Sam Acho NFL Draft Scouting Report

Sam Acho
6'2, 262 pounds | Defensive end/ outside linebacker | Texas

Pass rush:
Determination, leverage, and quickness are what allows Sam Acho to be an effective pass rusher.  His good snap awareness helps him get a great jump.  His awareness combined with this quick first step usually gives him a step on the offensive linemen.  Acho's overall quickness and speed allow him to reach the edge, flatten out, and pursue the football.  He does and excellent job utilizing leverage and hand placement.  Acho keeps his pad level low thoughout the play which makes it difficult for the lineman to engage.  His quick hands help him remain clean and disengage if a lineman happens to get his hands on him.  While Acho doesn't have great size or strength, he is able to effectively employ a bull rush because of his hand usage and leverage.  Overall, Acho has the ability to be a very good pass rusher in the NFL.  He combines physical abilities with sound technique and a strong motor.

Pursuit: Acho's 2nd gear and short area burst allows him to effectively pursue the football.  He combines those abilities with tenacity which makes him a threat to always make a play.  From his defensive end position, Acho effectively closes the back door while also staying disciplined and keeping containment.

Run defense: Size and strength will be Acho's major question marks when it comes to holding up against the run.  However, his excellent hand usage and leverage allow him to effectively play the run.  Acho fires off the football low, gets his hands inside the lineman, and extends his arms.  This proper technique allows him to keep linemen off his body and gives him the ability disengage.  Acho has a nose for the football and constantly has his head up looking for the ball carrier.  Acho is never going to be a dominate run defender but he has the tools to hold up at the point of attack and not be a liability.

Strength: Acho's playing strength is heavily dependent on his leverage.  He lacks the ideal bulk and natural strength to matchup against bigger offensive linemen.  However, he has enough strength that when combined with proper technique he can get the job done.

Tackling: Coordination and balance are an important part of Acho's ability to make solid tackles.  He keeps his feet underneath him and his head up as he approaches the ball carrier.  Acho then rolls his hips and delivers a sound pop.

Technique: Acho is a technically sound football player.  His technique is a major contributor to his ability to to make plays on the football field.  It allows him to overcome some of negative parts of his game.  Acho's ability to keep his pad level low and utilize his hands really help him be a difference maker.

Final word: There is a good chance that Acho becomes one of the sleepers of this draft class.  His motor, technique, and physical abilities give him a shot at developing into a good pass rusher.  Many feel that Acho's best fit is at outside linebacker but he is more than capable of being a right defensive end in a 4-3 system.  His hand usage and leverage allow him to hold at the point of attack and avoid being a liability in the running game.  However, his value will be measured by his ability to get to the quarterback and create pressure.  Acho could come off the board in round 2.

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