Johnny White NFL Draft Scouting Report

Johnny White
5'10, 209 pounds | Running back | North Carolina

Acceleration/burst/quickness:  As the ball is snapped, White quickly presses the hole as he makes his way towards the line of scrimmage.  He is able to get up to full speed quickly which allows him to get through the open holes.  White possesses a good 2nd gear that helps him explode through the hole an into the 2nd level.  However, he doesn't have the type of top end speed to be a true home run threat.

Elusiveness:  Despite his good bulk, White  has good lateral movement.  He is able to use his balance and quick feet in order to make a defender miss.  While he has good lateral movement, White will never be categorized as overly elusive.  He is more of a one cut get down the field runner with some skills to make a defender miss in space.  White has the lateral wiggle to make a defender miss with faced with initial pressure.  This allows him to avoid plays for negative yardage.

Pass Catching: White has the ability to contribute in the passing game but will likely be substituted on 3rd downs.  He is not a natural plucker and lets the ball get into his body.  However, he didn't drop many passes and has proven to be a reliable target.  But NFL teams and evaluators will have issues with him catching the ball against his body.

Pass Blocking:  Many college backs transitioning to the NFL struggle with pass protection.  White will be a liability if asked to protect the quarterback.  He lacks the proper awareness to identify the immediate threat.  He also doesn't do a good job anchoring and using his hands.  At times, he doesn't attack the rusher and gets pushed back into the pocket.

Power:  White has an aggressive and attacking running style.  He does not shy away from contact and routinely finishes the play moving forward.  White runs behind his pads exposing as little of his frame as possible making it difficult for defenders to get a clean shot.  He runs with good balance which allows him to run through arm tackles.

Size:  At 5'10" 208, White possesses the ideal size for a running back.  He has an impressive lower half with thick thighs and legs.  His bulk and thick lower half permits him to take the punishment that is dished out to running backs.

Speed:  White is not a burner but has good speed for the position.  He can outpace the majority of defenders and beat linemen and linebacker angles.  His quickness allows him to reach the edge and turn up field.  While White has a good short burst, he lacks great long speed making him an only adequate home run threat.

Vision:  The combination of initial burst and vision make White a dangerous runner.  He is able to quickly decipher post snap information and find the proper running lane.  He avoids wasted motions and prefers to make one cut and get up the field. White is able to locate cutback lanes when they present themselves.  When in space, he does a good job of running with patience and setting up his blockers.  His patience and vision are a major contributors to his ability to score from long distances.

Final Word:  White is one of the more underrated running back prospects in this draft.  He has the quickness, vision, and balance to fit many running attacks.  His toughness and determination allow him to pick up yards after the initial contact which is key in the NFL.  His overall value is hurt by his limitations as a pass blocker.  White also is not a natural pass catcher which makes him a likely candidate to be pegged as a 2 down back.

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