Ranking The GMs

Hey guys,

I run my own blog at House Of Spears, which mainly deals with Detroit Lions content, but I decided to rank the general managers of the NFL since this offseason is pretty dry and boring. I only took into account the last decade because it would just be way too much work to deal with all the information with some of these general manager (Al Davis, I'm looking at you). Each day, I post the profile of a general manager with their record with the current team, a brief look at the key players they have acquired via trade, free agency and draft. I'm getting into the top ten in the coming days, and have posted links to the ones that I have put up on the site already. 

Note: I left off new 49ers GM Trent Baalke since he has only made one significant move so far in career.

10) UPDATE: Mark Dominik, The 0-14ers of T-Bay

11) UPDATE: Rick Spielman, The Viqueens Of Minneaplis

12) Scott Pioli, The Chefs from KC

13) Marty Hurney, The Prancers of Carolina

14) Martin Mayhew, The Kittens of Detroit

15) Jerry Jones, The Cowgirlies of Dallas

16) Jerry Reese, The Midgets of New York

17) Jeff Ireland, The Dolphins (that name needs no more insulting) of Miami

18) Rick Smith, The Hexans from Houston

19) Mike Reinfeldt, The Flaming Thumbtacks of Tennessee

20) John Schneider, Seachickens of Seattle

21) Tom Heckert, UPS from Cleveland

22) Billy Devaney, The Goats of St. Louis

23) Gene Smith, The Jagoffs of Jacksonville

24) Jerry Angelo, The Cubbies of Chi-town

25) Howie Roseman, Santa Claus Haters of Philly

26) Rod Graves, The Cardinals of Screw Immigration

27) Buddy Nix, The Hillbillies of Buffalo

28) Mike Brown, NFL's Minimum Security Prison

29) Dan Snyder, Deadskins of DC

30) Brian Xanders, The Donkeys of Denver

31) Al Davis, The Raiders from Detroit Lite

Sorry if I offended anyone by not being funny enough...

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