scouting guards hard, Dominguez is a power guy that is not a plodder.


15 (146) – MIA – Edmund Gates, WR, Abilene Christian – Flat out speed to keep the safeties honest.


16 (147) – JAC – Ahmad Black, CB/SS, Florida – Grabbing the local guy, could compete as a nickel CB or push Greene at SS.  Can't believe he fell this far.


17 (148) – OAK – Zach Hurd, G, Connecticut – A tall guard to replace Gallery, but more importantly a strong guard that can improve the power game.


18 (149) – PHI – Derrick Locke, RB, Kentucky – The team with a million picks grabs a different type of RB.


19 (150) – MIN – Douglas Hogue, WLB, Syracuse – Allows them to let Leber go (his money was spent on Greenway), increased speed at the position.


20 (151) – TB – Pierre Allen, RDE, Nebraska – The strongest need and a better player than any OL here.


21 (152) – IND – Graig Cooper, RB, Miami – Brown finished strong but Addai has been declining and could wind up as a UFA.


22 (153) – PHI – Pernell McPhee, LDE, Mississippi St. - With so many picks, they will grab a clear BPA.


23 (154) – DET – Tandon Doss, WR, Indiana – Replaces Bryant Johnson as the #3 WR, a tall athlete with potential.  Better value here than OL needs.


24 (155) – WAS – Chris Neild, NT, West Virginia – They need an anchor on the Dline, they still have too many 4-3 players in their 3-4.


25 (156) – SEA – Chykie Brown, CB, Texas – Another tall, fast CB, the position needs multiple picks.


26 (157) – SEA – Cliff Matthews, RDE, South Carolina – An edge pass rusher with great potential.


27 (158) – ATL – Terrance Turner, WR, Indiana – Similar to his mate Doss, a player with the desired physical attributes that need to be developed, and room on the roster for him and Cobb.


28 (159) – NE – Jalil Brown, FS/CB, Colorado – I see him more as a safety, Meriweather could be leaving and CB depth is useful.


29 (160) – CHI – Justin Rogers, CB, Richmond – I'm surprised I dropped him this far, great value here and the position of greatest need left.


30 (161) – NYJ – Bruce Miller, OLB, Central Florida – A pass rush specialist to replace Taylor, high motor guy.


31 (162) – PIT – Joseph Lefeged, FS, Rutgers – Clark can be upgraded, Lefeged is fast and a good hitter, always important in Pittsburgh.


32 (163) – GB – Noel Devine, RB, West Virginia – A change-of-pace back since they have so many big RBs.


33 (164) – BAL – Daniel Thomas, RB, Kansas St. - Many will be surprised to see him this far down, but I see him as too skinny for his height and not fast enough.


34 (165) – BAL – Ricky Stanzi, QB, Iowa – Ravens are on the top of my list for needing a backup QB.








