Mocking the Run on QBs


Carolina: Blaine Gabbert

Go with the safer QB choice in the hopes to get an immediate starter

Denver: Marcell Dareus

A seemingly can’t miss talent at a huge position of need

Buffalo: Cam Newton

Mouth watering potential with time to groom thanks to the Fitz

Cincinnati: A.J. Green

Arguable the best prospect of the draft at a position of need

Arizona: Von Miller

Pass rusher is needed in Arizona and they’d get it here

(The Boring part)


Cleveland: Julio Jones

They’d love to get A.J., but they’d love to get Julio too

San Francisco: Patrick Peterson

No brainer if he’s there

Tennessee: Nick Fairley

Look to get a spark in the middle of their D

Dallas: Tyron Smith

Premier player at a premier position, Jerry isn’t expect to be drafting here again

Washington: Jake Locker

And the rush on QBs begin, perfect for Shanahan’s system

Houston: Robert Quinn

Pass rusher takes president over the young and poor secondary

Minnesota: Christian Ponder

They need a starter now and Ponder may be the most pro ready of the bunch

Detroit: J.J. Watt

He’d look good lining up next to Suh and compliment him well.

St. Louis: Muhammad Wilkerson

“Missed” out on Suh last year, but get a similarly up the field player here

Miami: Ryan Mallett

Coke scares didn’t scare them away from Marino and look how that turned out

Jacksonville: Prince Amukamara

Miss out on all the QBs, but perhaps a dream situation nonetheless

New England: Anthony Castonzo

Superior talent to all of the DEs and OLBs on the board, plus the need is greater

San Diego: Cameron Jordan

DL needs help which Jordan can easily provide

New York: Mark Ingram

Powerful runner, may have a short career but I think it will a good one

Tampa Bay: Da’Quan Bowers

QB run and his falling leaves the Bucs grinning from ear to ear

Kansas City: Phil Taylor

NT is in need and he’s the best player at the position.

Indianapolis: Gabe Carimi

Immediate starter and can play any position on the line

Philadelphia: Nate Solder

Simply a monolith

New Orleans: Ryan Kerrigan

Great motor, value, and would be a good pick

Seattle: Andy Dalton

The last of the 1st round QBs comes off the board

Baltimore: Jimmy Smith

Their strong locker room could keep his head on straight

Atlanta: Aldon Smith

Value meets need

New England: Justin Houston

Perfect for NE’s defensive system

Chicago: Corey Luiget

Presents more value than the rest of the OL and a position of need

New Jersey: Akeem Ayers

His falling benefits the Jets

Pittsburgh: Mike Pouncey

I think they’ll end up with him the question is if they have to trade up to do so

Green Bay: Brooks Reed

His flowing locks fit into GBs LBs


Rest of the Jaguars:

2) Martez Wilson | LB | Illinois

3) Greg Jones | LB | Michigan State

4) Pat Devlin | QB | Delaware

4) Greg Salas | WR | Hawaii

5) Ricky Elmore | DE | Arizona

6) Richard Sherman | CB | Stanford

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