Jerrel Jernigan NFL Draft Scouting Report

Jerrel Jernigan
5’9″, 185 pounds | Wide receiver | Troy

Acceleration: Jernigan is a dangerous playmaker with the quickness and acceleration to threaten the defense.  His two step ability allows him to reach top speed in a hurry.  Jernigan's short area burst helps him create space between him and the defender.  He possesses a good 2nd gear that allows him to stretch the defense and make plays down the field.  Jernigan is a real threat with the ball in his hands and has the quickness to outpace defenders and beat defensive angles.

Agility: The ability to take quick and balanced steps allows Jernigan to play at full speed. He is able to remain balanced as he works in and out of his breaks.  He rarely needs to slow down in order to make his cuts which helps him gain separation.  Jernigan's body control gives him the ability to drop his pad level and make tough catches.

Blocking: Lack of size limits Jernigan's potential as a blocker.  He also has a tendency to take a play off it is not designed to his side of the field.  However, Jernigan has tremendous toughness and isn't afraid to mix it up with a defensive back.

Hands: Jernigan is a natural plucker with the ability to pull down the difficult catch.  He rarely lets the ball get into his body limiting his drops.  Jernigan attacks the football getting it at its highest point.  This is an important attribute because of his lack of size.

Release: NFL teams will need to move Jernigan around in order to keep defenders from disrupting his routes.  His limited size will make it difficult of Jernigan to avoid press coverage.  However, he possesses enough lateral quickness to slip and get a clean release.

Route running: Jernigan's balance and body control is what allows him to run clean routes.  He is able to avoid gearing down prior to his breaks which helps him gain separation.  There is a savvy part to Jernigan's game that helps him decoy the defender.  The fact that he keeps his shoulders and hips consistent through the route prevents defenders from picking on his route intentions.  While Jernigan is able to run clean routes, he has a tendency to loose focus and begin to round out.

Size: At 5'9 185 lbs, Jernigan lacks ideal size for the wide receiver position.  His limited height and bulk will be something that NFL teams factor in when making their evaluations.  

Speed: Jernigan has a ton of speed and quickness.  He is very elusive and is a threat to score from anywhere on the field.  His speed also comes into play on special teams as he is an accomplished kick and punt returner.  With the ball in his hands, he has the ability to outpace the defense and out run all angles.

Final word: Jernigan is the type of player that will scare many defensive coordinators.  He possesses good speed and quickness that allows him to stretch the field.  Jernigan also runs clean and balanced routes which make him a threat underneath.  However, his biggest strength might be his playmaking ability with the ball in his hands.  There will be concerns about his size which ultimately could hurt his draft stock.

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