1 (166) – CAR – Richard Sherman, CB, Stanford


2 (167) – CIN – Ronald Johnson, WR, USC


3 (168) – CLE – Virgil Green, TE, Nevada


4 (169) – BUF – Andrew Jackson, G, Fresno State


5 (170) – CLE – Chris Hairston, RT, Clemson


6 (171) – ARI – Jarriel King, LT, South Carolina


7 (172) – MIN – Ian Williams, 1DT, Notre Dame


8 (173) – SEA – Willie Smith, RT, East Carolina


9 (174) – SF – Adam Grant, G/RT, Arizona


10 (175) – TEN – Anthony Sherman, FB, Connecticut


11 (176) – DAL – Chris White, ILB, Mississippi State


12 (177) – WAS – Dwayne Harris, WR, East Carolina


13 (178) – HOU – David Carter, DLE, UCLA


14 (179) – MIA – Jordan Cameron, TE, USC


15 (180) – BAL – Brandon Hogan, CB, West Virginia


16 (181) – OAK – Lee Smith, TE, Marshall


17 (182) – JAC – Adrian Moten, WLB, Maryland


18 (183) – SD – Kelvin Sheppard, ILB, LSU


19 (184) – ARI – Mark Herzlich, SILB, Boston College


20 (185) – NYG – Henry Hynoski, FB, Pittsburgh


21 (186) – DEN – Rob Housler, TE, Florida Atlantic


22 (187) – TB – Jeron Johnson, SS, Boise State


23 (188) – IND – Zack Williams, C/G, Washington State


24 (189) – DEN – Scott Lutrus, SLB/MLB, Connecticut


25 (190) – SF – Brandon Bair, RDE, Oregon


26 (191) – BAL – Casey Matthews, ILB, Oregon


27 (192) – ATL – Korey Lindsey, CB, Southern Illinois


28 (193) – NE – Owen Marecic, FB/ILB, Stanford


29 (194) – NYJ – Josh Thomas, CB, Buffalo


30 (195) – CHI – Mike Mohammed, SLB/MLB, California


31 (196) – PIT – Thomas Keiser, OLB, Stanford


32 (197) – GB – Sealver Siliga, DE, Utah


33 (198) – NYG – Dane Sanzenbacher, WR, Ohio State


34 (199) – KC – Greg McElroy, QB, Alabama


35 (200) – MIN – Shiloh Keo, SS, Idaho


36 (201) – SD – Da’rell Scott, RB, Maryland


37 (202) – NYG – Cedric Thornton, DT, Southern Arkansas


38 (203) – CAR – Alex Green, RB, Hawaii








1 (204) – GB – T. J. Yates, QB, North Carolina


2 (205) – DET – Darius Morris, RG, Temple


3 (206) – BUF – Nathan Enderle, QB, Idaho


4 (207) – CIN – Taiwan Jones, RB, Eastern Washington


5 (208) – NYJ – Tori Gurley, WR, South Carolina


6 (209) – SEA – Stanley Havili, FB, USC


7 (210) – ATL – Martin Parker, DT, Richmond


8 (211) – SF – Brandyn Thompson, CB, Boise State


9 (212) – TEN – DeJon Gomes, CB/S, Nebraska


10 (213) – WAS – Johnathan Freeny, OLB, Rutgers


11 (214) – HOU – Steven Friday, OLB, Virginia Tech


12 (215) – MIN – Ricardo Lockette, WR, Fort Valley State


13 (216) – STL – Will Hill, FS, Florida


14 (217) – MIA – Vai Taua, RB, Nevada


15 (218) – MIA – Harold Ayodele, NT, Emporia State


16 (219) – OAK – DeMarcus Van Dyke, CB, Miami


17 (220) – DAL – Dion Lewis, RB, Pittsburgh


18 (221) – NYG – Andrew Rich, SS/LB, BYU


19 (222) – TB – Zane Taylor, C, Utah


20 (223) – KC- Jamie Harper, RB, Clemson


21 (224) – WAS – David Arkin, G, Missouri State


22 (225) – BAL – Armon Binns, WR, Cincinnati


23 (226) – NO – Blaine Sumner, 1DT, Colorado School of Mines


24 (227) – PHI – DeAndre Brown, WR, Southern Mississippi


25 (228) – STL – Brian Rolle, WLB, Ohio State


26 (229) – ATL – Jerrard Tarrant, S, Georgia Tech


27 (230) – ATL – Ryan Winterswyk, DE, Boise State


28 (231) – SF – Ryan Whalen, WR, Stanford


29 (232) – PIT – Nick Bellore, ILB, Central Michigan


30 (233) – GB – Eddie Jones, OLB, Texas


31 (234) – SD – Julius Thomas, TE, Portland State


32 (235) – MIA – Curt Porter, RT, Jacksonville State


33 (236) – MIN – Charlie Gantt, TE, Michigan State


34 (237) – PHI – Joshua Portis, QB, California (PA)


35 (238) – TB – Daniel Kilgore, G, Appalachian State


36 (239) – SF – Charles Clay, FB/TE, Tulsa


37 (240) – PHI – J. T. Thomas, LB, West Virginia


38 (241) – OAK – Mario Fannin, RB, Auburn


39 (242) – SEA – Jermale Hines, S, Ohio St.


40 (243) – NO – Akeem Dent, SLB, Georgia


41 (244) – CAR – Byron Stingily, T, Louisville


42 (245) – BUF – Eric Hagg, S, Nebraska


43 (246) – CIN – Laupepa Letuli, G, Hawaii


44 (247) – DEN – Byron Maxwell, CB/S, Clemson


45 (248) – CLE – Josh Bynes, MLB, Auburn


46 (249) – ARI – Jeff Maehl, WR, Oregon


47 (250) – SF – Ryan Bartholomew, C, Syracuse


48 (251) – TEN – Daniel Hardy, TE, Idaho


49 (252) – DAL – Da’Norris Searcy, SS, North Carolina


50 (253) – WAS – Karl Klug, RDE, Iowa


51 (254) – HOU – Chris Rucker, CB, Michigan State


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