Marcus Cannon NFL Draft Scouting Report

Marcus Cannon
6'5, 358 pounds | Offensive guard/tackle | TCU

At 6'5 358lbs, Cannon has surprisingly fluid movements with the ability to quickly change directions.  He does a nice job firing out of his stance and quickly getting into the defender.  However, he needs to work on keeping a wider base because at times he seems to have too much of a lean.  With that being said, Cannon has the athletic ability to hold up in pass protection and open running lanes.

Technique: Cannon needs to work on improving his overall technique.  Out of his stance, Cannon raises his pad level hindering the amount of leverage he is able to obtain.  He doesn't possess a natural knee bend as he bends at his waste impacting his balance.  His bend at the waste also leads to lunging and an uncoordinated punch.  Cannon has a tendency to throw his head and shoulders into the defender rather than using his hands.  His poor hand usage allows the defender to get into his body and disengage.

Pass blocking: When evaluating Cannon it is probably best that you imagine him as a guard.  While he possesses some skills to hold up at tackle his ideal position will be at guard.  Cannon has a surprising quick and coordinated kick slide that allows him to stay in front of and mirror rushers.  His thick lower half allows him to absorb contact without being pushed into the pocket.  However, his struggles to properly bend make him vulnerable to a bull rush.  In the NFL, Cannon will not be able to solely rely on his size and natural strength.  Cannon's lack of proper hand usage will also hinder his ability to be an effective pass blocker.  Overall, Cannon has the physical skills to be a very good pass protector but he needs to improve his technique in order to develop.

Run blocking: Cannon's motor and nastiness really assist his run blocking ability.  He is always looking to finish the play and deliver a powerful blow.  Cannon fires off the football and quickly gets into the defender and uses his strength to open running lanes.  He possesses a strong leg drive that helps him move players off the line of scrimmage.  However, if he improved his pad level and hand usage he could be a truly dominate run blocker.  As it stands now, Cannon has the ability to open holes and move defenders off the ball with the potential to further develop.

Quickness: For his size, Cannon has good quickness and agility.  He possesses a quick first step which allows him to gain an advantage against a lot of defenders.  Cannon is able to climb to the 2nd level and seal defenders from the play.  He has the quickness to get out in front of the ball carrier on plays to the outside.

Cannon has great natural strength which allows him to overcome some problems with leverage.  He possess a thick and strong base which helps him anchor and push defenders off the ball.  Cannon's upper body strength permits him to deliver a powerful jolt to the defender.

Final word: As I mentioned earlier, Cannon looks to be a better fit at guard than tackle.  His quickness and brute strength allow him to effectively pass protect and open running lanes.  He could use some work on his overall technique especially hand usage and leverage.  Cannon is likely to come off the board in the 2nd round and has the potential to develop into a very good pro.

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